Great Sections of Las Vegas Beyond The Strip

Aerial View of the Las Vegas Valley
People all over the world know about the Las Vegas Strip. Known to city planners as Las Vegas Boulevard, this 4.2-mile stretch offers every type of activity, bar, casino, and resort amenity that one could ask for.

So many tourists never make it off the Strip. Whether it’s out of fear of the unknown or having already found everything they like, these gamblers stick to the main path.

But these same visitors are missing out on other parts of fabulous Las Vegas that also have plenty to offer. Sin City boasts four other main sections that are filled with casino resorts and other attractions.

Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Vegas was once the crown jewel of the city. Those days have long past, and you can tell from the age of certain casinos.

Nevertheless, Downtown LV still maintains relevance thanks to the Fremont Street Experience. The latter refers to a five-block stretch that boasts ziplining, the world’s largest slot machine (“SlotZilla”), live music, and more.

Downtown Las Vegas Street View

Assuming you want to experience the rougher side of Vegas, then downtown is where you need to be. You’ll find several notable casinos downtown, including El Cortez, Main Street, Oasis at Gold Spike, and the Golden Nugget.

El Cortez isn’t the nicest casino in Vegas. However, it does have some of the lowest minimum bets in town and some coin-operated slots for the nostalgic crowd.

The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino walks the fine line between embodying Vegas’ past without looking dilapidated. It also offers a premier attraction that puts you up close and personal with sharks.

Oasis at Gold Spike is a hipster’s paradise with its multi-colored furniture, quirky game rooms, and grass-covered balconies.

Main Street casino is a slightly better-looking version of El Cortez. It too has low minimum bets along with some of the best craps action (20x odds bets) available.


Henderson is a Vegas suburb located on the city’s southeast side. “Suburb” may be the wrong word when considering that Henderson features over 310,000 residents.

It serves as a nice compliment to the Strip and Downtown Vegas by offering many entertainment options without the crowds.

The Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Henderson. It features fine dining, shows, and “The District.” The latter refers to a large shopping area at the resort. This complex also offers excellent rooms for much cheaper than you’ll pay at Strip casinos.

Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in Henderson Las Vegas

The Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino holds the distinction of being America’s longest-running gambling establishment. It’s understandably more dated than Green Valley but still offers solid rooms and amenities.

Fiesta Henderson, which is close to Lake Mead, is one more noteworthy Henderson casino. It’s centrally located near two of Vegas’ busiest highways and features quality rooms that are on par with Railroad Pass.


Assuming you’d like to get some exercise in during your Sin City trip, you should head to Summerlin. It puts you within close distance of Red Rock Canyon and also offers some sweet golf courses.

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Summerlin Las Vegas

You can stay at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in between hiking sessions. Red Rock resort features a large buffet, luxurious pool, and one of Vegas’ finest spas.

The Suncoast Hotel and Casino is a cheaper alternative when you’re staying in Summerlin. JW Marriott is one of the more lavish resorts found in this suburb.

Overall, Summerlin isn’t the best spot if you’re looking for the hottest clubs and best party atmosphere. Instead, it’s more about relaxing in Las Vegas’ slowest-moving section.

South Vegas Strip

The South Strip is still technically part of Las Vegas Boulevard, but it’s not generally known as THE Strip.

As long as you don’t long for the glitz and glamour of the Bellagio or Venetian, then you should consider the southern section. This is known as a “locals” area that features budget-friendly rooms and dining.

You can enjoy quality meals, pools, restaurants, and shows without being a high roller. Other offerings include movie theaters, live concerts, comedy acts, and even equestrian events.

Bass Pro Shops' in Las Vegas Nevada

The Silverton perfectly embodies the local vibe with a solid buffet and low minimum casino bets. It also offers interesting attractions in the Bass Pro Shops’ flagship store and Mermaid Bar.

The M Resort is the classiest casino on the South Strip. While you’ll also pay more for this luxury, you won’t have to shell out quite as much as you would in Strip casinos.

South Point is one more establishment worth checking out. It has some of the cheapest food and drinks in town and hosts major events and conventions.

Should You Still Consider the Strip?

You can see that you don’t have to stay on the Strip to have a good time. Therefore, I heavily encourage you to get out and enjoy some other locations within Las Vegas.

Even still, the Strip is always going to get the most attention. It’s featured in prominent movies and well known throughout the world. The Strip’s fame is well deserved, because it gives you an opportunity to do pretty much anything.

You want to get married on the spot without meeting with your pastor three times beforehand? Sure. Are you hoping to experience an unforgettable night at a club and see extremely beautiful women? You can do that here, too.

Las Vegas Boulevard, The Strip

However, you also have to be aware of the downside to endless entertainment and being tempted by the best of the best. You’re going to pay ridiculous sums of money to enjoy these luxuries!

Some resorts are so audacious that they charge both “entertainment” and “service fees.” Isn’t the original cost of the entertainment already both the entertainment and service fee!?

Assuming you still can’t resist the allure of the Strip, then you can still find ways to cut costs and enjoy fine casino resorts.

The LINQ is one of the best locations for living it up on the Strip without nose-diving your bank account. It features rooms for under $40 per night. The Palazzo and Treasure Island Hotel & Casino also give you an opportunity to stretch your budget.


The Vegas Strip continues to get all the attention from Hollywood. It’s earned this right too, thanks to its massive resorts, vibrant nightclubs, and unforgettable attractions.

But Las Vegas doesn’t end after the Strip. Instead, it features several other sections that are worth visiting.

Downtown is the city’s second most popular section. El Cortez, Golden Nugget, Main Street, and Oasis at Gold Spike are each worth checking out. You should also consider a visit to the Freemont Street Experience’s many attractions, too.

Henderson is a very large suburb to the southwest of Vegas. It features a laidback atmosphere along with notable resorts like Green Valley Ranch, Fiesta Henderson, and Railroad Pass.

Summerlin is a ritzy suburb of Sin City that’s within close proximity to Red Rock Canyon. That said, it’s a perfect spot for if you want to gamble and enjoy nature.

Some of the area’s most popular resorts include the JW Marriot, Red Rock Casino, and Suncoast Hotel and Casino.

Finally, the South Vegas Strip is like the Strip’s lesser-known sibling. It retains some of the same offerings of the main Strip without being as expensive. M Resort, Silverton, and South Point are all popular resorts in this section.

This post may not be enough to sway you to check out other areas of Sin City. After all, Las Vegas Boulevard is pretty magnetizing.

But you should at least consider one of the other four sections covered here. This way, you can enjoy much of the same entertainment and memories without going hundreds or even thousands of dollars over your budget.