Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck When Visiting Las Vegas Casinos

Piggy Bank With a Las Vegas Strip Background

Taking a Las Vegas casino vacation is a highlight for many gambling enthusiasts. Las Vegas has been the gambling hub of the United States for decades.

It’s not just American gamblers that make the journey to gambling under the sun of the Nevada desert. Every year, hoards of international gamblers make Las Vegas their home for a few days.

Finding the best deals in town can go a long way toward an overall winning experience. Getting the most bang for your buck when visiting Las Vegas casinos can be as simple as following a few simple rules.

Do Your Drinking in the Casino

Drinks in the famous Las Vegas nightclubs are often highly overpriced. It’s not uncommon for even moderate drinkers to end the night with a bar tab over $100.

You’re paying for the experience, but a $15 beer doesn’t have anything that a $2 beer won’t have.

I suggest that if you need a drink or two to loosen up before you hit the dance floor, you have a couple in your room. You’ll be able to get an entire bottle for the cost of a couple of drinks in the club.

Mermaid Bar

The bottle will also last you for most of the trip. This can save you hundreds of dollars for souvenirs or gambling.

Better yet, you’re going to be gambling anyway. Let the casino buy your drinks. Vegas casinos will provide complimentary alcoholic beverages to anybody that’s actively gambling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the penny slots or playing baccarat in the high-limit lounge. The drinks are gratis. It’s imperative that you don’t overdo it and become careless, but having a couple of drinks at the blackjack table may be enough to get the legs moving without your wallet opening.

Use a Ride-Sharing Service

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have all but replaced the traditional taxi cab. Still, taxis are also available in Las Vegas.

The problem is that the rideshare services are often much cheaper and convenient options. Suppose it’s 3 a.m. and your group needs to get back to the hotel.

Uber and Lyft will meet you outside immediately and cost considerably less.

Some Las Vegas visitors are so concerned about getting around town that they rent a car for the stay. There’s no question that may be the most convenient option. Still, after factoring in parking, you’ll be spending considerably more money.

You don’t need to worry about assigning designated drivers, credit card deposits, or looking for a parking spot with a rideshare company.

Shop for Deals Online

If you aren’t seeking out the very best deals online when booking a Vegas vacation, you’re throwing money out the window.

By doing a little bit of shopping, you can save money on every aspect of your trip to Sin City. Sure, the rooms offered by the casino sound like a fantastic deal.

Typically you can find hotel rooms for even better rates by looking at online booking websites. You could even be able to save hundreds on your accommodations by checking online.

Flights are another area where rates can vary significantly online. Many of the sites like Expedia even offer packages on your hotel and flight.

Finding the best tickets for fabulous Las Vegas shows can also be found by shopping online. When it comes to gamblers getting the most bang for your buck in Las Vegas, every dollar you save is as good as a dollar won.

Get a Casino VIP Player’s Card

The player’s cards in Las Vegas are a fantastic way to get the most bang for your buck. These cards are offered by the casinos as soon as you walk through the doors.

They work in an effective manner and are incredibly easy to use. Once you sign-up for the player’s card or VIP program, you swipe the card each time you sit down to play a game.

The casino tracks your gambling habits and caters to promotions and events towards your specific preferences. In return, the casino offers a plethora of casino goodies and other freebies.

Casino Player's Club Desk

Players can even earn free trips and other excellent prices for playing enough.

It’s imperative that you don’t fall into the trap of chasing these comps. Gambling through a one-hundred-dollar bill to get a free buffet lunch doesn’t make much sense.

Still, when these comps come organically, they can be a fantastic way to stretch your money to its maximum potential.

Stay Off the Vegas Strip

There’s more to the Las Vegas gambling scene than the casinos on the Strip. Some of the finest casinos in the United States sit a short drive from the Strip.

Staying off the famous Las Vegas Strip will give you the most bang for your buck in several areas.

Staying in downtown Las Vegas or off the Strip will save you money on room rates. You can get much more luxurious accommodations for your money by avoiding the crowds and scenes found on the Strip.

The off-strip casinos also need to work harder to get players in the door. This means that the minimums start much lower, and the games have friendlier rules.

Nearly every downtown casino offers a 3:2 payout on blackjack. The off the Strip slots also have a higher return to players on average than the popular casinos on the Strip.

The higher RTP and payouts will go miles toward ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Go to Vegas at the Right Time

Deciding on when you take your Vegas casino trip can significantly impact your wallet.

The best time to visit Las Vegas is during the winter or summer. Wintertime means that parents are distracted by the kids being in school, and many are still recovering from the holidays.

Summer in Vegas sees a much smaller crowd because of the blazing Nevada sun sending temperatures into the triple digits.

Either time is a great choice, but expect to spend most of your time indoors if you visit in July or August.

It is best to avoid weekends if at all possible. It’s not uncommon for room rates to jump by as much as 80% Friday through Sunday.

Scheduling your Las Vegas casino adventure around any significant events is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

Book Your Las Vegas Trip Early

Whenever possible, it’s best to book your Las Vegas trip well in advance. The climate in Las Vegas is one of uncertainty, and the airlines, resorts, and attractions will be happy to give you a significant discount by paying in advance.

Making a reservation well in advance could potentially save you hundreds in the long run. Every tiny bit of money you can save is more money you’ll have to play within the casino.

You’ll also get the primo selection of rooms and flights by booking early. The closer you draw to your travel dates arrival, the more full casinos and flights will be.

Thus driving up the demand, which inevitably drives up the price for the consumer.

Maximize Casino Comps

I touched on casino comps earlier when we went over the player’s card. I want to look more into the actual use of said comps.

Getting the most bang for your buck means not allowing these freebies to stagnate or expire. Why pay $30 for lunch in Casino A when Casino B offers you a complimentary lunch buffet?

It’s about being frugal but not cheap with comps. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the casino comps you’ve earned.

Sky View of CityCenter Las Vegas

Sometimes these comps can be leveraged to your advantage. On many occasions, I’ve had free rooms offered by a Las Vegas casino.

At the time, my preferences had realigned, and I preferred to stay in another casino during my trip. I called the player’s desk and asked what could be done.

I was able to stay in the casino I wanted in the room I wanted for free for 4-nights of a 5-night stay. All I needed to do was ask.

Play the Best Casino Games

The most significant way to get the most bang for your buck when choosing a Las Vegas casino is finding the best games.

You will most likely spend a significant portion of your Las Vegas trip on the casino floor playing games. If you’re playing slots with low RTP or table games with bad rules, you’re burning cash.

Games like video poker and blackjack are great ways for players to stretch their bankrolls. However, not every game is created equally.

There is a disturbing trend in Las Vegas of replacing the traditional 3:2 payout on a blackjack to 6:5. The difference sounds small, but the effect it has on your expected return on investment is tremendous.

Check the casino’s offerings beforehand, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Save Money When Visiting Las Vegas

There’s no secret formula for getting the most bang for your buck when visiting Las Vegas. However, many travelers are simply unaware of these simple steps for saving a ton of money in Vegas.

By doing your leg work before you even book the trip, you’ll be miles ahead of many fellow casino goers.