Gambling Secrets the Casinos Won’t Tell You

Gambler With Finger to his Lips and a Casino Logo on the Right

Secrets are a prized commodity in the gambling world. Players that get an inside tip or become privy to secret information feel like they’re gaining an edge.

So, it’s no wonder the gambling community is flush with misinformation and conflicting ideology on the best way to approach casino games. A vast majority of the confidential information I’ve been given over the past two decades has amounted to rubbish.

Sometimes I’ve paid dearly for not doing my research on a system or casino secret. However, I eventually learned to spot the useful from the useless and the fact from fiction.

In my experience, it’s typically the mundane or less appealing bits of information that can provide the most substantial rewards. So, here are 7 gambling secrets the casino won’t tell you.

Your Superstitions Won’t Save You from the Math

Casino gamblers love their superstitions. Walkthrough a casino at any time, and you’ll see players with lucky trinkets, souvenirs, special outfits, and colorful routines.

All of these amount to a depressing waste of time. On the surface, there’s no harm from only wearing a blue shirt when you gamble or placing a photo of your grandkids in your lap as you play.

However, these superstitions can cause a false sense of security that can bleed you dry.

I grew up a baseball player; from pre-school to college, it was my obsession. So, I’m entirely familiar with superstition and the positive mental effect that can be obtained.

Yet, I never allowed my superstitions to get into my bank account.

When gamblers believe that a lucky charm will cure their money woes, they are blatantly ignoring the math. If you’re playing a game with a return to player of 89%, the house edge is 11%.

It was 11% for the last player to sit down, and it’ll be 11% for the next player. You need to strike the idea that your lucky charm will somehow shift the odds in your favor.

Instead of pleading with luck to give you a break, find games that have a lower house edge and may therefore give you more opportunities to leave a winner.

The Casinos Build Sucker Bets Into All of Their Games to Boost Profits

Nearly every game on the casino floor has sucker bets hidden within them. These bets are sometimes billed as an out for the player and use increased payouts to lure gamblers.

Regardless, they are around every corner, and those who aren’t careful are doomed to feel their wrath.

Say you’re playing a relatively low volatility game like blackjack; the house edge in most casinos will be around 2%. That means you’ll be able to play for a rather long session without burning through your bankroll too quickly.

An Active Blackjack Table

Introduce the insurance bet, and the house edge leaps to over 7%. The casinos sell insurance as a way for the player to hedge their bets if the dealer has a blackjack.

What they won’t tell you is that it’s entirely possible that you’ll merely lose both of your bets, essentially doubling your losses.

Baccarat is another game with a ridiculously low house edge and an insanely high sucker bet. Whether you bet the player or the banker, the house edge on baccarat is below 1.3%.

Casinos conveniently place a results board near the table to fool players into believing they can spot patterns. This definitely draws in the suckers, but it’s not the biggest flaw in the game.

That honor goes to the tie bet, which pays out at 8 to 1. Gamblers in the midst of a losing streak may try to recoup their losses by making the tie bet, but the house edge then leaps to a whopping 14.3%.

Learn the best bets for the games you prefer to play and stick to those. Indulging the casino with sucker bets raises the house advantage and sucks your bankroll dry.

Playing Slot Machines Early in Their Life will Increase Your Wins

During the first 30 days, a slot machine is on the casino floor, the casino is footing the bill for all potential winnings. Most players assume that the casino knows precisely what and how the casino will pay out, but that’s all hypothetical until enough data is collected.

That requires casinos to take the leap and see how things play out. Whether a machine is super loose or not will be determined during this initial period while the casino collects its data.

So, the optimal time to try a new game is as soon as it hits the casino floor. The RTP will be the RTP; there’s no changing that.

However, as the machine begins taking in money, you may be privy to some of those funds by being an early player.

All of the Distractions are Costing You Money

Most people know that casinos are meticulously designed to keep guests gambling for as long as possible. Everything from the carpet to the lack of windows is made to keep you on the floor gambling as long as possible.

Many people attribute the sights and sounds of electronic gaming machines and a raucous craps table to a method of building excitement. It certainly accomplishes that the casino floor can be a sensory overload for many new gamblers.

However, there’s a less glamorous side to all of the action taking place in the casino. When you consider the magnitude of everything going on around you, it adds up to one massive distraction.

Casino Floor at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa

If there’s one thing savvy gamblers know, it’s that losing focus will cost you money.

So, it’s vital that you find methods that allow you to focus on the task at hand. Ridding yourself of unnecessary distractions will tighten up your play and make you a better gambler.

Plenty of Casino Employees are Gamblers Themselves

The casinos won’t let employees gamble in their properties. That seems like a responsible policy that protects both employee and employer.

Still, that doesn’t mean that casino workers don’t gamble during their free time.

Many people who seem to be made up of non-gamblers or former casino gamblers have the impression that casino employees never gamble because they realize how poor the odds are for players.

While I won’t dispute that dealers are likely more in tune with the house edge on the games than the average person walking in off the street, it doesn’t make gambling any less entertaining.

If anything, the casino workers are more familiar with the best ways to play games and reduce the house edge to its minimum threshold.

Many casino employees love to gamble; that’s why they found a job in the industry. I have a friend that loves blackjack more than anyone I know. He spent years trying to carve out enough wins playing blackjack to make it his job but never got to a comfortable level.

It wasn’t a total shock when he informed me he got a job dealing blackjack at a nearby casino. Now, he gets to play blackjack all day, and because he’s working for the house, he’s a guaranteed winner.

He’ll still play at other casinos on his days off and loves the game as much now as he did before becoming a dealer.

You Can Beat the Casino without Cheating

There’s no disputing the next one, and the casinos seem to go out of their way to keep it out of the public’s knowledge. You can flip the script on the casino without cheating.

How you choose to go about finding an edge is entirely up to you. Still, there are several ways players beat the casino every day.

One of the lesser-known advantage gambling areas is video poker. Suppose you can find a suitable machine and play the perfect strategy on every hand. In that case, you’ll actually have an edge on the casino.

Video Poker Screen Displaying Royal Flush

Sports betting is another area where advantage gamblers can exploit weak lines to make a long-term profit completely on the up and up.

Then there’s card counting, which may be the most misunderstood advantage technique on the planet. It’s incredible how many gamblers believe card counting is illegal.

The casinos indeed frown on the activity, and you may be asked to leave the casino for counting cards. Still, the exercise is 100% legal in any casino in the United States and elsewhere, to the best of my knowledge.

Learn to gain an edge over the casino, and you’ll become a guaranteed success in the casino.

The Casinos will Teach You How to Play the Games for Free

You don’t have to walk into a casino, plop down your money, and begin your trial by fire to learn casino games.

Any casino worth a visit will offer free classes for beginners. These classes cover the rules, wagers, and gameplay for many of the casino games you’ll find on the floor.

Unfortunately, the casino isn’t necessarily opposed to beginners sitting down to the games and trying to “fake it till they make it.” So, you won’t find these classes well advertised when you get to the casino.

Find the classes offered and the schedule online before your trip. Then hit the lesson circuit before you start playing for real money.


Uncovering these 7 gambling secrets the casino won’t tell you will keep more of your money in your pocket. You may be able to unlock the keys to winning in the casino through the proper technique and start turning a profit.