Gambling Habits That Turn A Profit

Closeup of Person Counting Money With a Casino Background

Hands down, gambling is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment in the world. Unfortunately, it can also be quite expensive.

Travel and hotel rooms can put a dent in your vacation budget before you ever step foot in the casino. However, certain behaviors will allow you to gamble as much as you’d like.

Turn your passion into payday with these real money gambling habits that turn a profit.

Make Attainable Gambling Goals

Every successful person I know makes detailed goals and pushes themselves to attain them.

I won’t even leave for the casino before setting a strict goal of how much I’d like to win. Sometimes I’ll even break it down by hour; making $40 an hour playing my favorite game won’t make me rich, but it’ll be a nice surprise for my spouse.

Making strict goals in gambling will only make you better each casino trip or gambling session. For example, a solid win limit will have you off the table and basking in the glory of your accomplishment instead of outstaying your good fortune and losing it all.

It’s imperative to make the goals attainable. If you consistently make unrealistic goals, you’re really just wasting time and energy.

Winning $1 million playing slot machines probably won’t ever happen for you. However, if you want to win $500 on your next trip, that’s attainable.

It’s definitely a lofty goal but manageable. You’ll be brilliantly served by breaking that $500 into smaller daily goals.

Row of Casino Slot Machines

So, if you’re on a 4-day vacation, your daily goal would be $125. Obviously, you’ll be able to make far more progress at a smaller amount.

Now, break that down to hourly wins. Let’s say you spend 6 hours a day on the casino floor. You are looking at an hourly win rate of only $21.

How much easier does that sound?

You win $21 an hour, and at the end of your 4-day trip, you take home your $500.

Gamblers that have mastered this practice are typically among the most profitable gamblers I know. Once they’ve hit their goal, they’re out.

The casino doesn’t get the chance to erase those wins until their next session. The players grow far less frustrated chasing millions because they’re consistently hitting their short term goals.

Become Master of Your Own Domain

You have no control over where the dice fall, what cards are dealt with, or how the slots reel land. None of that is in your control.

However, you have total control over how you respond to a cold deck or a streak of bad breaks. You and you alone must become master of your domain.

The physical and mental toll of gambling and life can result in a number of ill-advised and sloppy mistakes that will quickly drain your bankroll to empty.

Keep a calm mind when gambling and stick to your plan. When you begin chasing losses, you are essentially assuring destruction.

I’ve seen these meltdowns hundreds if not thousands of times. It’s among the most painful and yet most easily avoided scenes in the casino.

By controlling your emotions and not allowing anger or frustration to influence decision making, you are in a much better position to avoid a casino meltdown. It’s common to quickly lose your gambling budget for the session and instantly begin making your way to the room to grab extra cash. Or even worse, head to the casino’s ATM; you must avoid this impulse at all costs.

Only one of two possible outcomes will result from this. You’ll either lose even more money and completely wreck your bankroll. Or, an even more dangerous scenario unfolds, you’ll win it all back.

How can winning and recouping all of those losses possibly be negative?

Because it will get you in the habit of chasing your losses, chasing losses will end up with you losing your entire bankroll 100% of the time in the long run.

It can also be an indication of an underlying gambling problem. Not always, but it can certainly start you down a dark road.

Becoming a master of your domain takes practice, but it doesn’t take much to start. Simply focus on patience and calm, regardless of whether you’re winning big or watching the games siphon your money.

Be Positive, Stay Positive

To piggyback on not allowing your negative emotions to control your gambling habits, let’s look at a positive mental attitude.

“PMA!!” my former VP of sales would exclaim every morning on our morning call. I was the youngest regional sales manager in my company’s history. I didn’t have the decades of experience my peers had attained.

However, I woke up every day, and as soon as the clock struck 7 am, I was ready for greatness. The positive thinking was contagious. Team leaders that were near the bottom under my predecessor were suddenly Top 5 in the company.

You can make the same changes to the way you fundamentally see the world around you to effect change.

Casino Cards Laid Decoratively on a Blackjack Table

If you focus on the wins and on winning instead of the bad beats or tough losses, you’ll actually begin to believe you’ll win more.

The wild part is that you will win more. You’ll be making better choices, better bets, and you’ll trust what the information is telling you much more frequently.

When you’ve done the necessary research and put in the time honing your casino gambling or sports betting, you have to then have the belief in yourself to act.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a gambler tell me about the massive payday they missed because they were too afraid to make the bold play.

Positive thinking when gambling will take you to the next level. Make no mistake, believing you’re going to win is not going to outshine hard work.

However, when you combine the hard work to become a better gambler with a winning mentality, your gambling profits will be more lucrative than you’ve ever imagined.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Things Up

Be flexible in your gambling habits. If you are overly rigid, you’ll miss opportunities to make a profit.

In fact, you’re going to miss several great opportunities. This happened to me early in my gambling career all too frequently.

I remember a particularly brutal casino trip that I had decided to stay at the blackjack table. I wouldn’t spend another dime on any casino games.

About 2 hours into day 1, my cousin finds me and tells me that I need to get to the poker room. He had won about $350 in the same amount of time I’d won about $40.

He wasn’t a particularly great poker player, but I’d put him better than most amateurs. I was certainly much more skilled than he was at the time.

I started quizzing him about hands and lucky draws, but he hadn’t got any hot hands.

Apparently, there was some convention in town, and the poker room was flush with fish. I foolishly stuck to my guns and stayed at the blackjack table for the entire 4 days.

Holdem Pocket Aces Next to a Stack of Poker Chips

Meanwhile, my cousin had won over $2200 playing Texas Hold’Em. I went home with about $85 of the casino’s money.

My unwillingness to change my plan had likely cost me hundreds of dollars or more. It took me years to break this poor habit.

Perhaps you’re committing yourself to the poker tables, but you find an outstanding value bet in the sportsbook.

You need to have the necessary courage to step out and make a bet. Committing a portion of your gambling bankroll to other games will have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.

By the same token, don’t fall in love with your favorite slot machine. Many video poker games will pay almost even money with proper strategy.

Take the time to learn a new skill, and you’ll soon be turning a profit gambling.

Hone Your Casino Gambling Skills

The most obvious way to turn a profit gambling is by becoming a better gambler.

Honing your gambling skills takes time and patience. It’s the perfect time to begin implementing the other gambling habits that turn a profit.

You can practice for free playing online games or play low stakes casino games while you’re developing your new habits.

In order to be as sharp as possible, you also need to implement healthy lifestyle habits. Sleep, diet, and exercise are fundamentally important to making a profit.

One of my favorite ways to improve my strategy is by reading books and watching videos. There is a limitless supply of resources available online for minimal investment.

Investing in yourself is the single most effective habit to turn a profit in gambling.


Take these gambling habits that turn a profit and carefully integrate them into your game. You’ll soon find yourself among the top gamblers in your circle.

You’re never going to turn a profit long term without putting in serious time and effort. Most importantly, you should enjoy the challenge.

Taking steps toward becoming a profitable gambler is a great adventure.