Gambling Activities to Try If You’re Tired of Slots

Images of Various Casino Games

Most gamblers have played slot machines, and based on how many players are spinning the reels every time I go to the casino it seems like slots are as popular as ever. The problem with playing slots is that it’s easy to get bored. After I take a few spins I quickly get tired of the same symbols going by.

Of course, you can always switch machines and play with new symbols, but even this can get old after a while. The good news is that there are several other options if you’re starting to get bored playing slots.

Here’s a list of five good options if you’re tired of playing real money slot machines.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

It’s easy to recommend video poker machines as a good option for slots players, but I feel that it’s too general. Instead of just recommending video poker games, I recommend Jacks or Better video poker.

Jacks or Better isn’t the only option, and the truth is that it might not be the best option for every slots player, but it’s the best overall option.

The reason why I recommend Jacks or Better video poker is because it’s the easiest variation to play and it’s by far the most popular. If a casino has video poker, the odds are high that the casino has Jacks or Better machines.

Online Jack or Better Video Poker

The game is a simple five card draw poker game. You start with five cards and then you can fold as many of the five cards as you want and draw new cards. After you draw your replacement cards, if you have a hand that has a pair of jacks or a higher hand, you win the number of coins listed on the pay chart for your hand based on the number of coins you wagered.

Jacks or Better offers a few advantages that you can’t get when you play slot machines. The main advantage is that there are many Jacks or Better machines available that have a higher return to player percentage than slot machines.

A second advantage is that you can use strategy when you play. With the use of good video poker strategy you can increase the return to player numbers. And it’s easy to use strategy because all you have to do is buy a strategy card. You don’t have to remember anything other than to simply use your card when you play Jacks or Better.

Give Jacks or Better video poker a try the next time you need to take a break from the slot machines. If you decide you enjoy playing, get a strategy card and spend some time learning about the different pay table options.

Mega Millions or Powerball Lottery Tickets

I don’t usually recommend playing the lottery because the return to player number is so dismal. But if you’re playing slot machines, the truth is that you’re probably losing too much money now.

The return to player percentage is much higher on slot machines than on lottery games. But the difference is that you can buy a lottery ticket for Mega Millions and the Powerball for every draw for less than $10 a week. Even if you take the extra $1 wager on every ticket, it costs less than $20 every week to have a ticket for every drawing.

On the other hand, you can risk $1,000 or more every hour that you play slots. It doesn’t take long to lose $10 playing slot machines, so playing the lottery can save you a lot of money.

The sad truth is that you’re probably not going to hit the big jackpot on the slot machine or the big prize in the lottery. So you can at least save some money by taking a shot at your chances of winning the lottery.

Mini Baccarat

If you play slots because you want a chance at a big jackpot, this recommendation probably isn’t going to interest you much. But if you enjoy slot machines because they’re simple to play, mini baccarat is a much better game.

You do have a few options when you play mini baccarat, but the best option is always the banker bet. Once you make a wager decision, you just sit back and wait for the result of the hand. This is much like when you play slots.

The main reason why mini baccarat is a great secondary option for slots players is because it has a return to play number that’s much higher than slot machines. In fact, the return to player for mini baccarat is almost 99%. This is as much as 15% higher than slot machines.

Closeup of a Baccarat Table

You might wonder how mini baccarat can be better than slots if you can bet $1 on a slot machine and have to risk $10 or more playing a hand of baccarat. The first reason why was covered in the last paragraph. The return to player percentage is much higher when you play mini baccarat.

The second reason why is because you can play 10 time or more spins every hour playing slots as you can play hands at the mini baccarat table. Most slots players risk more every hour playing slots than baccarat players end up risking.

Even if you risk the same amount of money every hour playing live baccarat as you do slots, you lose far less because of the higher return to player at the mini baccarat table.

Casino Blackjack

You really can’t find much in common between slot machines and blackjack. They’re both gambling games that are available in most casinos, but this is where the similarities end.

Blackjack is a better option than slots in almost every way. The only advantage slot machines have is that it’s easier to play slots than blackjack.

Blackjack games have a higher return to player percentage than slots and you can use strategy when you play blackjack. Any casino game where you can use strategy is better than a game where you can’t use strategy.

You simply can’t use any strategy when you play slots. This means that you’re 100% at the mercy of the game and luck. While blackjack also has some luck involved in the short term, when you use blackjack strategy you reduce the luck involved.

If you’re willing to use strategy when you play, which takes a little bit of work, then blackjack is the best option when you get tired of playing slots.

Betting on Sports Games

This is a complete change from slot machines, but betting on football, baseball, or other sports can be a great change of pace. And you can do it without risking too much money.

If you’re a sports fan you should absolutely place a few wagers on sporting events when you get tired of playing slot machines. You don’t even need to spend any time handicapping games to have a better chance to win with simple sports betting strategies.

If you simply picked a team at random with the point spread, whether you get or give points, you lose less money gambling on sports than playing slot machines even if you bet the same amount of money overall. But you don’t have to risk as much gambling on sports as most players do when they play slot machines.

Las Vegas Sportsbook

Online sportsbooks offer small wager limits, which are often as low as $1. And you can walk into a live sportsbook and place wagers starting at $10 or $20.

The other great thing about gambling on sporting events is that you can place a wager and then spend two or three hours enjoying the game. This helps you avoid getting bored and reduces how much you risk on average every hour.

If you spend three hours playing a slot machine risking only $1 per spin and take 546 spins every hour you’re risking $1,638. Even if you bet $110 on a game and lose you’re going to lose less than playing the slot machine. And if you win you almost double your money.


You have a wide variety of gambling options so you don’t have to play slots all of the time. Whether you just want a quick break from the slot machines or are looking for something to replace slot machines with, this list of five activities is perfect.

Video poker games are the first thing most gamblers think of when looking for a slots alternative, but there are other good games to play. Lottery tickets are a good substitute, and baccarat is just as easy to play as slots.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, betting on sports or playing blackjack are good options.