Gambling Activities to Try If You’re Tired of Playing the Lottery

Online Baccarat and Keno Cards

Are you tired of buying lottery tickets, checking your numbers, and then throwing your losing tickets away? This get tiresome quickly, and many lottery players are looking for a better option.

The reason why you’re not winning the lottery is because it’s the worst form of gambling available in most places. You can find plenty of other gambling options where you can win big that offer better odds.

Here’s a list of five gambling activities you can try if you’re tired of losing your money playing the lottery. All but one of these options gives you a shot at a big payday, and the other option is easy to play and has a high return to player percentage.

Playing Keno Games

The reason why keno is the first alternative game on this list for gamblers who’re tired of lottery games is because playing keno for real money is very similar. It’s just a small change of pace if you don’t want to get too far away from the basics of the lottery.

Keno is a draw game that usually uses an 80 number pool. You pick anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers out of the pool depending on the rules of the game you’re playing.

20 random numbers are drawn from the pool and you win if your numbers match the numbers that are drawn. Depending on how many of your numbers match and the rules, you usually don’t have to match all of your numbers to win.

Online Casino Keno Game

If this sounds a lot like regular lottery games it’s because this is pretty much how all lottery draw games operate.

I recommend playing traditional keno instead of video keno. Traditional keno has a few drawings every hour. Video keno is designed so you can play it almost as fast as slot machines. Whenever you’re gambling you need to concentrate on making fewer wagers per hour and risking as little as possible when you do make a bet.

Keno offers one big advantage over most other lottery games. The return to player percentage for keno is not great, but it’s much better than almost every other lottery game available. This means that you’re highly likely to lose in the long run playing keno, but you’re going to lose a smaller percentage of your money than when you play other lottery games.

Most gamblers only buy lottery tickets a few times each week, so even though they almost never win, at least they aren’t risking too much money. You can do basically the same thing with traditional keno. Most keno games start at $1, so if you only play five or six draws every hour you’re not risking much money.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Games

I play the lottery because I want a chance at winning millions. I know the odds are terrible, but if I get extremely lucky once it’s going to change my financial life. Few other gambling activities offer a chance at life-changing money.

But slot machines with progressive jackpots offer life changing top prizes. Many progressive slot machines offer a top prize over $1 million. While most of the big lottery games have a top prize much higher than this, $1 million or more is nothing to sneeze at.

Slot machines also have a much higher return to player percentage than the lottery. They’re even better than keno games. The return to player for slots isn’t as good as many other games, but most other games don’t offer such big jackpots either.

Wheel of Fortune Progressive Slots

The only thing you have to be careful of when you play slot machines is that you might end up risking a lot more and losing a lot more than when you play the lottery.

If you spend $20 a week on lottery tickets it’s not a ton of money. But if you take 3,000 spins on the slot machines at $3 a spin you’re risking $9,000. And most slot machines are going to keep $100’s when you do this.

Small Table Casino Baccarat

Small table baccarat doesn’t offer a chance at winning a big jackpot. But it’s as easy to play as the lottery and offers a higher return to player percentage.

The only thing about playing the lottery that’s easier than playing small table baccarat is that you can buy a ticket at just about any convenience store. And with the availability of mobile and online small table baccarat the argument could be made that it’s actually easier to access baccarat than the lottery.

The biggest difference from the lottery is that small table baccarat has a return to player of 98.94% on the banker wager option and most lottery games are at 30% or worse. This is such a huge difference that there’s no question that small table baccarat is a better game.

But small table baccarat has one of the same issues that progressive slot machines have. If you’re not careful you’re going to risk more when you play baccarat and your losses can still end up being bigger than when you play the lottery.

If you risk a total of $1,000 every week playing small table baccarat, which doesn’t take long, your expected loss is $10.60. This is only 50 hands at $20 a hand, or 500 hands if you’re playing online or mobile at $1 a hand.

You can buy a $2 ticket to the big lottery draws for every drawing for the same amount of money you’re probably going to lose playing $1,000 of small table baccarat.

Bet on Horse Racing

Betting on horse races doesn’t have much to do with the way you play the lottery. But it does offer a fun change of pace for lottery players, and you have a better chance to win.

You can even place a small wager on a long shot and have a chance to win a big payout. You’re not going to win $1 million placing a $2 wager, but you can win $1,000 or more if you get lucky on a long shot horse.

Closeup of Two Racing Horses

Another option is to bet on the exotic wagers that offer the chance at a higher prize. You can bet on a superfecta, or even one of the multi race wagers if you want to shoot for bigger prizes.

And you don’t have to risk a lot of money to place a wager on every race on the schedule. Most race tracks run 15 or fewer races a day, so you can place a $2 wager on every race for $30.

Long Shot Sports Gambling

This is one of my favorite options for lottery players. Even if you’re a beginner sports bettor, you can find plenty of long shot wagers available that can pay off big.

The downside to betting on long shot sports teams is that you yarely win, but this is no different than the lottery. In fact, you have a better chance to win when you bet on a long shot than you have of winning the lottery.

Look for teams on the moneyline that have a big + number. The number following the + sign is how much you win if you bet $100 and the team wins. But you don’t have to risk $100. Put $10 down on a couple long shot teams and root for them to pull off the upset.

A quick tip is to look for heavy underdogs that are playing at home. Home teams always play better than they do on the road, so if there’s going to be an upset it’s likely to happen when the underdog is playing at home.

If you want a safer option, bet on a team with the point spread. I still like to bet on teams that are playing at home that are getting points, but really you have about the same odds of winning no matter which team you pick with the point spread.

When you make a point spread wager your team either receives points or gives points. These points are added or subtracted after the game to see if your team and wager win.


The five gambling activities listed in this article are good options for lottery players. They all offer better odds than winning the lottery, but you have to be careful or you’re still going to lose more than when you play the lottery.

Small table baccarat is easy to play, just like the slots, and it offers a much higher rate of return. Keno and progressive jackpot slot machines offer better odds than the lottery and still offer big top prizes.

And if you want to add some live action to your gambling, horses and sporting events can offer a different kind of excitement.