Gambling Activities Beginners Are Never Going to Beat

Casino Games Background - Man Running Losing Money CartoonGamblers are always looking for the best activities to place bets on, but sometimes it’s just as important to find out which games need to be avoided. If you build a list of games that you shouldn’t play it makes it easier to find the gambling activities that you should participate in.

Things are even more difficult for new or beginning gamblers. They don’t know where they should even start. That’s why I put together this list, to help out new gamblers or for you to share it with a new gambler that might need some tips.

Here are five gambling activities that new gamblers aren’t going to beat.

Casino Slot Machines

Slot ReelYou’re going to notice a pattern in the gambling activities in this article. The first four sections are all about games or gambling activities that have a low return to player percentage. This is important, which is why I’m pointing it out here at the beginning.

Gambling activities that have a low return to player percentage are harder to beat than the games with a high return to player percentage. In the long run, you’re not going to beat any casino game the way they’re designed. But when you play with a high rate of return, you have more chances to get lucky and win sometimes.

The gambling activity in the final section about cash poker games is unique. You’re going to learn why it’s unique when you read that section and understand why it’s actually a great gambling activity. But truth be told, it’s just terrible for new players.

Slot machines are attractive to many beginning gamblers though. Slots are really easy to play, so anyone can sit down and get started without any help.

The slots also offer a low bet amount and the chance to win big. I understand why the slot machines are so attractive to new gamblers. But they’re the worst gambling activity you can play.

The return to player percentage for slot machines varies based on the game, but overall the return is much worse than most other gambling options. Some slot machines have a return as high as 95 or 96%, but many of them are 90% or lower.

In comparison, if you know how to play using strategy, blackjack and certain video poker machines offer a return over 99%. And many other games have a return over 98%. This shows why slot machines are always a bad choice for new and experienced gamblers alike.

American Roulette Tables

Almost every roulette table is bad news for beginning gamblers. The even money bets, like red or even, look like decent bets. You place a bet and when you win you get your bet back plus an amount equal to your bet.

And you win almost half the time when you make an even money wager. Roulette plays slow so you don’t lose your money too fast, and it’s easy to play.

The issue with roulette, and especially American Roulette, is that the return to player percentage is too low. The return to player when you play American Roulette is less than 95%, which makes it as bad as some slot machines.

You can quickly identify an American Roulette table by looking if the table has a 00 space. If it has a double zero space, it’s an American Roulette table.

A European Roulette table, which doesn’t have a 00 space, is better. But it’s still not a great table to play. The return is 97.3% on the European table, but this still isn’t as good as blackjack, baccarat, video poker, or craps.

If you simply have to play roulette, find a table using French Roulette rules. The French rules are special for even money bets, giving you back a loss if you win the next wager. Most blackjack games, baccarat, and some video poker games still offer a higher return percentage, but French Roulette is clearly the best option for roulette gamblers.

Popular Table Games Except Blackjack

Online, mobile, and live casinos usually offer a wide range of table games. And most of these casino table games have one thing in common. They’re fun to play, but they hold a high house edge.

The only table games you should consider playing are blackjack, baccarat, and craps. And even when you play one of these three games, you have to use strategy to keep the return to player percentage as high as possible.

Casino table games have a return to player number that falls in the 94% to 98% range for most wagers. But some wagers have a return of 90% or less.

If you want to play a casino table game, learn how to use the best strategy for the three games I listed above. All of the other table games have a return so low that it’s hard to get lucky and win when you play.

Online and Land-Based Keno

KenoKeno used to be available in every casino. It was so popular that most casinos even had a special place where you could play, called a keno lounge.

The game isn’t very popular anymore, and it’s almost impossible to find a keno lounge today. But some casinos still have a place where you can buy a keno ticket.

Online and mobile casinos also often offer keno games.

Keno is easy to play, because all you have to do is pick some numbers out of a pool of numbers. You can even let the computer that runs the keno game pick your numbers randomly. Then you wait for the keno draw, and if your numbers match the numbers that are drawn you win.

It’s cheap to buy a keno ticket. You can still play for $1 in most places that offer keno. And the top prize is usually at least $10,000, and I’ve seen the top prize be $100,000 or more.

The problem with keno is that the return to player percentage is absolutely terrible in comparison to just about every other gambling activity except lottery games. And keno is really a type of lottery game.

The return for keno games depends on exactly how the game is organized and the pay outs for matching numbers. The return usually falls somewhere in the 65% to 75% range. This is much worse than slot machines.

Keno only offers two advantages over other gambling activities. It’s extremely cheap to play, and it plays extremely slow. With a buy-in of $1 per draw, you can’t find many other options that meet this low cost. And normal keno games are drawn every 10 or 15 minutes.

Of course, if you play online or mobile keno the games are played instantly, which makes keno more like slot machines.

Cash Poker Games

Cash poker games are unique on this list because you can actually beat these games. But a new player doesn’t have a chance to win.

The strategy required to win in poker cash games is deep. It’s also hard to learn the best strategy without a great deal of experience. This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn it, but it does mean that new poker players don’t have a realistic chance to win.

You might be wondering why I listed poker cash games and not poker tournaments. Winning a poker tournament is also difficult for a beginning player, but in some cases you can get lucky.

If you want to give poker a try as a new player, sign up for a low-cost single table tournament. Depending on how many seats the tournament has, either two or three people finish in the money. In a nine- or 10-person game, you can get lucky and finish in the top three.

I actually recommend real money poker to new gamblers as a long-term gambling activity. I don’t tell beginners that they can win any time soon, but anyone can certainly learn how to win over time.

Beating the Casino Is Hard

In the long run, it’s next to impossible to beat the casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. And it’s even more difficult to win if you don’t know the best games to play or which gambling activities you should avoid.

The five gambling activities listed in this article tend to deter new gamblers and make them think they don’t have any good chances of winning. But the fact is that even experienced gamblers skip most of the games on this list.

Instead of throwing your money away trying to beat these gambling activities, find the games that have a higher return to player percentage. This way, you have a better chance of getting lucky and winning more often at the casino.