7 Awe Inspiring Things To Do Near Casino Queen in East St. Louis

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Casino Queen is soon to be known officially as DraftKings at Casino Queen. And while Casino Queen provides a hot deal of adrenaline-pumping casino gaming, it’s just a slice of the pie in the East St. Louis area.

So, if you’re looking for a complete vacation experience, today’s post covers much of what you can do in the area besides the real money slot machines and live dealer tables at Casino Queen.

Below, you will find cool attractions nearby like outdoor parks, racetracks and racing experiences, another casino across the river, a helicopter tour to add to the thrills, plus a historic bridge and brewery. And you will find it all in the East St. Louis area, so set aside a few days aside and explore the area.

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1 – Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

A trip to Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park kicks off today’s post. Here, you will find stunning views of the St. Louis skyline, including the historic Gateway Arch, the Gateway Geyser, the Mississippi River Overlook, Malcolm W. Martin Statue, and green space throughout the park.

We all know about the Gateway Arch and its symbolism as the Gateway to the West. But you may not know the 630-foot stainless steel arch is the world’s tallest arch, and the tallest constructed monument in the Western Hemisphere.

In the park, the Gateway Geyser’s finest features include its ability to lift the waters springing 630 feet in the air to coincide with the arch. Around the geyser, you’ll find four smaller fountains, with each one representing the Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, and Meremac Rivers.

And don’t forget to visit that overlook over the Mississippi River for even more breathtaking views of one of the finest cities in America’s Heartland.

So, if you need some scenery in your life, take an afternoon off from the real money casino gaming at Casino Queen and head over to Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park.

2 – Gateway International Raceway

Known today as the World Wide Technology Raceway, locals and racing fans alike still know the track by its former name of Gateway International Raceway.

You will find this track in nearby Madison, Illinois, close to the Gateway Arch. It seats 78,000 fans, and it has been home to events from the NTT IndyCar Series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (formerly Gander RV and Outdoors Truck Series), the SCCA, and Porsche Club of America.

It features a 1.25-mile oval resembling the Darlington Raceway, if you’re looking for a comparison. It also boasts an infield road course plus a drag strip, so it can hold a plethora of racing-related events.

So, if you’re in town during racing season and are looking for events that range from IndyCar to NASCAR, road racing, and drag racing, be sure to see what’s happening at Gateway International Raceway when you’re looking for some fine entertainment outside the walls of Casino Queen.

3 – Rusty Wallace Driving Experience

You will find the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience at Gateway International Raceway and if you’re a NASCAR fan, you must try out this fine attraction.

For a fee, you can get behind the wheel of a NASCAR Xfinity or Cup Series-caliber stock car and hit the circuit at a breakneck speed. And even if you’re new to driving these highly powered machines, don’t sweat, as they instruct you on everything before you satisfy your need for speed behind the wheel.

Nascar at Pocono Raceway

But if you’re too nervous to get behind the wheel and would still like to experience the adrenaline-pumping speed of a race car that even Casino Queen itself can’t bring, opt for the ride along.

You’ll get the same thrills as if you’re in the driver’s seat, and many reviewers per TripAdvisor have stated that if you’re serious about the experience, opting in for the ride along is a fantastic option to get a good feel for the track.

You’ll take a safety class with an instructor, the optional ride along, then it’s all you and the open track.

4 – Lumiere Place Casino

Across the river you’ll find Lumiere Place Casino in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri. And if you’re looking for accommodation in the area, Lumiere Place Casino may be the venue you’re frequenting during your stay in the area.

With that said, if you’re reading this post, Lumiere Place may be the main event here and Casino Queen may be one of the seven attractions.

Anyway, if you’re headed to Casino Queen and looking for other area attractions, check out the larger Lumiere Place. You’ll find 75,000 square feet of gaming space, nearly 1,500 slots, over 50 tables, a poker room, and so much more.

Plus, the venue boasts several world-class entertainment and local entertainment options. If you need to satisfy your entertainment fix for the evening, Lumiere Place Casino may be the place you discover it.

5 – Gateway Helicopter Tours

It’s safe to say St. Louis Missouri has one of the finest skylines in America given the presence of the Gateway Arch. But have you ever wondered what the area looks like from thousands of feet in the air?

Now’s your chance to experience the breathtaking thrill from thousands of feet in the air. Experience the St. Louis skyline from a vantage point few have ever experienced it.

Reviewers per TripAdvisor rave about the scenic views, and they have described how stunning the views are of the sunset from so high up. They have also commended the pilots and their knowledge of the area, plus the manageable price for a short flight.

And judging from the photos on TripAdvisor, you seriously won’t find a better view in the area to catch the skyline, the nearby racetrack, the rivers, and more. Some have complained about the shortness of the flight.

But hey, for $42 at the time of this writing, it’s more than worth it if you’ve never been inside a helicopter.

6 – Morgan Street Brewery

The Morgan Street Brewery is more than just a brewery. You’re looking at a place to sample some of the area’s finest crafts, no doubt. But you’re also in for a dining experience that you won’t find at Casino Queen.

Guy Sitting With Beer In Front of Him, Thumbs Up

So, come on in and try the finest local crafts brewed right at the site and pair it with your favorite bar food. Given the plethora of food, this is one of those fine attractions fit for the entire family despite its status as a brewery.

They also allow you to sample their homegrown sauces and beer before you place your order. And yes, TripAdvisor reviewers have commended this service plus the service they have received from their servers.

The restaurant portion offers indoor and outdoor seating, and they have a fantastic wax museum nearby that even serves as another area attraction if you’re interested. But since some of us have reservations about houses of wax, enter at your own peril. Those wax figures are very lifelike.

But anyway, if you’re up for homegrown brews and area cuisine you won’t find anywhere else in the region, head over to the Morgan Street Brewery and satisfy your beer and bar food cravings.

7 – Eads Bridge

Built in 1867 and opened in 1874, Eads Bridge derives its name from designer James Eads. The bridge spans over 1 mile at 6,442 feet, with a width of 46 feet above an 88-foot clearance. This historic bridge serves as a four-lane highway and a two-track MetroLinks bridge.

This historical bridge has received nationwide recognition since 1898 when it was featured on the $2 Trans-Mississippi Issue of postage stamps. It also has been designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1964. And the New York Times once dubbed it as “The World’s Eighth Wonder.”

Architectural critic Ada Louise Huxtable even described it as,

“among the most beautiful works of man.”

So, not only are you looking at scenic views of the surrounding area and the Mississippi River when you visit Eads Bridge. You’re also looking at one of history’s finest pieces of architecture that has upheld its reputation throughout the ages.

Nearly 150 years after its opening, the bridge remains in full operation with no signs of slowing down, even with the opening of the nearby Veterans Memorial Bridge in 2014, though it sees lesser traffic because of the latter.

But you can bet a bundle that Eads Bridge isn’t going anywhere soon. So, come on out and treat your eyes to one of humanity’s most famous structures in the West.

Summarizing Your Trip to East St. Louis

Casino Queen brings an adrenaline-pumping casino experience. But it’s just one avenue of many when you venture over to the East St. Louis area. Complete with adrenaline-pumping, driving, racetrack, and helicopter experiences, plus another casino, you can turn your trip into an all out vacation.

So, what are you waiting for? Before you visit Casino Queen, use today’s post to plan an entire vacation itinerary and get the most out of your trip to the area.

Have you played at Casino Queen? If so, did you visit any of the mentioned area attractions? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience. We are looking forward to reading your stories.