Fortune Bay Resort Casino is Your Top Casino Destination in St. Louis County

Fortune Bay Resort Casino Logo And Front Entrance

Fortune Bay Resort Casino has it all, including your favorite casino games, stellar dining options, a plethora of activities, and so much more.

If you’re looking for one of the finest and most well-respected casinos in the area, you will find it here at Fortune Bay Resort Casino.

And today’s post will tell you everything you need to know about the venue before you even plan your trip to embark to the area. We’ll go over what makes the resort unique and why you can turn it into the ultimate vacation destination.

Let’s begin with an overview, which will provide a few quick hits on the most important factors at this casino. Later sections will cover everything more in-depth, from casino gaming all the way to accommodations and attractions.

Let’s go on a virtual tour of the hottest casino in Minnesota.

Short Overview of Fortune Bay Resort Casino

Alright, so you’re looking at over 800 slot machines at Fortune Bay Resort Casino. They also feature games like Keno and video poker. If you love variety, this casino provides it.

The Blackjack Pit offers five varieties of table gaming. If you’re craving something different, you may find that something right here at Fortune Bay. The Blackjack enthusiast in you will love it, and that’s a solid guarantee.

They also have a spread limit poker room. So be sure to try your hand playing your favorite games against the area’s best.

Looking for some hot dining?

Head on over to one of their four solid options plus the bar. Whether you’re looking for casual, something sophisticated, or even a grab-and-go option, Fortune Bay Casino Resort has the chefs who will make your time here among the best dining experiences of your life. And that’s hard to beat.

They also have a lot of activities besides casino gaming. And as mentioned in the intro, your time at Fortune Bay Resort Casino can translate into a full vacation.

From entertainment to a sauna, and even many indoor and outdoor activities, set a day or two aside to explore all of what the resort offers.

Plus, you’ll find an ample amount of lodging here too. From a contemporary hotel that provides top comfort in the area to an RV Park if you’re making the road trip. You have plenty of options to customize your stay in the region to what you see fit.

Now that we have the overview out of the way let’s go into the casino and discuss the ins and outs of everything mentioned above. If you like what you’re reading so far, you’ll love what’s coming up next.

Available Casino Games

As previously mentioned, Gaming at Fortune Bay Resort Casino includes slot machines, Blackjack, and poker.

Of the 800 slot machines offered, Fortune Bay Resort Casino also offers a plethora of denominations, ranging from penny bets to $5 pulls and everything in between. They also feature some of the finest progressives in the state, giving you quite the incentive to try for a jackpot.

Oh, and they are well known for their video poker games. You’ll discover ten varieties of the game here among 25 Game King machines. Denominations range from a nickel to $2 bets with high payback percentages. You seriously can’t beat this.

Video Poker machines on Casino Floor

Whether it’s traditional or high-limit Blackjack, you’ll find it at Fortune Bay Casino’s Blackjack Pit, with limits ranging from $3 bets to $500. They also offer 5 No-Rake games that include Free Bet Blackjack, Trilux, Mississippi Stud, and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em.

And if you’re up for them, try the “spread limit” poker games at Fortune Bay Resort Casino. Play real money Texas Hold ‘em against the area’s best at one of the many gaming denominations and tournaments.

Fine Dining And Comfy Bars

Looking to take a break from the endless casino gaming? Or, do you need to fill up before heading down or need a refill?

If so, head over to one of the many dining options at Fortune Bay Resort Casino.

And they have plenty to get excited over.

It starts at Sunset Steakhouse. The perfect place to frequent if you’re looking for something more sophisticated. Offering 21-day aged steaks plus seafood, appetizers, and so much more, come on in and see why Sunset Steakhouse boasts an award-winning culinary staff.

Tamarack Buffet is the perfect place for a potluck. Yet another award-winning dining option, Tamarack Buffet, features home-cooked meals and a casual atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for a fill-up when you need one at Fortune Bay Resort Casino.

Gold Mine Grill offers a gold mine’s worth of menu items. The name says it all, and it’s home to breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that feature your favorite comfort foods. Come in and try cold sandwiches, fresh salads, roasted chicken, and house-made pizza.

Wilderness Grill is another top option for your favorite comfort foods. Plus, they offer a spectacular view of the surrounding area. It’s the finest place in the casino to kick off a romantic or special event. Featuring signature entrees, homemade desserts, and so much more.

If you’re looking to kick back and relax, North Star Bar is where it’s happening. Enjoy the big Minnesota Vikings game, more slot machines, cocktails, and more. You can’t ask for a better experience than the one you’ll discover at North Star Bar. Look for it on the casino’s second floor.

Promotions and Entertainment

Now that we covered gaming and dining, you definitely need to look forward to these promotions and events. Promotions at Fortune Bay Resort Casino include seasonal, themed, and other spectacular promotions. You won’t get enough of them here.

But if you’re a member of the Wild Rewards Players Club, you’ll reap far more than your fair share of benefits both for yourself and as far as promotions are concerned. Sign up for free and start earning points by playing your favorite slot and table games.

Play, and receive your Wild Rewards. The more you play, the more points you can earn for all kinds of perks that the casino offers. Though you should note that you cannot redeem for cash, so keep that in mind.

Check the events calendar at Fortune Bay Resort Casino for all the latest acts in music and comedy scheduled to frequent the area. Taking a trip to a concert or comedy show at the casino is a great way to kick off the evening in style. So if your favorite stars are in the house, purchase your concert tickets today.

Hotel And RV Park

The hotel at Fortune Bay Resort Casino means you don’t need to go far to relax in maximum comfort. Book a room or park your RV at the RV Park and unwind during your stay in the area. This 173-room hotel sits right off of Lake Vermillion, and it features an array of amenities you won’t want to miss out on.

Fortune Bay Resort Casino RV Park

From its luxurious rooms to an award-winning golf course, dining, an indoor pool, and other amenities, it even furthers the claim that you can turn a stay at Fortune Bay Resort Casino into an all-out vacation. Or at least a weekend getaway.

Experience the Lakeside Sauna, explore the marina, and go fishing when you’re not relaxing in the hotel room for a complete experience around this amazing hotel.

And speaking of the sauna, marina, and fishing options, know that they’re just a few of many attractions around one of Minnesota’s finest casinos.

Let’s talk about them in the last section.

Local Hangouts and Nearby Attractions

Looking for some of the finest outdoor activities in the area?

Head on over to the marina, where you’ll find 40,000 acres’ worth of water on Lake Vermillion. Go fishing and make the catch of the day out on the lake. Oh, and they offer fishing all year long. Whether you’re looking to go ice fishing in the winter or if you’re looking to take the boat out on the lake in the summer.

And when Lake Vermillion freezes over, you’re in luck if you love winter sports. Go snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. In fact, the fine activities just got finer in the winter.

But if you’d rather be indoors, don’t sweat. There are still plenty of inside attractions to get excited about.

The hotel comprises an indoor pool and fitness center. One of which provides a fantastic way to burn some calories consumed over at the casino’s few dining options. And the pool provides an outstanding way to relax afterward.

They also have an arcade, which is a great place to frequent if you’re feeling nostalgic and are looking to play more of your favorite classic games. Plus, they have an array of shopping options. And the Whispering Winds Gift Shop contains some of the finest handcrafted gifts in the area.

Our Final Thoughts on Fortune Bay Resort Casino

Fortune Bay Resort Casino is one of the finest attractions in the State of Minnesota. Right up there with the Mall of America and US Bank Stadium, given its size and activities that they offer around it. It’s the perfect place for a vacation in one of America’s wildest states.

So if you love a blend of casino-based and outdoor activities, consider turning Fortune Bay Resort Casino into your next getaway.

Have you been to Fortune Bay Resort Casino? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to reading your stories.