Five Alternatives to Casino Comps

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Veteran casino gamblers might not believe it, but five options are better than getting comps in a casino. Of course, you might be able to get comps still when you use some of these other ways to get something from gambling, but you can’t afford to ignore these five options.

Is your goal when you gamble to get as many comps as you can, or is your goal to win as much money as you can?

If you want to maximize your comps, you can keep doing what you’ve been doing. But if you want to win as much money as you can, consider adding one or more of the five options included in this post.

1 – Online Casino Bonus Offers

It’s difficult to pin down exactly how much you get in comps when you gamble in a casino. This is because casinos don’t share their exact formulas for their comp programs, and every casino uses an in-house formula. In other words, what you get from one casino probably isn’t exactly the same as you get from another casino.

The general belief is that most casinos give back somewhere from .1% to .2% of the money you risk in comps. Notice that these numbers aren’t 1% to 2%. These numbers are one-tenth of 1% or two-tenths of 1%.

Here’s an example to show what these numbers mean in a way that’s easy to understand. You make bets totaling $50,000 and get .1% back in comps. You receive comps worth $50. And in most cases, you don’t get $50 in cash. Instead, you get services or merchandise with a retail value of $50.

Compare this to what you can get from some online casinos in the form of bonuses. You can get online casino bonuses that range in value from $5 or $10 to over $1,000. It’s not hard to find dozens of online casino bonus offers worth more than $50 if you’re willing to make bets totaling $50,000.

You have to read the terms for every bonus to make sure that you can cash out the bonus after you clear the playthrough requirements, and you need to learn how much you have to bet to clear the bonus, but there are plenty of online casino bonus offers that are better than comps.

It’s even possible to find a few online casinos that offer bonuses and have a comps program. But what you won’t find are any land-based casinos that offer comps and bonuses. So, before looking for the best comps deal in a land-based casino, spend a little time looking for the best online casino bonuses.

2 – Casino Junkets and Coupon Clipping

Casino junkets and casino coupons are a little old-fashioned, but both are still available if you know how to find them.

A casino junket is when a group gets together and visits a casino, with the casino giving the group a special deal or a set of special benefits. The most common type of casino junket is a tour company or bus company that makes a deal with a casino and then sells seats on the bus trip.

You get your trip to the casino, a hotel room if it’s more than a one-day trip, and discounts and specials at the casino. One of the most common perks the casinos give to junket players is free slots play. You might bet $20 0r $50 worth of free slots play, which can end up being far more valuable than the comps you can earn on a short trip.

Each casino junket is unique, so you never know what type of perk you can get. Search for casino junkets or casino bus trips in your area to see exactly what perks you can get on your next trip.

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Coupon clipping is usually associated with grocery shopping, but some casinos still use coupons to attract gamblers. Also, in busy gambling areas, you can still get casino books or casino guides that have coupons.

Most casino coupons are simple, but some of them can be pretty valuable. For example, you can get free meals, free slots play, free bets, and two-for-one deals. I’ve even seen casino coupons that let you start a blackjack and with an ace.

If you’re planning a trip to a casino, spend a few minutes looking for coupons. When you find a few good coupons, they can be more valuable than comps. And you can use your coupons and still earn comps in most casinos.

3 – Professional Sports Gambling

You’re not going to earn comps in many places betting on sports, but you can earn more money betting on sports than you’re ever going to earn in comps. But you’re only going to make money betting on sports if you put the time and work into learning the strategies and developing the handicapping skills you need.

To be clear, it’s challenging to win consistently as a sports gambler. And it’s even more difficult to win enough money consistently to make a big difference. It’s one thing to learn how to make an extra $50 or $100 here and there, but it’s something completely different to learn how to make $100,000 or more extra a year betting on sports.

But if you can reach the level where you can make good money betting on sports, you can earn a lot more than you’re ever going to receive from comps.

4 – Professional Poker

One place where you can make a profit and earn comps is playing poker. Not every poker room offers a comp program, but many do. And if you play online poker, you can take advantage of bonuses from time to time.

You should consider playing poker instead of trying to earn casino comps because you can learn how to win more money than you lose playing poker.

Just like sports gambling, learning how to be a winning poker player isn’t easy. But many players do learn how to win through strategy and studying their opponents.

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You need to know the truth about learning how to be a winning poker player before going down this path. Unfortunately, the truth is that it might take a year or longer to start winning. And some poker players spend decades playing and never learn how to win consistently.

If you’re not willing to spend a lot of time learning how to win, poker isn’t the right choice. And it helps if you’re decent with numbers, so the strategies you need to learn and use will come easier.

5 – Blackjack Advantage Strategies

You can earn comps as a blackjack advantage player, but most advantage blackjack players don’t sign up for comps programs. The reason why blackjack players sometimes don’t join comps programs is that they don’t want the casinos to know who they are.

The main advantage method blackjack players use is called card counting. While card counting is legal, the casinos can ban you from playing if they learn you’re counting cards. If you sign up for the comps program, the casino has an easy way to figure out exactly who you are if they suspect you’re counting cards.

Even if you’re willing to risk the casino tracking you by joining the comp program, it’s still more profitable to use advantage tactics when you play blackjack than any comps you can earn.

The top card counters play with an edge of 1% or higher. The edge card counters can achieve is an overall edge. In other words, the edge isn’t just changing the house edge by 1% or more. You can change the house edge in blackjack using strategy, but you can’t change it enough to give you an edge. The casinos still make money when you just use a basic blackjack strategy.

But when you count cards or use one of the other blackjack advantage methods, you can make more money than you lose. So, a 1% edge means that for every $50,000 you bet at the blackjack table, you make $500.

Compare this to the $50 in comps you might earn while losing more than that if you’re not using advantage blackjack methods.

In Summary

Getting comps when you gamble is smart. After all, if the casino wants to give you free things when you gamble, you should take as much as you can get. But you can use other options that can be even more valuable than casino comps.

Online casino bonus offers are plentiful, and they can add up to a lot more than you can get in comps. Casino junkets and coupons can also be more valuable than comps.

While professional sports gambling, poker, and advantage blackjack won’t get you much in comps, they can give you profit, which is more important than getting comps and still losing.