Find Peaceful Thrills at and Around Madill Gaming Center

Madil Gaming Center in Oklahoma

Madill Gaming Center is one of the Chickasaw Nation’s smaller casinos, much like the Ada Gaming Center. Therefore, you will find few frills as opposed to its larger casinos. Also like Ada Gaming Center, Madill is the ideal spot if you’re looking for a more intimate gaming experience.

So, if you’re not a fan of the large crowds that those resort-style casinos bring by the droves, today’s post is for you. We will discuss everything that Madill Casino offers, along with a few more Chickasaw casinos, accommodations, and of course, the gaming.

If you are ready to experience everything the Madill Gaming Center offers, keep reading. Or if you are someone who is looking for a larger casino venue, scroll down past the overview section of today’s post and you will find a few examples.

Let’s see what the Madill Gaming Center offers.

Overview of the Madill Gaming Center

You will find the small casino at 902 S First Street in Madill, Oklahoma. A tiny casino, sources state that they have just over 2,000 square feet and 98 total gaming machines, so it gives you an idea regarding their small size. Along with the 98 machines, a local smoke shop serves as the featured attraction.

They feature a few promotions, however, which you will find a list of on the Madill Gaming Center’s website. Other than the gaming space, smoke shop, and promotions, there is not much to the Madill Gaming Center.

But no worries. Odds are, you won’t spend much time here unless you love the piece and quiet, along with a modest array of slot machines. So, we will dedicate the rest of today’s post to area attractions that feature casinos other than the Madill Gaming Center, along with non-gaming related hot spots.

#1: Gold Mountain Casino

Like Madill Gaming Center, Gold Mountain Casino is another small gaming venue in the area. Open 24 hours daily, you will find it in Ardmore, Oklahoma, five miles east of I-35 at 1410 Sam Noble Parkway.

It’s over four times the size of Madill Gaming Center, and the casino boasts over 8,600 square feet of gaming space. They feature 300 casino games and they also offer Mega Frenzy Bingo. Like the Madill Gaming Center, they also feature promotions, which you can maximize as part of the Gold Mountain Rewards Program.

Gold Mountain Casino Logo and Property Image

You won’t find any actual dining option here, at least the sources say nothing about them, nor does Gold Mountain Casino’s website. However, with more slot machines, odds are you will find a more diverse set of gaming here than you will at Madill Gaming Center.

#2: Texoma Casino

You will find Texoma Casino in nearby Kingston, Oklahoma, at 1795 Highway 70 East. Also operated by the Chickasaw Nation, this casino is still small compared to many, but it’s about four times larger than Madill Gaming Center, with 8,800 square feet of gaming space.

They also feature over four times as many games, with over 370. Odds are, you will discover more of your favorite classics here, along with a few state-of-the-art themes. Best yet, you’re still getting a rather intimate experience without those larger resort crowds.

Texoma Casino also features more amenities than its sister in Madill. Here, you will find a fuel station, smoke shop, convenience store, and a bar. They still don’t provide ideal food and drink amenities, but you’re getting more at Texoma, along with a modest array of promotions.

Of all the casinos on today’s list, Texoma Casino is the nearest gaming venue. Along with Madill Casino and Gold Mountain, Texoma rounds out the list of small casinos in today’s post. If you’re looking for larger gaming venues than shown above, keep reading.

#3: The Artesian Hotel, Casino, and Spa

Head over to 1001 W 1st Street in Sulphur, and you will stumble upon The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa. Of all the casinos on today’s list, this one is the most diverse, featuring resort-style amenities and a fair number of casino gaming.

They feature 24 hours of thrills on the casino floor with electronic games ranging from classic favorites to traditional themes. You can also play a safe bet that their multiple denomination machines will keep things interesting over your duration on the floor.

If you love table gaming, you won’t find much of it here at the Artesian, but they have enough to keep you busy with Jackpot Hold`‘em, Blackjack, and Blackjack Match. Besides the electronic games and table games, the Artesian also has several outstanding casino promotions to provide you with more ways to win.

Exterior of the Artesian Hotel Casino

You will also find three distinct dining options at the Artesian, which is the first casino on today’s list to provide actual dining opportunities. Besides their three options, they also offer meeting and event space plus catering, so it gives you an indirect fourth option if you host your next big work conference here.

Along with the expanded gaming and dining options, the Artesian also offers accommodation. So, if you’re hanging out in the area for an extended stay, consider setting up base camp here.

And another good reason to do so is because of all the awesome amenities that they offer. You will find a spa, retail shops, a pool and bathhouse, a fitness center, and even a plethora of nearby attractions if those near Madill Gaming Center don’t cater to your needs.

You’re still looking at an overall smaller gaming room here, but it offers more diverse options and a resort full of outstanding casino-related fun.

#4: Treasure Valley Casino

Head over to Highway 7 & 1-35 Route 1 in Davis, Oklahoma, and you will run right into Treasure Valley Casino. Like the Artesian, Treasure Valley Casino offers both electronic and table gaming, so you’re getting more diverse options here, too.

Casino Floor

About 10 times larger than Madill Gaming Center to be exact, with over 20,000 square feet of gaming space. They don’t have many electronic games, with 400, but still four times over what you will find at Madill, if you are keeping score.

Along with the electronic games, Treasure Valley also has a solid collection of table games. Here, you can play real money blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Blackjack Match, and Jackpot Hold ‘em, so they have more table gaming variety than the Artesian, our other casino on the list with a table gaming selection.

Along with more gaming options, Treasure Valley also features two dining and one bar option, hotel accommodations, promotions, plus meeting and event space. It’s not the resort area to remain exclusively for a weekend getaway, but they also boast a fair number of area attractions.

However, if you’re still setting up base camp at the Madill Gaming Center, the Madill area itself features more than a few solid attractions next to Texoma Casino in nearby Kingston. So, if you’re looking for more to do within a 30-mile radius of Madill, read the next section.

Attractions in the Area

Venture over to 12428 Chickasaw Pointe Road, and you will run into the popular Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club. Here, they offer green fairways, impeccable scenery beyond the tree line, and a challenging round of golf. If you’re an avid golfer and the weather is fair, make sure you venture to the golf club.

Many reviewers on TripAdvisor are locals who have made return trips to the golf club, some over the past decade, and they continue to commend the course because of its cleanliness and friendly staff.

Head just over 10 miles from Madill Gaming Center and you will find Wheelock Academy. You will find it in Millerton, at the intersection of 16th and Locust Streets, and it’s a phenomenal small-town attraction for learning the history and culture of local Native American tribes.

If you’re a history buff, it’s more than worth venturing to Millerton for. Or, if you’re just interested in learning more about local customs, take a trip to the Wheelock Academy.

You will also find Lake Texoma State Park in nearby Kingston, again about 10 miles from Madill Gaming Center. So, if you’re someone who craves outdoor and recreation, carve out some time for a trip out to the park. You will find many fishing, boating, hiking, biking, and picnicking opportunities here, among other attractions.

Our Final Thoughts on the Madill Gaming Center Area

As you probably figured out, Madill Gaming Center is one of the smallest casinos in Oklahoma, with its tiny square footage and limited gaming opportunities. It’s not the casino that you spend too much time in, but it’s near a plethora of other fine gaming venues, so gear up for a tour if you’re interested.

But even if you’re more interested in a few hot destinations in the area, you will find so much more than just Madill Gaming Center. You will find a lot of outstanding attractions within the 30-mile radius.

Have you visited Madill Gaming Center or any of the other casinos on today’s list? If so, tell us where you went in the comments and let us know about your experience. We are looking forward to reading your stories.