Find a Unique Gaming Outlet at Victoryland Casino

Front Entrance of Victoryland Casino in Alabama

Victoryland Casino is a gaming venue in Shorter, Alabama, and it’s a hotspot whether you’re into horse racing, greyhound racing, or casino gaming. Perhaps you’re into both and are looking for the best of both gaming worlds.

Anyway, if that describes you and you’re headed out to Alabama, then today’s post is more than worth paying attention to. We will cover everything that this Casino offers, from its horse racing to casino gaming and sports betting.

Plus, we will also talk about nearby attractions and area accommodations if you’re in the Shorter area for an extended stay.

We will begin with a quick history and an overview, which will touch on gaming and racing before subsequent sections will give you a tour of Shorter’s surrounding areas.

Are you ready to discover what makes Victoryland Casino such a unique gaming outlet? Keep reading for more information.

History of Victoryland Casino

Okay, so as mentioned in the intro, you’re getting quite a unique gaming destination here at this casino. Victoryland had actually closed back in February 2013 because of an attorney general’s raid. However, come 2016, Alabama’s Governor Robert Bentley cleared the way for a reopening.

Now, Victoryland, while it’s nowhere near as large as it once was—sources state it once had several dining options along with a 300-room hotel—is still the ideal place to catch a fine experience of gaming and racing.

However, the only caveat is that you won’t find live racing here. Instead, they offer simulcasting from the most popular greyhound and horse racing at other tracks. But if you can’t make it to one of those tracks for the live races, Victoryland offers a perfect consolation.

Since its reopening, news outlets covering the casino have noted its popularity, especially when it reopened to such a large crowd that some casino goers had to hang around for a while just to wait for a machine.

Yeah, so if you venture out this way, make sure you’re cool with larger crowds since it has become a smaller venue than it was in the past.

Overview of Victoryland Casino

You will find Victoryland at I-85 at Exit 22 in Shorter, Alabama.

They offer 502 casino games, which offer a variety of themes like classic reels, the latest video themes, or even electronic bingo. So, although they no longer offer four figures worth of electronic games, you still got a modest variety here.

And yes, they even offer modest jackpots. Per their website, recent winners have won between $35,000 and $75,000. So, odds are, you won’t come across anything life-changing here. However, if you get lucky, you can still walk away with a nice chunk of change if you hit it big on the jackpots.

Oh, and even if you’re not into the simulcasting regarding both horse and greyhound racing, don’t sweat. They also offer parlay bets since sports betting overall has become a thing in the state of Alabama. If you’re looking to catch and bet on the big game, Victoryland is where you want to be.

The website says nothing about a casino loyalty program, which is rare among gaming venues these days. However, they do have promotions that you can take advantage of.

Promotions include things like Trucks and Bucks, in which you can win up to $10,000 every two hours during afternoons on select weekends, and at midnight, you can even win a truck. But note, they stress that you must be present to claim your prize, or else it will go to someone else.

Slot Machines at Victoryland Casino

Per the website, it appears they offer cash and commodity giveaways once a month. And one more thing, they also limit just one prize per participant. So, no, you cannot win both the grand cash prize and vehicle. But hey, it’s still worth trying, right?

That’s about as good as it gets as far as the gaming venue is concerned. Clearly, you’re not getting a resort-style getaway at Victoryland. But it’s a good place to hang out in Shorter when you need to get out and about.

But what else does the area surrounding Victoryland Casino offer? Keep reading for more on dining, accommodations, and nearby attractions.

Dining Options Nearby

Alright, so you’ve spent the morning gaming and now you need something to eat. You will find nothing in Shorter, itself, given its status as an ultra-small town with between 400 and 500 residents. So, head over to Pike Road, Alabama, and you’ll find a popular Mexican Restaurant called Locos Taqueria.

You’ll find the restaurant over at 92 Knollwood Boulevard Corner in Pike Road, and they serve both lunch and dinner options. It’s a small-town restaurant, so you’re getting a minute number of reviews over on TripAdvisor.

However, they few reviewers commend the place for its authentic fare and atmosphere, along with its excellent service. And if you’re a taco lover, you’re in luck, because the common denominator among reviewers is that they cannot stop talking about the tacos.

If you’re looking for an outlet that specializes in quick bites, vegetarian-friendly options, soups, and salads, the 1220 Café in Tallahassee is for you. Tallahassee, Alabama, not Florida. Head over to 1220 Gilmer, Avenue, and you’ll run right into it.

Reviewers also love the homegrown daily specials that they serve here, among other culinary options. The staff also goes out of its way to be extra friendly, which serves as yet another common denominator among reviewers.

If you’re looking for a family-run, small-town, local business, then the 1220 Cafe is for you. Oh, and they also have plenty of private areas scattered about the premises. So, if you’re looking for a bit of intimacy at this small but vibrant restaurant, they do not disappoint.

You will find a few other solid dining options near Victoryland Casino. However, the two aforementioned destinations listed in today’s post appear to serve as local favorites.

Accommodations Near Victoryland

Since Victoryland is a small casino venue, it also does little in terms of accommodations. But you’ll find several in the area that may pertain to your liking. Since Shorter is a tiny town, you won’t find anything there, but if you travel between 10 and 15 miles into Montgomery, you’ll find some good outlets.

Comfort Inn and Suites Montgomery has garnered an overall 4-star review on TripAdvisor, and per the website, they start off at just $99 per night. The La Quinta by Wyndham is another reputable name, starting at $89.

But if you’re looking for something with casino gaming attached to it, check out the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel in Montgomery. Their rooms start off with a little more, at $129 a night per TripAdvisor. However, they offer quite a fine number of amenities, in which casino gaming provides just one of many.

Hotel Room

Here, you’ll find things like shuttle services, a pool, bar snf lounge, a gym and fitness center, and free high-speed internet. So, if you’re looking for more of a resort-style casino outlet featuring 65,000 square feet worth of gaming space, check out Wind Creek.

And if you’re looking for something more cost-effective, there is always the Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham that start off at just $63 per night, along with Sleep Inn and Suites East Chase, starting at just $71 per night, with both starting prices courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Local Attractions

Since you won’t spend a ton of time over at Victoryland Casino unless of course, you’re there for the horse and greyhound racing simulcasts, odds are, you’ll explore the area. Head over to nearby Tuskegee National Forest if you’re looking to entwine yourself with Alabama’s remarkable nature scene.

But as indicated in the above section; Montgomery is where it’s really at. Head over to Breakout Games – Montgomery, and try your hand in their adrenaline-pumping escape rooms. Or if you’re looking for entertainment, AMC Festival Plaza 16 is a great place to catch a movie.

Catch a fine educational experience over at the George Washington Carver Museum. And the Eastdale Mall is always worth the visit. Especially if you’ve won some money over at the casino and are looking for a few cool new things to spend it on.

Or better yet, check out the Ice Palace in the middle of the mall if you’re into ice skating.

You can also venture into Tuskegee, where you’ll find the Booker T Washington Home, the Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center, and the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site.

So, there’s a lot to do whether you venture to Montgomery or Tuskegee.

You can check out Shorter, Alabama’s page on TripAdvisor. There, you can view even more than what we have listed here, current hotel rates, dining options, and even a few more nearby attractions.

Our Final Thoughts on Victoryland Casino

Victoryland Casino is a smaller casino to which you will probably only venture if you’re into horse and greyhound racing, or if you’re looking for a more intimate casino experience. It was once a much larger casino, a borderline resort, but it has shrunk since its reopening.

However, it’s also a great outlet if you’re just looking to play the slots. If you’d like more, venture over to Montgomery and check out Wind Creek, where you’ll find even more ways to win.

Have you visited Victoryland? We’d love to hear your stories, so drop a comment below and share your experience.