Find a Stellar Gaming Experience at Magnolia Bluffs Casino

Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel Lakeside View

Magnolia Bluffs Casino isn’t one of those casinos in the same league as the Tunica Resorts or Biloxi Casinos. However, if you’re looking for a fun gaming experience that features a diverse number of options including slots, tables, and even a sportsbook, this venue is for you.

But as mentioned, it won’t jump off the charts. They have a few dining options, a few great games, a place to stay, and a modest region to explore. It’s a great place to visit when you’re looking for a different kind of weekend getaway.

Today’s post will explain everything that Magnolia Bluffs Casino offers, from its gaming options all the way to nearby attractions. If you’re looking to get away to a rather obscure region in Mississippi, you may like what Magnolia Bluffs offers.

Are you ready for the rundown? Let’s get started, beginning with a quick overview.

Overview of Magnolia Bluffs Casino

You’re getting a few outstanding slot machines and exciting table games here. That’s nowhere near as many as even some of Mississippi’s smaller casinos. However, with the smaller quantity, expect higher quality, as many of the themes they offer include the most popular ones ever created, along with new games.

They also have quite a few tables that hold your favorite games. So, if you’re a card or dice chaser, make sure you check out their options in the table gaming pit.

Not interested in the electronic games of tables? Check out their new Playmakers Sportsbook Bar and Grill, where you can catch and wager on the biggest games in America.

They offer two restaurants, one of which is the sportsbook while the other serves Bistro-like fare. So, unlike the largest casinos in the state, you’re not getting anything ultra diverse. But if you’re one who enjoys gameday and quick eats, Magnolia Bluffs has got you covered.

They also have a respectable number of casino promotions, which you can take advantage of as a member of the Players Club. Again, the Players Club is not as vibrant as those casinos with names like Penn National and Caesars Entertainment attached.

But if you’re making return trips to the casino, it’s best to join, earn loyalty points, and maximize those promos.

They offer lodging options if you need a place to stay during your time in the area. The hotel offers a few cool amenities, too. But again, there’s nothing so outstanding that they will keep you on the premises for a week.

Interested in Magnolia Bluffs Casino? You will stumble across the venue at 7 Roth Hill Road in Natchez, Mississippi. And now that you have a solid overview of the place, the following sections will dive into greater detail, beginning with the casino gaming.

Magnolia Bluffs Casino Gaming

What kind of games do they offer on Magnolia Bluffs Casino’s gaming floor?

You’re getting over 480 slot machines that, as mentioned in the overview, feature both classic reels, new video themes, and plenty of different slots games. Some of the most popular games include Dancing Drums, Temple Tiger, Buffalo Moon, Pop’N Pays, and Buffalo Grand.

They also have 14 tables worth of games that include classics like Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. Best yet, they cater to novice players, so if this is your first rodeo at the tables, the friendly dealers will show you a few basics and you won’t have to face all that relentless pressure from the other gamers.

Or, if you’d rather not play the slots or tables but instead are interested in sports betting, make sure you check out Playmakers Sports Bar and Grill. Here, you can bet on any professional sport imaginable and even a few college sports.

Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel Casino FLoor

Plus, you can kick back and enjoy the finest game day fare while you watch your favorite games on one of the big screens. Enjoy craft beers and other local cocktails and cheer your favorite team on to victory.

Best yet, at the time of this writing, you’re looking at a brand new venue, so expect a state-of-the-art atmosphere when you step into the sportsbook.

Bluffs Bistro Dining

You will find one other dining option at Magnolia Bluffs Casino. Bluffs Bistro is your one-stop-shop at the venue for all of your favorite comfort foods and yes, they’re expanding this vibrant dining outlet to give it even more flair. So, if you’ve been to Magnolia Bluffs in the past, make sure you check out the Bistro.

Best yet, they specialize in quick bites. If you’re one who loves to rush into the dining halls in between games with your sights set on returning to the casino floor in record time, Bluffs Bistro has you covered with their fast service.

Whether you’re looking for just a snack to hold you over for later or if you’re instead looking for a meal, the Bistro provides.

Available Casino Promos

You will also find fine promotions at Magnolia Bluffs Casino. Featured promotions include Birthday Play ‘n Win, Senior Day Dine and Play, Mega Multiplier, and 1,000 Mondays.

But the best way to take advantage of all the exciting promotions going on at the casino is to join the players club.

What will the players club give you? Other than maximizing those promotions, the players club is a loyalty program that will reward you based on play. Best yet, it’s free to join and those loyalty points you will earn just by playing your favorite casino games will take you a long way.

Row of Slot Machines

What kind of perks are we talking about?

You’ll catch direct mailing offers based on your play, invites to special events, same-day cashback options, and even hotel-casino rates. They also base the latter on the amount of play. The more you play your favorite slot and table games with your card, the sweeter those perks and benefits get.

And what we mentioned above are just a few of the basic perks. So, you can only imagine what you’re in for if you play a lot.

Accommodations at Magnolia Bluffs Casino

Do you need a place to stay during your time in the area?

Check out the hotel at Magnolia Bluffs Casino, and they will provide you everything you need to make your stay in the area as comfortable as possible. You’re getting a unique look in these rooms, ranging from their unique decor, hardwood floors, leather sofas, and oversized rooms.

No, the hotel won’t blow you away like those seen in Tunica or Biloxi. But for a smaller casino like Magnolia Bluffs, it more than holds its own. Plus, it has a few cool amenities to get excited about.

They include complimentary Wi-Fi, a 24-hour business center, fitness center, and shuttle services, a seasonal saltwater pool, a continental breakfast, a full-service bar, and even event space.

Hotel Room

Yes, whenever you’re looking to take a bit of time off from the casino floor, you have more than a few fun things to do at and around the hotel. Whether it involves relaxing in the pool, catching a tough workout over at the fitness center, or unwinding and watching your favorite sporting event at the bar, you have options.

But, they also have plenty of fun things to do in the surrounding area. If you’ve exhausted your gaming stores for the day and are looking to explore, check out the following section.

Nearby Attractions

Longwood is perhaps the most exciting spot to visit when you’re exploring the area around Magnolia Bluffs. This historic venue has graced TripAdvisor’s 2020 Travelers Choice Award list, but it’s not the only venue in the area to have earned such recognition.

Stanton Hall is another historic site in the area that has graced the list, along with St. Mary Basilica, one of the finest pieces of architecture in the Natchez region.

Other award winners include Rosalie Mansion, Melrose, and the popular Natchez Visitor Center. Bluff Park and the Historic Natchez Cemetery round out the list, with the latter also receiving the 2020 Travelers Choice Award.

For a small town like Natchez, whose population rests under 16,000, you’re getting quite a few interesting options, mainly historic buildings. So, if you’re into history or architecture, you can transform your stay at Magnolia Bluffs Casino into a dark horse of a vacation destination.

When you’re finished gaming and hanging around the hotel for a day, explore the town of Natchez, because there are more than a few interesting sights to see.

Our Final Thoughts on Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel

Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel won’t compare well to some of the State of Mississippi’s largest casinos. But still, it holds its own, providing a solid number of electronic and table games to keep you interested. Especially if you’re into classic favorites.

And for such a small casino, they boast quite a fine hotel and amenities, so you won’t get bored at the venue even if you’re finished gaming for the day. But if you’d like to have more than just the amenities provided, go out and explore the Natchez region, as they offer a lot in terms of sightseeing.

Have you visited Magnolia Bluffs Casino or the Natchez region? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to reading your stories.