Find a Laidback Gaming Experience at the Lucky Star Casinos

Lucky Star Casino Logo and Front Entrance to One of the Locations

The Lucky Star Casinos comprise six locations around Oklahoma. Each with their own unique games that range from slot machines to even tables at select venues.

Besides gaming, you’ll also find a hot array of casino promotions, a slick rewards club, meeting and event space, and even accommodations at the Watonga location.

Today’s post will cover each casino and what you can expect to find inside. Again, despite being under one banner, you will discover uniqueness with each. Some with smaller floors and limited options, others with everything that could classify them as micro-resorts.

Ready to see what’s inside? Keep reading, starting with an overview.

Lucky Star Casinos Overview

If you don’t have time to read every section, pay close attention to this one, where we will provide quick hits on each location.

First up, you’ll find Lucky Star Casino Concho. It’s the largest of the casinos on today’s list, and they boast over 1,000 slot machines, table games, and poker. If you’re looking for a bit of everything, it’s the casino to play.

The Canton location is much smaller. And they have under 200 slot machines, along with few frills. It’s a great one for the avid slot gamer who doesn’t enjoy dealing with crowds that Concho brings.

Third, you’ll find Lucky Star Clinton, another smaller venue with a little over 700 machines. A midsize location, they boast more than tiny Canton, but they still won’t overwhelm you with the crowds that Concho brings.

The Hammon and Concho travel centers are next. Yes, they’re travel centers, but they feature between 300 and 400 gaming machines, along with dining options. So, they’re more than your typical travel centers.

Finally, we’ll touch on the expansion project going on at the Watonga location. Right now, it’s a small casino, but soon, it’ll develop into a resort-style venue.

Lucky Star Casino Concho

In Concho, Oklahoma, at 7777 North Highway 81 and a half-hour from Oklahoma City, this location boasts 40,000 square feet of gaming space. Within its vast casino floor, you will find over 1,000 slot machine games, eight table games, and five poker tables.

They also have a popular bar and grill, so you don’t need to leave the premises to grab a bite during or after games. Their event center has historically held a phenomenal lineup of world-class entertainment. In fact, the venue has headlined over 80 shows throughout its existence.

Casino RV Park

If you’re a road warrior and on a road trip, consider parking your RV here. You’ll get full services at the hookups on a first-come, first-serve basis. Park the RV, then feel free to head over to the security desk for all the paperwork.

In short, Lucky Star Casino Concho is one of your larger locations among the Lucky Star Casinos. Complete with four-figures worth of real money slot machines and even a few tables and poker games to keep you interested, it’s a fine place in the area to spend a few solid hours.

Casino Canton

If you’re local, you may know Lucky Star Casino Canton by the name of Feather Warrior Casino. You’ll find it at 301 Northwest Lake Road in Canton.

Unlike the Concho location, Lucky Star Canton boasts just 3,500 square feet of gaming space. As you can see, it’s about a fraction of the size of its sister.

Because of this, the casino owns just 145 slot machines. But unlike most tiny casinos, they have an electronic Blackjack table, so you at least get a table gaming simulation.

The Warrior Deli and Grill serves as their only dining option. They provide a blend of sit-down options along with quick snacks if you just need a pick-me-up. While the Canton location is not a 24/7 casino, it’s open seven days a week and they open as early as 10 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

It may not be a big casino, but Lucky Star Canton is more than worth the trip if you’re looking for more intimate gaming in a smaller setting.

Clinton Location

Not as large as Concho, but nowhere near as small as Canton, Lucky Star Clinton boasts 710 gaming machines, blackjack tables, and poker. While sources say the casino is open 24/7, the poker room hours vary, opening at noon on weekdays and 10 am on weekends.

Three Aces in Three Card Poker

REZ Restaurant and Bar serves as the casino’s dining option. And the versatile location is great whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or dinner, or if you’re interested in trying a few local crafts and cocktails.

You’ll find this vibrant casino at N2275 Road in Clinton. And it’s a great option if you’re looking for a mid-sized location that won’t draw the same size of a crowd as the Concho location would, but provides more options than Canton.

Hammon Travel Center

Technically, the Lucky Star Hammon Travel Center is a casino, given its 341 slot machines. Even cooler, out of those gaming machines, 108 provides progressive slot machines.

This clearly isn’t your ordinary travel center where you can pick up a few informational brochures and leave it at that; you can win some serious money here.

They’re not 24/7, however, opening from 10 am until 12 am Monday through Thursday, and from 10 am until 2 am Friday and Saturday.

Besides the populous casino floor in terms of a travel center, they also have a slick dining option called the Warrior Cafe. Indulge in your favorite comfort foods at this full-service restaurant either as a break between the gaming, or for dinner following a few hours on the floor.

You’ll stumble upon the location at 20413 HWY 33 in Hammon, Oklahoma.

Concho Travel Center

As the name implies, it’s near Lucky Star Casino Concho. But if you’re looking for a smaller venue without all the crowds that its big sister draws, the travel center is an excellent consolation. And like its sister in Hammon, it boasts quite a few gaming machines, around 407 with 108 progressives.

Also like Hammon, it’s not open 24/7, with its hours ranging from 11 am until 12 am from Sunday through Thursday, and 10 am until 2 am on Friday and Saturday.

They also have a cafe-style restaurant at the location, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Whether you’re looking to game after you start your day, or if you’re one who’d rather wait until dinner, odds are, you’ll come across your favorite comfort foods right here at the venue.

Head over to 7751 N Highway 81 in Concho, Oklahoma, and you’ll find the casino.

Watonga Casino

In Watonga, Oklahoma, at 1407 South Clarence Nash, Lucky Star Casino Watonga is the unique sister on the list. Right now, it has just a few gaming machines at 175 and not much else.  But don’t fret.

Per the website, Lucky Star Casino Watonga is undergoing a major expansion project. The expansion will include a new casino entrance, restaurant and bar, conference and meeting space, amenity space that includes a gift shop, and even a slate of hotel rooms.

Hotel Room

When finished, it will be one of the larger of the six casinos owned by the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, and odds are, you’ll be turning your time in the area into an all out vacation.

If you’d like to stay tuned for updates, their website has a few graphics that will show you what the venue will look like. And you can bet that they’ll be posting photos of the revamped casino sooner rather than later.

Star Rewards

Are you an area resident or do you come to the Frontier and Great Plains Country often?

If so, consider joining Star Rewards, especially if you plan on making return trips to the casinos. As a member of Star Rewards, you’re in line for some of the greatest casino comps and benefits in the region, just by playing your favorite casino games. Best yet, it’s free to sign up.

So, what can Star Rewards bring you? As a Basic Member of the program, you can look forward to taking part in promotions, get direct mailing offers for calendar events, and even qualify for birthday offers.

When you move up the tier to Silver Membership by gaining 2,000 points within a six-month timeframe, and those perks and benefits get even sweeter. The same goes for becoming a Gold Member by earning 7,000-plus points within a six-month frame.

The top tier, Platinum Level, will grant you the ability to receive invites to take part in special events, promotions, and tournaments, personalized casino host services, and more.

If all of the above sounds good to you, make sure you join before you touch your favorite casino game. Even if you don’t win money during your time at the Lucky Star Casinos, you’re still walking away with something. With that said, it pays to play at Lucky Star.


As you can see, the Lucky Star Casinos vary in size and scope. Whether you’re in the mood for a larger location like Concho, or something small like Canton, this group of six casinos will provide, and they won’t disappoint.

You can also join the Star Rewards program if you’re making return trips to the area for perks and benefits unlike any other in the region. It’s time to embark on that casino tour and immerse yourself in a variety of gaming during your trip to the area.

Have you played at any of the Lucky Star Casinos? If so, which ones did you visit and which were your favorite? Let us know in the comments. We are looking forward to reading your thoughts.