Fast Ways to Master Baccarat

Baccarat Text With a Table Game Background

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to master, and when you do master it, you can play with a high return percentage. In fact, there are only a couple of casino games that offer a higher return percentage, and they both require much more work to master.

This article includes everything that you need to know to master baccarat. It all starts with knowing the best wager to use, then you add a few other simple tricks to improve your playing experience.

Here are nine fast ways you can use to become a baccarat master.

The One-Bet Strategy

I like baccarat because of two important things. The first reason is because it’s a simple game. You only have three wager options, so you don’t have to learn much to know what the best wager is.

The second reason I like baccarat is because it offers a high return to player percentage compared to almost every other casino game. In most casinos, the only game that offers a higher return is blackjack. And you have to use a more advanced strategy when you play blackjack to get a higher return.

Dealer Paying a Baccarat Player

Each of the three available baccarat wagers has a different return to player percentage. The tie wager is by far the worst, and it has such a low return that you should forget it even exists.

The player wager isn’t bad, but the banker wager is the only option that you should use. The return for the banker hand after the 5% standard commission is 98.94%.

What this means in simple terms is that the only strategy you need to know when you play baccarat is to use the banker hand wager.

Say No to Side Bets

Many baccarat tables just offer the three wagers I covered in the last section, but some also offer a side wager. I learned a long time ago to use a simple rule with side bets on any casino game. And baccarat side bets fall in this category also.

Don’t make side bets. This is the rule, and it hasn’t let me down yet. I recommend that you adopt and use the same rule.

Casinos started by offering the most popular casino games without side bets. You could play blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, and baccarat. New games were introduced over time, and some of them caught on while others didn’t.

So, casinos started looking for ways to make games more profitable. The best two ways to make a game more profitable are to get gamblers to risk more and to lower the return numbers on the wagers. Side wagers do both of these things. And this is why you should avoid all side wager options.

Smaller Is Always Better

If you know that in the long run you’re going to lose $1 for every $100 that you risk on a game, how much do you think you should risk?

The simple answer is that you shouldn’t risk any money. But the existence of casinos proves that gamblers are going to continue making wagers that take their money.

This means that the next best answer is to risk as little as possible. If you bet $100 on every hand you lose, on average, $1 a hand. But if you bet $10 a hand, it takes you 10 hands to lose $1.

Bet the smallest amount possible on every hand of baccarat you play. Smaller is always better when it comes to playing baccarat.

Bonus or Bust

I use online casino bonuses sometimes, and sometimes, I play without using a bonus. It depends on what game I’m playing. Baccarat is one of the games I refuse to play online or using my phone without a bonus.

Baccarat Banker Hand

That’s because it’s a game that you can’t beat in the long run. This doesn’t make it unique when it comes to casino games. Most casino games are designed this way. I play baccarat for entertainment, not because I believe that I can win.

For this reason, I want to be able to play as long as possible. And using a bonus is the best way to extend the amount of time I get to play.

Reduced Commission Opportunities

This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, a casino will run a special promotion that offers reduced commission on the banker wager at a baccarat table.

The standard commission on the banker wager is 5%. This is already counted when you look at the return I listed in the first section. But if you can play with a reduced commission, it makes the return to player percentage even higher.

Keep an eye out for reduced commission promotions everywhere that you play baccarat. When you find this type of promotion, it’s a game that you want to play.

Get Compensated

A secret that most casino gambling experts know is that they can get compensated for part of their gambling losses. They usually don’t get all of their losses back, but they know that every bit that they do get back is better than not getting anything back.

This is why most gambling masters sign up for the player club. When you get a membership and use your card when you play baccarat you earn compensation, often called comps, when you play.

Ask about the reward club everywhere that you gamble. It might be called something else, but most casinos offer some sort of club you can join. Online and mobile casinos don’t always have clubs, but some of them do.

Play Online and Mobile Baccarat

Online and mobile baccarat games offer one big benefit that live games don’t. This benefit is the availability of tables with smaller bet limits. I’ve played online baccarat for as little as $1 a hand. And as you learned earlier, the smaller the amount you risk the better.

Online Casino Baccarat Game

Another benefit of playing online baccarat is bonuses, which I covered earlier. The combination of small bet amounts and a bonus can help you play baccarat much longer than you can in a land based casino. This can be as much as 10 to 20 times longer on the same size bankroll.

You need to be careful of one thing when you play online and mobile baccarat. The online and mobile versions play much faster than the land-based game plays. This means that you can negate the benefits of playing online or mobile baccarat if you play too fast.

Be the Banker Variation

This is a special section for true baccarat masters. Though it’s usually called by a different name, there are a few baccarat variations that let you actually bank the game on some hands. This isn’t the same thing as letting you deal the cards like at some big table baccarat games.

What I’m talking about is a game where the players get to take turns banking the game using their bankroll. In other words, you get to act as the casino or house.

These games are rare, and they’re not designed in a way that lets you beat the game overall, but these are the best games to play if you can find them.

Forget Advantage Play

When you play blackjack, you can use something called “advantage play.” If you learn how to use advantage play well enough, you can win more than you lose, creating a long-term profit. Some smart gamblers have tried to use advantage play methods when they play baccarat as well.

The problem is that advantage play methods, like counting cards, don’t work well when you play baccarat. My simple advice is to forget about baccarat advantage play. The amount of time and energy that you have to put in to use these strategies isn’t worth the return. In fact, most baccarat advantage play methods don’t really offer any return.

With the same amount of time and effort you can learn how to use advantage play with blackjack, which is going to offer a higher return.


Playing baccarat like a master starts with making the right wager on every hand, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also use the other fast tips in this article to improve your long term results.

Side bets are the same for baccarat as other casino game, which is to say that they’re all bad. Play baccarat online or on your phone to get a bonus and have access to smaller wager limits.

A few casinos offer educed commission promotions, and now you know why these are so important to master baccarat players. Use these nine fast ways to become a baccarat master.