Exploring the Top 5 Christmas Themed Slots of 2021

Christmas Scene With Christmas Themed Online Slots Written Overtop

The Christmas season is coming up fast and many people are already getting into the spirit of things. It stands to reason that would also include online gamblers who might be looking for a tie-in at top gambling sites. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered with a list of our five favorite online slots for 2021.

If you’re one of those people who likes to infuse the Christmas spirit in everything that you do, you might be seeking out ways to bring the season into your real money gambling activity. And it’s never too early to start searching. After all, if some people are already playing Christmas music, you can certainly feel free to play some Christmas slots.

With that in mind, we’ve got a list of what we consider to be five excellent online slots with a Christmas theme. You can play these games for real money. And all of them courtesy of real money casino websites that we highly recommend as being responsible and beneficial to online gamblers.

A Christmas Carol From BetOnline Casino

The Premise

Well, you have to have seen at least one version of the movie, right?

If you have, you know that you can expect an appearance by Mr. Scrooge along with some of the other hallmarks of the famous Charles Dickens tale. Whether you dislike old Scrooge or maybe even sympathize with him a bit, this game is ideal.

Game Play

Beyond typical online slot symbols like playing cards, you’ll also get access to symbols that build off the story, such as gold and silver coins, Christmas gifts, and even Scrooge himself in his nightcap.

Getting the turkey symbol is a big positive because that symbol is wild and can replace most other symbols on the screen. And getting all three ghosts will leave you with some free spins.

The Verdict

A Christmas Carol is also a very sharp-looking game and is powered by Betsoft, one of the finest names in the industry.

Since the original story is now part of the public domain, the game is free to have fun with some of the standard story beats to spice up game play. We feel pretty confident that this is an online slot you won’t be humbugging this season.

Look at BetOnline Casino to find this online slot!

Try Out Stay Frosty at SportsBetting.ag

The Premise

Here is another excellent online slots game from the folks at Betsoft that builds off a classic Christmas story.

Whether you’re thinking about the beloved Christmas song or the famous cartoon (“Happy Birthday!”), you know that Frosty is about as iconic as it gets in terms of seasonal character. His presence in this game really ups the fun factor.

Game Play

Like all of the games on this list, Stay Frosty more than just a Christmas character stuck onto the reels to make you happy. The action is also fast-paced and lucrative, with 100-line betting possibilities, scatter symbols, and free spins.

Watch out for so-called “Sticky Wilds” to show up when Frosty is around, which means your wilds stay around for several spins.

The Verdict

The animation is very playful, so you won’t get tired of looking at this game even if you’re playing it for a while.

There is even more of a strategic element to this game than most online slots, as you have the choice of buying free spins if you wish. Stay Frosty makes for one of the most festive and fun online slots offerings of the season.

Check out Stay Frosty at Sportsbetting.ag for some wintertime fun!

Look For Jingle Slots at WildCasino.ag

The Premise

This one doesn’t get too specific with its holiday connections, instead offering more of a generalized Christmas theme.

But that’s OK, because it does this very well, putting you in the mood for the season with the jolly symbols and music. And you also have access to many ways of winning big, which is the best kind of Xmas gift.

Game Play

The wild symbols in this game can really give you a boost, as they can expand onto other lines or even offer lucrative multiplies.

We also like that the top jackpot is pretty substantial, giving you the chance to win a lot in a hurry. And the seasonal stuff hits home as well, with wreath-like playing cards, reindeer, and even Santa himself all making appearances.

The Verdict

Jingle Slots is the perfect game if you want to become immersed in a Christmas theme without being distracted by it. You can play the game without too much thought and still come away feeling festive for the season.

Consider it the online slots equivalent to a walk through a well-decorated mall at Christmas time, without the crowds, of course.

Look for Jingle Slots at WildCasino.ag to start playing today!

Cool Off With Polar Breeze at SuperSlots.ag

The Premise

For some people, the best part of the Christmas season, if Mother Nature cooperates, is the snowy weather. And the folks who created Polar Breeze bring a festive chill to the air with this game.

You might find yourself reaching for another coat as you play and venture with your animated sled out into the cold.

Game Play

The key feature of gameplay on Polar Breeze is cascading symbols, which will make many gamers feel right at home.

When you hit on some winning symbols, they’ll disappear and be replaced by others, giving you more chances to win. That gives you a little bit of an excitement boost to ramp up the already thrilling gameplay.

The Verdict

This is a nice game if you want to feel the climate of the season without getting hit over the head with the traditional symbols.

Polar Breeze does a nice job of combining a solid concept with innovative play. And you’ll find out if you can handle the cold along the way.

Find Polar Breeze online slot at SuperSlots.ag for a refreshing chill from traditional gameplay!

Build a Snowman With Snowmania on Las Atlantis

The Premise

This game combines some of the themes mentioned in the games listed above and does so in an entertaining fashion.

You’ll also get some different symbols as well, such as Christmas cookies, mistletoe, and carrots (for decorating the snowman, of course) it’s like a romp through a White Christmas without having to put on your boots.

Game Play

Look for the “Ice Wild” to boost your chances of winning by replacing the symbols that aren’t helping with one that will.

If you can put together several wins in a row, you’ll be looking at multipliers of up to 5 times your wins. Those multipliers can rise to 15x if you activate the free spins via the present scatter symbols.

The Verdict

With 20 pay lines in place, Snowmania can let you play for a little or a lot depending upon your style. And you’ll find yourself enjoying the ride even if you come up short a few spins in a row. Stick with it and the bonuses will really change the game in a positive way.

Have fun building your snowman in the comfort of your warm house at LasAtlantis.com!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the Top 5 Christmas Themed online slots of the 2021 season. Let’s hope that you can win some now on these games and make Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year.