Explaining the Column King Roulette Gambling System

Group at Roulette Table With Column King Roulette System

Dozens of roulette betting systems exist across the gaming world. The D’Alembert, Labouchere, Martingale, and Paroli are among the most popular betting strategies out there.

If you’re into roulette, then you may have used one or more of these systems at some point. But the Column King is one betting strategy that you might not have tried.

I myself only recently came across this system. As the name implies, it revolves entirely around placing column wagers.

One great thing about this strategy is that it’s not very volatile. You can expect frequent payouts and winning sessions.

Assuming you’re interested in trying a new betting system, then you can learn more about the Column King below.

Basics of the Column King Betting System

A roulette column bet pays 2:1 on your stake. If you wager $10 on a column, for example, then you’ll receive $20 for a win.

This betting strategy seeks to take advantage of the 2:1 payouts while, simultaneously, reducing volatility.

You can begin using Column King by wagering on any of the available three columns. Each column covers the following numbers/pockets:

1st Column 2nd Column 3rd Column
1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18
19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36

None of these columns offer an advantage over the other. They all pay 2:1 and present 12/37 odds (32.4% probability) of winning on a European Roulette wheel.

Two Methods for Using the Column King Roulette System

This strategy is special because it can be used in one of two ways. You can either use Column King as a positive type progression or negative type progression system.

Roulette Wheel and Casino Chips

A positive type progression system is where you increase wagers when you’re winning. A negative type progression strategy, meanwhile, involves raising bets when you’re losing.

Negative Progression Version

A negative progression strategy helps ensure that you leave the casino a winner. It helps you win back any previous losses and earn a profit before calling it quits.

You start using the negative Column King by making the table’s minimum bet. Assuming you win, then you’ll collect a profit and either bet on that column again or move on to another.

If you lose, then you’ll place another minimum bet on the same column. A win here results in the same scenario where you can either wager on the same column or pick a different one.

A lose, on the other hand, launches you into a series of increasing wagers where you chase losses and seek a small profit.

You need only win once to make your money back and then some. At this point, you return to the table minimum and start over.

Here’s an example on using the negative Column King in online roulette:Money

  • The online table features a $1 minimum bet.
  • You continue the following progression after each loss.
  • First bet = $1
  • Second bet = $1
  • Third bet = $2
  • Fourth bet = $3
  • Fifth bet = $4
  • Sixth bet = $6
  • Seventh bet = $9

These wagers look random at first glance. However, there’s rhyme and reason behind these increases. The goal behind each bet is to raise your stake just enough to win back losses and receive a small profit.

Here’s an example to illustrate this point:

  • You wager $1 and lose (losses at -$1)
  • You wager $1 and lose (losses at -$2)
  • You wager $2 and lose (losses at -$4)
  • You wager $3 and lose (losses at -$7)
  • You wager $4 and lose (losses at -$11)
  • You wager $6 and win $12 (winnings at +$1)

Even after five consecutive losses, you’ve managed to book a $1 profit with just one win. This example shows the power of 2:1 payouts.

If you were to go beyond seven consecutive losses, then you must decide whether to keep increasing bets or start over.

I’d personally keep upping wagers in order to win back the losses. However, you could always start fresh after losing $26 (1+1+2+3+4+6+9).

Positive Progression Version

Positive progression strategies are great for capitalizing on hot streaks. They allow you to turn average winning nights into unforgettable gambling outings.

To begin using the positive Column King, you place a minimum wager on any of the columns. Following each win, you increase the next wager by $1 (with online roulette).

Here’s how your bets would increase following every win:

  • First bet = $1 (winnings at +$2)
  • Second bet = $2 (winnings at +$6)
  • Third bet = $3 (winnings at +$12)
  • Fourth bet = $4 (winnings at +$20)
  • Fifth bet = $5 (winnings at +$30)
  • Sixth bet = $6 (winnings at $42)
  • Seventh bet = $7 (winnings at $56)

You’re supposed to continue in this progression until finally losing. Therefore, you can keep increasing wagers up until the seventh win or beyond.

Of course, it’s incredibly hard to win a column bet this many times in a row. You may set a stopping point much earlier, such as after three consecutive wins.

Other Considerations With This System

You can begin using the Column King right away with the information above. However, I suggest checking out the following tips for more advice on using this staking strategy to the fullest.

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Starting Bankroll

Betting systems are risky propositions no matter if they’re negative or positive progression. Column King may be less volatile than most systems, but it’s still riskier than flat betting.

With that said, you should put thought into your starting bankroll. You only want to risk an amount that you’re comfortable with.

Online roulette allows you to use this system rather cheaply. Therefore, you won’t need as large of a bankroll to use it effectively.

Land-based casinos require you to risk at least $5 per bet. Nevertheless, you can still use Column King effectively with $5 minimum wagers.

Here’s how long you could use the negative Column King with $1 online wagers and a $100 bankroll:

  • First bet = $1 (bankroll at $99)
  • Second bet = $1 (bankroll at $98)
  • Third bet = $2 (bankroll at $96)
  • Fourth bet = $3 (bankroll at $93)
  • Fifth bet = $4 (bankroll at $89)
  • Sixth bet = $6 (bankroll at $83)
  • Seventh bet = $9 (bankroll at $74)
  • Eighth bet = $14 (bankroll at $60)
  • Ninth bet = $21 (bankroll at $53)
  • Tenth bet = $31 (bankroll at $22)

You won’t be able to sufficiently raise your bet after the tenth loss. The good news, though, is that you won’t lose 10 consecutive times very often with the column wager.

Choose the Right Variation

The Column King may make you feel invincible sometimes due to its frequent profits. But this feeling is no reason to avoid seeking out the best roulette variations.

French Roulette (1.35% house edge) and European Roulette (2.70%) are definitely preferable to the American wheel (5.26%).

European Roulette features one zero pocket instead of two like with American Roulette. This is definitely a good thing when considering that zero pockets favor the casino.

French Roulette plays on a European wheel and also includes the “la partage” rule. The latter pays half your even-money bet back when the ball lands on zero.

Take Advantage of VIP Rewards

You can further boost your potential winnings by also taking advantage of comps. You should already qualify for loyalty rewards at online casinos after registering and depositing.

Online casinos offer various perks, including deposit bonuses, free spins, free chips, and cashback. The latter sees you exchange loyalty points for cash.

Land-based casinos require you to sign up for the VIP program separately. You should visit the relevant casino’s website and register for the loyalty plan beforehand.

Brick and mortar venues give out plenty of unique casino comps, such as free drinks, breakfast buffets, dinner, show tickets, and more.

Will You Win Big With the Column King Roulette System?

The Column King’s win potential largely depends upon how it’s used. The positive progressive version has bigger win potential than the negative variation.

It calls on you to keep increasing bets during winning streaks. You can collect large windfalls when you really get on a hot streak.

Its downside, though, is that it doesn’t give you a chance to bank as many payouts. You’re constantly risking everything you win in this instance.

The negative progression isn’t built for massive winnings. Instead, it helps you avoid losing anything while picking up small payouts in the process.

From an overall perspective, neither the negative nor the positive Column King will result in guaranteed profits. You take a chance on this system just like anything else in roulette.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy this classic game, then Column King is an excellent option. It’s a low volatility system that can be used in two different ways.

The positive progression variation allows you to chase bigger payouts. The negative progression version is all about avoiding any losses.

You can further enhance the Column King experience by taking preparations beforehand. These preparations include signing up for the loyalty program, picking the right game, and properly managing your bankroll.