Experience Uniqueness at Wooden Nickel Casino

Martin & Mason Hotel & Wooden Nickel Casino

You will experience uniqueness at Wooden Nickel Casino from the moment you walk in through the doors. It’s right in the middle of Downtown Deadwood, and it’s located in the bottom of yet another historic hotel in the story, this one featuring Victorian qualities.

If you’re looking for arguably the most unique experience in Deadwood, odds are, you will find it here at Wooden Nickel Casino. Today’s post offers a glimpse at what you will discover in one of the area’s smaller casino venues. But despite its small size, by no means should one underestimate it.

Get a quick look at the venue in the overview section below. And if you’re looking for more detail, the following sections will give you a complete rundown on everything from the casino games to nearby attractions.

Ready to explore this interesting venue? Let’s get started.

Wooden Nickel Casino Overview

Wooden Nickel Casino offers a small but wide array of slot machines. Since they only have a Class II license at the time of this post, you won’t find any table gaming. But if you love slot machines and even video slots that depict table gaming, you have more than what you need.

However, if you’re an avid card player and would like to experience live dealer table gaming, head across Main Street to nearby Silverado Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex. The venue hosts a variety of card games and even some of the most well-known poker tournaments in the state.

You won’t find any promotions or loyalty programs here. But again, Deadwood has plenty of other options that do, so you aren’t shorthanded in this department.

This casino has phenomenal accommodations at the Martin Mason Hotel. Now, they only have about five rooms and three suites available. So, it’s one of those hotels you’re staying in if you’d like to go long and get a taste of luxury after a day on the casino floors and out in the heart of Deadwood.

Along with both casino and non-casino-based attractions, the 1898 Ballroom at on the site should kick off your tour of the area. So, visit it before you go anywhere else.

Now that you know a little of what this small casino offers, let’s break down the venue’s gaming floor, hotel, casino, and non-casino attractions.

Casino Gaming and Dining

They feature a limited number of real money casino games with around 80 slot machines. However, as implied earlier, the limited number of slots features a shockingly wide variety of games. You’ll find traditional and video themes, reels, and even those that simulate live table games.

As mentioned, its Class II license does not allow table games. However, Silverado Casino and others in the area that we will touch on later provide more than a decent bulk of blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette.

Casino Table Games in Casino

They also offer progressive jackpots and video poker. But the reel slots comprise their key selling point.

They have a concessions area close to the casino floor. And while you won’t find any fancy dining here, it offers several acceptable grab ‘n go options if you’ve found a game on the casino floor that suits your liking.

If you’re looking for more traditional dining, head down the street and odds are, you will find what you’re looking for. One source touched on the nearby Lee Street Station Cafe. If you’re looking for a hot breakfast, it’s perhaps the finest nearby eatery to frequent.

The Martin Mason Hotel

If you’re looking to grace the high life, head over to the Martin Mason Hotel. As with many hotels in the area, you’re getting a historic experience at the venue. So, if taking a step back in time graces your vacation itinerary, look no further than the Martin Mason Hotel.

Unfortunately, they don’t boast any hot amenities like pools, spas, hot tubs, or fitness centers. However, given their crazy limited number of rooms, you can expect luxury in the Black Hills. The five-room, three-suite hotel ranges between $99 and $150 per night, a cut above your more cost-effective hotels in the area.

Despite its price and limited room options, the hotel’s location also ups the price. Given its proximity and ease of access to many of Deadwood’s casino and non-casino attractions, it’s the place to be if you’re not looking for a long walk or to hop in the car and drive from destination to destination.

With that said, you’re paying for not just luxury and a historical experience at the Martin Mason Hotel, but also convenience.

Deadwood’s Casino Attractions

As mentioned, you will discover a plethora of casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota. And while Wooden Nickel is great, if you’re a slot machine enthusiast, you need to go elsewhere for card and dice games.

Head over to Silverado Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex for poker tournaments, table gaming, and an even greater variety of slot machines. They also have a cool loyalty program and many promotions going on all the time. So, there is little to miss out on if you take the trip.

Cadillacs Jacks Gaming Resort Front Entrance

Cadillac Jacks is another prominent casino. They have even more slot machines than Silverado, along with table games that include blackjack and poker. However, their main selling point rests in the five dining options. If you’re looking for culinary variety, give Cadillac Jacks a chance.

Old Style Saloon No. 10 is perhaps the most historic venue that features an array of games. Like Cadillac Jacks and Silverado, they have a fantastic variety of slot machines. But their table games, especially poker, serves as the venue’s major selling point.

If you’re looking for games like Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo, Old Style Saloon No. 10 is where you want to be. Also, make sure you inquire with the casino staff on the place’s history. You will catch a cool story.

Mustang Sally’s has a smaller casino floor than Wooden Nickel Casino. However, it’s mainly a restaurant slash sporting venue. So, if you’re looking to catch the big game, you must do so at Mustang Sally’s. It’s one of the most popular places in town to hangout if sports is your thing.

And they have a limited but fine variety of real money slot machines to keep you busy.

Deadwood Gulch is yet another venue featuring a limited casino floor with about 120 machines. However, it’s the most family-friendly gaming venue in Deadwood. If you’re looking for a place to take your family, head over to Deadwood Gulch.

They feature a fine selection of vacation packages that include spa deals, horseback riding, golf, ATV, and other cool activities.

Non-Casino Attractions Near Deadwood, South Dakota

Deadwood, South Dakota is also a well-known Old West town that attracts tourists from around the world. And while its casino scene remains among the best in the state, it’s literally at the tip of the iceberg here.

If you’re into the Old West, head over to the Adams Museum and Adams House. Here, you will discover plenty of phenomenal relics of the Old West, along with the home of the family who worked to preserve the Old West’s heritage.

Mount Moriah Cemetery Deadwood

Other Old West relics include what you will discover at Mount Moriah Cemetery. It serves as the burial site of Old West folk heroes like Potato Creek Johnny, Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and many more. You will also find more links to the past if you head over to Historic Old Town.

The Days of ‘76 Museum touches on Deadwood’s past, but from its time as a Gold Rush town during the 1870s. Also, Broken Boot Mine is worth the visit if you’re looking for even more insight on the Gold Rush, including what life was like in the mines during the time period.

And don’t forget to visit the 1898 Ballroom right at Wooden Nickel Casino. The ballroom remains frozen in time, as it would have looked like during the 19th century’s Gold Rush Era. Best yet, it remains a popular location for wedding receptions, dances, and further events.

If you’re willing to make a trip just outside of the area but still within the region, drive 45 minutes to one of America’s most iconic attractions: Mount Rushmore. Here, you’ll take a trip into the memorial park and see the legendary artwork featuring Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Franklin yourself.

The above comprises just a sliver of dozens upon dozens of phenomenal attractions in the area. Make sure you go out and enjoy all of what Deadwood offers, and don’t limit yourself to what’s listed above.

Our Final Thoughts on Wooden Nickel Casino

Wooden Nickel Casino is small, but it features a unique gaming experience along with a variety of hot casino options. If you love the intimate setting, this casino is one of many in Deadwood that fits the criteria. And if you’re an avid slot machine player, it has everything you need.

Also, make sure you check out the Martin Mason Hotel if you’re looking for a luxurious experience featuring an atmosphere from another time period. As a convenient location, you won’t walk far to indulge in every pleasure you need in the area.

Have you played or stayed at Wooden Nickel Casino or any of the attractions mentioned above? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to hearing about your experience in Deadwood.