Experience an Atmosphere of Yesterday at Hickok’s Casino

Hickok's Casino Logo and Interior

Hickok’s Casino takes its namesake from Wild Bill Hickok and it’s one of the crown jewels of Deadwood, South Dakota. Just one of many attractions, casinos or not, in Deadwood, Hickok’s is one of those must-visit outlets because of its history along with the dynamic selection of gaming inside.

So if you’re interested in heading out to experience gambling in South Dakota, but you’re looking for a solid place in the area to act as a hub, Hickok’s is a phenomenal option to choose. And today’s post will show you all the goods within the atmosphere of yesterday that you will find in this outstanding outlet.

We will begin with an overview before diving into the good stuff including the gaming, events, hotel, and the plethora of nearby attractions, in both the casino and non-casino realms.

Overview of Hickok’s Casino

Hickok’s Casino comprises a wide selection of real money slots featuring multiple themes and denominations. They also feature a nearby smoke lounge.

Besides the games and smoking lounge, you will get to know Hickok’s Casino more for its historical hotel than anything else. Once you glimpse the sheer number of options at the hotel, odds are you’ll set up base camp here during your trip to Deadwood.

Hickok’s Casino Exterior

Hickok’s Casino also offers a solid number of events throughout the year, which we will touch on in a later section.

Plus, odds are that since you’re here in Deadwood, South Dakota, you’ll want to explore more than just the one casino. So we will list a few of our favorites in a later section, along with a few nearby attractions, some of which have to do with “Wild” Bill Hickok, himself.

Now that you know a little about the casino and its dynamic hotel, let’s discuss all the fun that awaits on that casino floor.

Hickok’s Casino Gaming

As they state on the site, “You will take your play to a whole new level of excitement at one of the best Deadwood Casinos.”

The only downside here is that Hickok’s has just 100 video machines to choose from, making it look low on selection. However, look beyond the modest number of machines. They feature both classic and newer themes, along with denominations ranging from penny bets to $100 pulls.

So despite the low number of machines, or seemingly so, odds are they have something for many players. A rarity with most casinos in the Heartland, Deadwood included.

And while you won’t find table games here, they feature video poker. So if you’re looking to play at the live tables at Deadwood’s other casinos but you’d first like to take a spin in a non-pressure, one-on-one setting, Hickok’s Casino is the ideal place to do so.

Special Events at Hickok’s Casino

Hickok’s Casino hosts several events, but their events tab will also show you all the events going on in Deadwood during your stay.

Truth be told, you will find yourself curious about all the other exceptional casinos and nearby attractions in town. But if you’re sticking around for an extended stay, make sure you at least check the events section on Deadwood’s website (link above) and circle a few in red.

Especially if it’s something that pertains to your tastes. So see what’s going on at Hickok’s, and make sure you discover what the rest of the area offers when you venture into town. Later, you’ll see a list of casinos and area attractions that make Deadwood, South Dakota one of the most vibrant places in America.

And to add to the experience, the events that take place year-round here make this town even more appetizing.

Hotel Accomodation Options

The hotel at Hickok’s Casino is an ideal place to set up base camp for your stay in Deadwood. Besides, this hotel boasts perhaps more history than any other place to stay in the area. Constructed in 1899, the hotel served several other purposes before they renovate it into the venue that it is today.

Plus, they keep space limited, with just 22 hotel rooms and suites, along with an award-winning pizza pub that serves as the venue’s sole dining option.

Now that you know a bit about the hotel itself, let’s discover those rooms, starting with the amenities.

Hickok’s Casino Hotel Room

First off, the most popular “amenity” may be the step back in time that you will take into the early 1900s. If you crave hotels that remind your soul of yesterday, the one at Hickok’s Casino is more than worth the stay.

Other amenities include luxurious service, high-speed internet, microwaves, ice buckets, coffee pots, ironing boards, and safes. Okay, so perhaps you’re not stepping so far back in time that you will still have access to electricity.

Plus, you have an abundance of choices with those rooms and suites. You can go short with those Standard King, Queen, or Full Double Rooms. Or if you’re looking to go long, check out the Executive and Junior Suites.

You can also make reservations for your stay at Hickok’s Casino if you’re looking to jump on one of those 22 rooms and suites. Especially if you’re interested in one of the suites. Because odds are, they will sell out fast.

Other Nearby Casinos

Odds are, you will have fun at Hickok’s Casino and perhaps it’s all you need to curb your craving for dynamic casino gaming. However, if you’re looking for table games and poker, you’ll need to venture further into the town of Deadwood and check out a few of the larger casinos.

Cadillac Jacks is one such casino. Apart from its five dining options with differing flairs, their casino floor comprises 240 slot machines and they’re well-known for their selection of Craps and Roulette games. You’ll also find Blackjack and several awesome poker games at this magnificent casino.

Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort, like Hickok’s, isn’t well-known for its gaming floor, with about 120 machines. However, they offer a dynamic selection of vacation packages, including golf, spa, ATV, horseback, and more. If you’re looking for fun activities, Deadwood Gulch is where it’s happening.

Gold Dust Gaming and Entertainment Complex

Gold Dust Gaming and Entertainment Complex doesn’t boast a high number of slot machines, with just 75. However, it’s a phenomenal place if you’re interested in table gaming. Their table games range from Blackjack, to Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, Three Card Poker, Roulette, and more.

The Lodge at Deadwood features a dynamic 280 slot machines. And along with the slots, you’ll find plenty of table games that include multiple denominations of Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Mississippi Stud, and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em.

Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming features an even greater number of slots with 320 machines. You will also discover a fair amount of table games at Mineral Palace, along with a few of Deadwood’s finest dining options. It’s worth frequenting to spend a day.

Of course, what you see listed above are just a handful of the many casinos in Deadwood. But for their own reasons, they have become our favorites. Take at least a day or two and explore the casino scene in Deadwood. But remember, Deadwood also features plenty of non-casino-related things to do.

Popular Attractions and Activities

Sticking to the Wild Bill Hickok theme, you’ll find a dynamic attraction in Deadwood pertaining to him at Mount Moriah Cemetery, which also serves as his gravesite, along with other folk heroes of the American West, including Calamity Jane.

If you’re looking to hone in on Deadwood’s days as a Gold Rush town, head over to the Days of ‘76 Museum and Broken Boot Gold Mine. Both of which provide immense information on what life was like during the old days of the Black Hills Gold Rush that started in 1874 and peaked in 1876.

Days of ‘76 Museum

And don’t forget to take a walk down Historic Old Town. While you’ll find plenty of relics dating to Deadwood’s past as both a Wild West and Gold Rush town, it’s also full of fine entertainment, restaurants, and other modern amenities here in the 21st century.

And don’t stop there. Above are just a handful of ideas and attractions in the non-casino setting. You can spend at least a week in Deadwood, considering the town’s phenomenal selection of attractions, and odds are, you will find something at every turn.

Check Out Gaming in South Dakota

Hickok’s Casino is a fantastic place to set up base camp for your trip to Deadwood. And despite its limited number of casino games, it boasts quite a selection of slots and video poker, along with a fantastic array of denominations.

Its small but well-known hotel serves as one of the best places in the region to stay if you’re a history buff. Especially if you’re cool with stepping back into another time. Along with the casinos and attractions surrounding the location, it kicks off quite the vacation.

Especially when you combine the plethora of casinos with those non-casino attractions.

Have you spent time at Hickok’s Casino? If so, tell us about your experience. Also, let us know all about what you got into during your time in the area in the comments section. We are looking forward to reading your stories.