Exciting Things to Do Near Rivers Casino in Philadelphia

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If you’re gaming at Rivers Casino Philadelphia, it’s worth taking a day from the slots, tables, and sportsbook to go out and explore the city known as the “Cradle of Liberty.” Of course, there are dozens of historic sites and museums dedicated to the American Revolution.

But there are other local attractions to get excited about. If you’re into arts and performance arts, then places like the Rodin Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Walnut Street Theatre should be on your agenda if you’re exploring the town.

There is also the Wells Fargo Center, which houses the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, and the NLL’s Philadelphia Wings.

So, are you ready to take a quick tour and discover the six best things to do in the city if you need a day off from the Pennsylvania gambling? Let’s get started.

Rodin Museum

Alright, so if you’re looking to take a break from all the hardcore casino gaming at Rivers Casino Philadelphia, one of the most exciting attractions in the city is the Rodin Museum. Here, you’ll find a collection of sculptor Augustus Rodin’s works that he created outside of Paris, France.

Administered by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you’ll find 150 objects at this venue comprising Rodin’s works in bronzes, marbles, and plasters.

What will you find within the confines of this museum? It may surprise you to discover that you’ve already come across some of Rodin’s works without realizing it. Many of which you’ll find right here in Philadelphia.

Rodin Museum Philadelphia

Have you ever heard of “The Thinker?” That’s a Rodin work. Other notable works within the museum include Burghers of Calais, The Gates of Hell, The Colossal Head of Balzac, and Bacchus in the Vat.

If you’ve seen photos of these magnificent works but have yet to see them live and in person, the Rodin Museum should be a must on your things to do itinerary if you’re looking to venture off casino grounds.

When you catch an in-person view of these works, prepare for a mind-boggling experience.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The arts and cultural centers are all over the place in Philadelphia. Of course, we know all about Philadelphia’s cultural centers, as many pertain to the American Revolution. But the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the arts scene makes Philadelphia a hot spot for any art enthusiast.

If you love art, take a trip to this venue and prepare to be blown away at the sheer collection of art and culture you’re about to lay eyes on here.

Founded in 1928, this museum has collected 240,000 of the world’s finest pieces of art throughout the last century. The collection includes 150,000 prints, 30,000 costumes, and textiles, plus 1,000 items in the modern and contemporary category.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art caters to all sorts of artwork, so if there is a specific niche or category you prefer, you can place a safe bet that you’ll discover it at this venue.

Walnut Street Theatre

Talk about milestones. Walnut Street Theatre is the oldest theatre in the US and the oldest continuously operating English-speaking theatre in the world. Founded 211 years ago in 1809, this theatre, believe it or not, is still growing.

What? Yeah. In May 2019, the venue announced a major expansion project to begin the following year in 2020. Hey, if it’s still alive and kicking, then why not keep it going?

Walnut Street Theatre Philadelphia

This is definitely a venue you’ll prefer if you’d rather find yourself an entertainment outlet in a more intimate setting. With the theatre holding just over 1,000 guests, you won’t worry about finding yourself elbow to elbow in a crowd of 20,000-plus as you may in other entertainment venues.

Come in and enjoy a show or if you’re just one who loves to lay your eyes on Classic revival architecture, this place is worth the visit. Walnut Street Theatre has also found itself on the National Register of Historic Places, and it also has earned the status as a National Historic Landmark.

Wells Fargo Center

Perhaps it’s the most notable place in Philadelphia for the sports enthusiast. And if that’s you, why not place a bet at a sportsbook and catch a Philadelphia Flyers or Philadelphia 76ers game?

If the Sixers or Flyers aren’t in town, no need to sweat. This venue also hosts the Villanova Wildcats and the National Lacrosse League’s Philadelphia Wings.

And of course, like all multi-purpose arenas, you can place a solid bet that the center also hosts several concerts and events throughout the year. So, if the entertainment offered at Rivers Casino Philadelphia ain’t cutting it that evening, see what’s happening at the Wells Fargo Center.

Come in and cheer on the Sixers, Flyers, Wings, and Wildcats. Or catch a show featuring the latest and greatest acts from around the world.

Just don’t root for those division rivals. Philadelphia fans are very passionate about their sports teams. Arguably, they’re probably the most passionate fans on the East Coast.

Fairmount Park

Need time away from both the city and the casino games? it’s difficult to venture away from the poker game, especially when we’re looking good in that Texas Hold’em tournament. But hey, it’s a safe bet to assume we all need time away from the city life. Well, Fairmount Park is the perfect escape.

Comprising 2,052 acres and located near Philadelphia’s outskirts, this park is more than just a getaway from the city (though you will see the legendary Philadelphia skyline in the distance). You’ll find some of the greatest public artworks and finest Classic revival, Georgian, and Federal architecture here.

Some of the coolest and most breathtaking works of art located here include a sculpture of former Union General Ulysses S. Grant, a larger-than-life statue of Abraham Lincoln, a statue of Alexander von Humboldt, and literally a hundred or so others.

So, think of Fairmount Park as Philadelphia’s official outdoor art museum. Because in a manner of speaking, it definitely is. Then, there are the historic houses, so if the oldest buildings in America draw you in, you’ll love what you’ll find out here in Fairmount Park.

Fairmount Park Philadelphia

Some of the buildings include the Strawberry Mansion, Mount Pleasant, Cedar Grove Mansion, Boelson Cottage, Belmont Mansion, The Solitude, and at least a dozen others. So, take a step back in time and view these magnificent, historic structures.

Oh, and better yet, most of them have been restored to their past glory days, so get a few close-ups at these places. And of course, Fairmount Park is the perfect place to catch stunning views of the Philadelphia skyline behind a majestic wall of trees. The most breathtaking views come in the evening when the sun is setting, and the sky is clear yet full of sapphire with orange and pinkish glows as the first stars appear.

Want to catch the best view in the park? Belmont Plateau is where you’ll find it.

Philadelphia Zoo

Located in the Centennial District, the Philadelphia Zoo can trace its roots all the way back to 1859. However, because of the Civil War, its opening was delayed by 15 years until July 1874.

Sitting on 42 acres, the zoo is home to 1,300 animals comprising 340 species. Most of the species you’ll find here are either rare or endangered, so you’ll find animals at the Philadelphia Zoo that you’ll hardly find anywhere else.

The zoo features 16 different exhibits, plus a petting zoo for kids. So, if you’re vacationing with the family in Philadelphia and Rivers Casino is just a slice of the pie of what is surely the trip of a lifetime, this venue is by far the most family-friendly in the city.

Philadelphia Zoo Tigers

Exhibits include the Wings of Asia, Water Is Life, Monkey Junction, PECO Primate Reserve, Penguin Point, Bear Country, Bird Valley, African Plains, Big Cat Falls, the Small Mammal House, Zoo 360, and much, much more.

If you’re an animal enthusiast looking for a glimpse at some of the rarest animal species on Earth, the Philadelphia Zoo is a must. And as mentioned, if you’ve embarked on a family vacation, then this should be the first place on your vacation itinerary.

Either way, a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo is a great way to calm your mind from casino gaming for a few hours.


Yeah, as you probably deciphered, there is more than enough to do in the city of Philadelphia that can appeal to anyone. Whether you love nature, science, arts, stage arts, sports, history, Philadelphia is arguably the most diverse city in the nation here. If it isn’t, it’s up there.

And as mentioned in the intro, this list of six popular activities to immerse yourself in doesn’t even scratch the surface in terms of what you’ll find here that is related to the American Revolution. So, if one of the most significant events in American history is your thing, it’s a guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

If you need a day off from the casino gaming to explore, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Have you played at Rivers Casino Philadelphia? If so, which nearby attractions did you visit, and which activities did you find entertaining?