Everything You Need to Know About Cedar Lake Casino Resort in Minnesota

Cedar Lake Casino And Hotel Front Entrance And Logo

One of the gems in Cass Lake, Minnesota, Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel guarantees a bit of fun if you’re heading out to the area for work, business, or leisure.

Better yet, it’s part of a system of casinos in Minnesota owned and operated by the same group of people who own the Northern Lights Casino Hotel and Event Center, and White Oak Casino. So if you’ve played at the aforementioned outlets, expect a similar layout with its own unique flair.

Today’s post will cover what you can expect to discover at Cedar Lakes Casino Resort. From the gaming to nearby attractions, we will talk about all of it. First, we’ll go through a quick overview before getting into the good stuff.

Let’s see what Cedar Lakes Casino Resort offers.

Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel Overview

Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel has your traditional slot machines and table games, which also include poker. If you’re into Bingo, they offer a phenomenal selection of the game.

For a smaller casino, they hold two distinct dining options within their walls, and they even have a hotel at the site.

It makes it easy for you if you’re looking for accommodation, whether traveling through town or frequenting the area for business, vacation, or leisure.

Casino Game Offerings

As mentioned above, Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel offers a fair share of 500 slot machines. You can place a safe bet they hold both traditional and newer themes. So head on in and play some favorite classics. But don’t forget to try your hand at something new.

One thing about Cedar Lakes that will attract you and a plethora of other casino enthusiasts through its doors is its variety of casino games.

Table gaming at Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel includes more than just Blackjack, but Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em.

Best yet, if you’re a novice player, the Blackjack games start off with modest, $10 minimum bets. So it’s a great way to learn the game if it’s your first time playing. They also offer live poker on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6 pm until 1:45 am.

And if you’re a Bingo enthusiast, it’s time to get excited. Because the Bingo gaming here at Cedar Lakes is one of the finest in Minnesota, get those daubers ready and see if you can take advantage of the promos going on for the matinee and evening games.

And treat yourself to an illustrious Bingo gaming atmosphere few other casinos nationwide will offer. If you’ve tried the rest, brace yourself to try the best.

Wine and Dine

As mentioned in the overview, dining at Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel comprises two distinct options. They also have a vibrant bar, which we will also talk about in this section, called the Sand Bar.

Pub 33 is the top dining option at Cedar Lakes. And they feature an outstanding selection of comfort foods. Take your pick between appetizers like wings, nachos, onion rings, and fish.

And pair them up with main courses that include pasta, steaks, burgers, sandwiches, and even specials like the walleye.

Pub 33 also comprises several breakfast options like omelets, skillets, pancakes, and more of your breakfast favorites. So whether your appetite calls for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you have an outstanding selection over at Pub 33.

Pub 33 In Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel

But if you’re looking for more of a potluck, head over to Third River Food Court. You name it, and the Food Court has it. They also feature several amazing grab-and-go options. If they can make one guarantee, it’s that you’ll return to the slot machines or your favorite table games in record time.

And if you’re up for a relaxing atmosphere, head over to The Sand Bar. This full-service bar offers it all, and it’s a great place to catch the big game featuring those Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild, and Golden Gophers matchups.

Whatever the big game is in town, you’ll find it here at The Sand Bar. They also feature a few more slot machines along the walls. So if Lady Luck didn’t side with you over on the main casino floor, try your hand at The Sand Bar.

Promotional Programs

Promotions at Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel include an array of weekly and seasonal events. And be sure to join the Players Club if you’re looking to take full advantage of the promotions held at the casino.

What is the Players Club?

It’s a loyalty program that allows you to earn points back for all the time and effort you put into your favorite slot machine and table games. For several promotions, one swipe of your Players Club Card will give you more ways to win during these weekly promotions.

And you can also rack up the tier points to earn an array of benefits that include perks like exclusive invitation-only events, food & hotel discounts, tickets to off-site events, point multipliers, and so much more.

Also, with any promotion Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel dishes out, you’ll also discover that you can even earn up to $25 in free play with one simple swipe of the card.

Becoming a member of the Players Club means that even if you don’t win at the slots and tables, you’re still winning in terms of adding tier points to your account.

Also, be sure to check the events calendar at Cedar Lakes Casino Resort that will give you the list of all available promotions throughout the entire calendar month.

Hotel and Amenities

Looking for a great place to lodge during your time in the area?

Check out the Hotel at Cedar Lakes Casino, and you’ll find the ultimate level of comfort.

Experience a little luxury at one of their finest rooms and suites, complete with modern amenities, king beds, double queen options, and stunning views of the surrounding bay and marina. The king rooms may even come with additional furniture.

Besides the finest hotel rooms in the area, you’ll also stumble across amenities that include an exercise and party room. Not bad places to unwind at the end of a long day of casino gaming.

But if you’re looking for even more ways to relax and have fun in the area besides the thrills you’ll experience at Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel, check out the next section.

Nearby Attractions and Local Hotspots

You’re getting a fine mixture of attractions near Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel when you venture out into the Cass Lake, Minnesota Region.

Walking Trail Through the Trees

If you’re looking to connect with nature, look no further than Chippewa National Forest. Here, you’ll find many recreational activities just waiting for you, along with places for picnicking and even camping.

If you’re into the outdoors, be sure to carve out some time to visit one of Minnesota’s finest forests.

Rabideau CCC Camp, standing for Civilian Conservation Corps., is another fine option. You’ll find it about 8 miles from Cass Lake in the town of Blackduck, Minnesota. It’s a great place if you have an appetite for history.

The Sanford Center is yet another fantastic option. And it’s great if you’re looking for entertainment while you frequent the area. You’ll find it in Bemidji, and its status as a multi-purpose venue means several events take place here, including hockey, food pantries, and so much more.

Minute 59 Mystery & Escape also provides the perfect getaway in which you will want to get away the second you climb into this escape room. Each room has a different theme and goal that gives you a single hour to collect the clues and accomplish your mission.

If you’re still in the Bemidji area, head over to the McKenzie Place. It’s a great place to sample some local food, and the establishment is a huge favorite among locals. So if you’re in from out of town and are looking for local culture, a trip to this specialty shop is a must.

And if you’d like more experience within the Minnesota bar scene, head over to Corner Bar. Along with great service and fine local crafts, they also offer the finest comfort foods in the region outside Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel. If you’re looking to support local businesses, Corner Bar is a great place to start.

Our Final Thoughts on Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel

As you can see, Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel is a smaller but vibrant casino in the area. And if you’ve been to White Oak Casino, chances are you’re finding a similar product as Cedar Lakes. A small casino that ironically offers a huge variety of gaming outside of just the ordinary.

So if you’re traveling through the area and you’re looking for a fun selection of gaming, look no further than Cedar Lakes. If one thing is guaranteed, it’s that you’re in for a phenomenal time of adrenaline-pumping casino gaming.

Have you been to Cedar Lakes Casino Hotel? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We can’t wait to read your stories and experiences.