Epic Attractions Near Del Lago Resort and Casino

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You will find plenty of fun at Del Lago Resort and Casino, but you have seen nothing until you’ve explored the area surrounding the resort. So, if you’ve come to Waterloo for a vacation, remember that Del Lago is just one slice of an entire pie!

What kind of fun things will you find in the area? Well, you have an awesome state park at your disposal, plus a scenic golf course to satisfy your nature cravings. Several historic sites reside in the area, including the American Civil War Memorial and the Peter Whitmer Log Home.

Other awesome outlets we will discuss include the Muranda Cheese Company, Waterloo Premium Outlets, and Fuzz Guppies.

Ready to take a quick tour of the area surrounding Waterloo’s New York casinos? Let’s begin.

Seneca Lake State Park

Seneca Lake State Park encompasses 141 acres of nature on the north shore of Seneca Lake, one of the state of New York’s famous Finger Lakes. Operated by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, you’ll find the park south of Waterloo and nearby Geneva.

What can you treat yourself to when you visit the park? Other than scenic views on the shores of Seneca Lake, the park features picnic areas, a beach, hiking and biking trails, boat launches, fishing, and ice fishing. They also have a traditional playground for kids plus a sprayground water park.

Seneca Lake State Park

In the winter, they have snowmobiling and hunting options available. Whether it’s winter or summer, rain or shine, you will find more than your fair share of worth at Seneca Lake State Park. Sit on the shore and immerse yourself in New York’s nature scenery or put yourself in the middle of the ecosystem with a good hike.

Either way, you’ll return to Del Lago Resort and Casino rejuvenated after you reconnect with nature.

Peter Whitmer Log Home

Are you a US history buff? Head over to the Pete Whitmer Log Home. You won’t spend too much time getting through this attraction given its smallish size, so it’s a great place to frequent if you’re looking to take the afternoon off casino gaming at Del Lago.

What does the Peter Whitmer Log Home give you? You’re looking at a learning experience regarding the beginning of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on April 6th, 1830. Whitmer was one of the Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon’s Golden Plates and was one of the original members of the church.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the origins of Mormonism in the United States, or if you’d just like a quick tour to the log home to experience the history and authenticity the tour brings, head over to the Peter Whitmer House.

American Civil War Memorial

Another fantastic piece of history in the area rests at the American Civil War Memorial. So, if you consider yourself a fan of the War Between the States, head over to the memorial and brace yourself for a memorable experience.

The memorial recognizes soldiers from the North and the South who died in the conflict, and it especially recognizes each individual man from Waterloo or the surrounding areas who took part in the war.

American Civil War Memorial

The American Civil War Memorial is a great venue to visit in conjunction with the Peter Whitmer Log Home to complete an afternoon of local history in the area. Like the Peter Whitmer Log Home, it won’t take all afternoon to complete the tour.

Reviewers per TripAdvisor also rave about the memorial, commending its well-maintained grounds and unique combo of classic and modern styles regarding the structure’s architecture. Thus far, it ranks at a perfect 5 stars of 15 reviews as of December 2020.

Muranda Cheese Company

Looking for an interesting attraction near Del Lago Resort and Casino?

It’s a safe bet you will find it at the Muranda Cheese Company. With 253 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating so far on TripAdvisor, the locals and tourists to the area have spoken.

Perhaps it should rank #1 on the list? It ranks #1 regarding Things to Do in Waterloo on TripAdvisor, and it dominates the Gift and Specialty Shops category.

Visitors rave about the company’s welcoming atmosphere, quaint feel, and reasonable pricing for cheese tastings. Apart from a diverse array of great tasting cheeses, you’ll find several soft drink and juice options at the Muranda Cheese Company.

While Del Lago Resort and Casino boasts some of the hottest food and drink options in the area, you must take at least one day and to indulge in an array of cheese appetizers before lunch or dinner. If you love cheese, then why not make a meal out of it?

Silver Creek Golf Course

Ranked eighth of 17 things to do in Waterloo, Silver Creek Golf Course is the ideal place to catch a round of golf while you immerse yourself in the area’s stunning scenic views.

You won’t find championship-level golf here, but you will find an affordable and fun course to test your golf game. Reviewers rave about its maintenance, cleanliness, and the fact that while it’s not incredibly challenging, it will test you.

Silver Creek Golf Course

Another perk regarding this public course is the fact that you don’t need to succumb to any special dress code and that the staff is friendly and helpful.

If you’re staying at the nearby Quality Inn, you can put Silver Creek Golf Course at the top of your list considering its proximity to the hotel. Maybe instead of an afternoon playing casino games, head over to Silver Creek Golf Course and play a different game.

Waterloo Premium Outlets

With 370 reviews and 4 stars on TripAdvisor, you can place a solid bet that Waterloo Premium Outlets is one of the top shopping destinations in the area. So, if you got lucky and won the jackpot at Del Lago Resort and Casino, this is the attraction you need to visit.

But even if you had a bad day at the casino, boost your morale with a shopping spree at Waterloo Premium Outlets.

Conveniently located off the New York state Thruway between Rochester and Syracuse, Waterloo Premium Outlets is a great place to browse the venue’s collection of designer brands fit for the family.

Fuzz Guppies

Looking to head on out and view the picturesque scenery the Finger Lakes Region offers?

Fuzz Guppies is the place you need to take an entire day off the adrenaline-pumping casino gaming at Del Lago Resort and Casino and head on an aquatic adventure at Fuzz Guppies.

What’s the big deal here? Well, Fuzz Guppies is the #1 place in the area to rent canoes, kayaks, or paddle boats and explore the region in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes.

Fuzz Guppies Waterloo

As with Waterloo Premium Outlets, this is another great local attraction for the entire family. Fuzz Guppies welcomes guests of all ages and skill levels. It’s a great way to get familiar with water activities, and to catch a thrill on the lakes.

Come on out and catch the thrill on the waters and take in the relaxing and epic storybook scenery you will only find in the Finger Lakes Region.

National Memorial Day Museum

Looking for a cool collection of history? You’ll find it at the National Memorial Day Museum to complete your history tour in the Waterloo region. Reviewers per TripAdvisor rave about the museum’s immense collection, the well-versed and friendly staff, and if you’re looking at what gives Waterloo a piece of its identity, this is the venue to visit.

Waterloo is one of dozens of locations in the US claiming the origins of Memorial Day started in the town, explaining the presence of the National Memorial Day Museum. While locals claim it, Memorial Day’s actual origins remain a mystery.

Either way, the museum is yet another great place to spend an hour or two away from the casino. Perhaps on an extended lunch break to gain a better understanding of both the holiday itself and the history of the area.

Along with the American Civil War Memorial and the Peter Whitmer Log Home, complete a historical trifecta in Waterloo with a visit to the National Memorial Day Museum. Yep, if you’re a history buff and need a break from Del Lago Resort and Casino, you’ll be salivating over what you’ll find here.


For a small, obscure area like Waterloo, New York, you have a lot to look forward to if you want to explore the area beyond Del Lago Resort and Casino.

The rich history is just one slice of the pie to get excited over. But with a golf course, retail outlets, plus a unique experience on the lakes, you have plenty of reason to explore the area outside the casino.

And don’t forget to place a visit to the Muranda Cheese Company atop your vacation itinerary.

Have you gone to Del Lago Resort and Casino? If so, did you visit any of the attractions listed above? Let us know in the comments and tell us where you ventured to in the Waterloo area. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.