Eco-Friendly Casinos From Around the World That Value Sustainability

Hand Holding an Earth Globe With Casino Logos

Massive and luxurious casino resorts may not immediately strike you as eco-friendly. For many years in the past, you’d be right.

However, the corporations that own and operate these monstrosities of excess have started to adapt to the times recently. Here are seven casinos from around the world that love Mother Earth.

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau leads the way for sustainability in the new casino capital of the world. The Venetian Macau has made tremendous strides in its eco-conscious approach.

The casino resort has added exclusive parking garages for electric vehicles. Drawing in the Tesla crowd has a tremendous impact on the air quality over the long-term.

Venetian Macau also took great strides in reducing its total food waste. Reducing food waste is another step in the right direction for reducing the casino’s carbon footprint.

The Venetian Macau Gondola Rides

When the casino made the change to LED lighting throughout its property, the casino saved enough power annually to power over 50,000 homes per year.

All of this adds up to the Venetian Macau receiving the Macau Green Platinum Award and making it one of the most eco-friendly casinos in the region and the world.

China is not known for being an environmentally friendly nation. We can remain hopeful that this green initiative spills over to other industries. Still, making changes for the sake of Mother Nature and forsaking the almighty dollar is a significant step forward for not only the region but the casino industry as a whole.

Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa is a vast property that serves as one of Singapore’s most popular casino resorts. The 121-acre property is relatively new construction in the casino world. Steps were taken from its inception to favor the surrounding beauty.

The properties SEA Aquarium donating a portion of proceeds to protecting wildlife and their aquatic habitats is only one cog in the wheel.

Resorts World Sentosa goes to great lengths to embrace the natural beauty of Singapore.

The entire resort, which can host over 15,000 guests at any given moment, has made a move to ditch plastic straws. Making a simple decision to change to paper straws may not seem like it’s all that big of a deal. It’s only one casino.

Resorts World Sentosa

Well, it’s the first casino, and you’ve got to start somewhere. The change may not be all that impressive to you, but this swap will save over 2,700 pounds of plastic from ending up in landfills.

That’s a literal ton of plastic straws, and it has a tremendous impact on the environment. The straws are only the beginning.

Resorts World is continually looking for new, financially viable ways to help out the Earth. As a leader in Singapore’s tourism and casino industry, their moves will be sure to have a trickle-down effect in the region.

Sibaya Casino

South Africa’s Sibaya Casino is a friend of Mother Earth and a steward of the planet in every aspect.

From its friendly staff to its guests, everyone is held to a high standard of preserving the beautiful landscape. Sibaya casino takes its sustainability very seriously and hasn’t left a single area of its operations untouched.

Staff and guests alike are encouraged to recycle and reuse. Measures to reduce food waste have made the casino more carbon-friendly as well.

Any food waste is used for compost. The significant compost pile is also a wormery; this speeds up the process dramatically and improves the final product, leaving almost zero waste.

Sibaya Casino Exterior

Africa is well known for its massive conservation efforts. So, it’s no massive surprise that the Sibaya in South Africa’s Durban is cutting its carbon footprint to almost nothing.

Don’t mistake these efforts as taking away from this luxurious casino resort. What it indeed does is add to the refined elegance and beauty of this fabulous property.

Mother Nature has a fantastic ally in the Sibaya Casino.

Turtle Creek Casino

Turtle Creek Casino in Michigan has done something exciting. For decades, casinos have gone to great lengths in preventing gamblers from having any clue as to what time of day it is.

It’s similar to a tactic used by big-box retailers and even grocery stores. The windowless and clockless design has been the industry standard since long before the first Las Vegas casinos began to dot the desert landscape.

The logic and science behind this are that players will lose track of time and stay at the games for longer. Avoiding things like meals, attractions, and even sleep to remain in action.

Turtle Creek Casino Exterior

When a casino gambler decides to do pesky things like taking care of themself, the casino isn’t making money off of them.

Turtle Creek has defied conventional thinking, and in 2008, the casino installed massive skylights. Those skylights make the most of natural light.

This simple move has cut the casino’s energy consumption by more than half. Taking such a drastic step and one that is sure to affect the bottom line shows some profound love for Mother Earth.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay has long been applauded for its eco-friendly stance. Mandalay Bay makes systematic efforts to reduce food waste. Still, they also source locally grown food to help out the environment.

The casino even sorts its waste by doing the recycling work right at the casino.

Mandalay Bay also keeps a close eye on the thermostat. It takes a massive amount of energy to power a giant casino resort. Mandalay Bay works tirelessly to operate as efficiently as possible.

Mandalay Bay Exterior View

The casino also does its part in helping out the community through its efforts. For example, discarded bed sheets and pillows are donated to the Nevada charity dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals.

So, all of those sad puppy dogs you see on your TV while a tear-jerking song plays underneath are sleeping comfortably on their soft beds.

The Shark Reef Aquarium is one of the biggest attractions in Las Vegas. This fabulous aquarium has been designed to work as environmentally friendly as possible. The proceeds from this fabulous attraction and its hundreds of sharks go to conservation and educational initiatives. The work done with these generous gifts are immeasurable.

Mandalay Bay Resort Casino isn’t just a leader in eco-friendly efforts for Las Vegas’ casino industry. It’s a leader in the global casino industry.

Caesars Palace

Dating back to 2010, Caesars Palace has been a leader in lending Mother Nature a helping hand. The 2010 Environmental Leader Award was groundbreaking.

The massive resort casinos had never been considered as being the least bit eco-friendly. However, the more that began to come to light, the more the casinos began to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

One of the more unshakable efforts put forth by Caesars is the corporation’s partnership with Clean the World. Clean the World takes discarded or unused toiletries and donates them to underdeveloped areas of the world.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Nearly 3 million bars of soap have been donated in over 100 countries around the world. Caesars has made tremendous efforts to reduce waste wherever possible. The casino staff is educated and trained on how to efficiently sort waste, making it much better for the recycling plants to use all the available waste material.

Mother Nature is definitely trending up in Las Vegas. The primary casino companies are continually looking for new ways to become more eco-friendly.

Caesar’s has been a leader in this movement of going green.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand has recently gotten into the game when it comes to becoming more eco-friendly.

They weren’t the first casino to enter the game, but they came out swinging. MGM Grand kicked off their effort by completely eliminating plastic straws and to-go containers.

This significant shift in how the corporation operated all of its properties immediately reduced tens of thousands of pounds of waste.

MGM has become the face of sustainability and reduced carbon footprint in the casino industry. ARIA, my favorite casino, is one of the most prominent LEED-certified buildings on the planet.

MGM Grand Aerial View

The company has built a corporate structure with high-level executives dedicated solely to the matter of making their 30 properties run as efficiently as possible.

The push of the largest casino companies in the world to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon has transformed how business is done in the casino world. How the buildings are built to the final product and how food waste impacts the environment is carefully considered.

These efforts are having a tremendous impact not only in Las Vegas but around the world.

Enjoy These Eco-Friendly Casinos

For the environmentally-conscious casino gambler, these seven casinos around the world that love Mother Earth offer a great way to help the environment and have a blast.

Once you arrive, there will be several ways that you can help the casino take care of the planet.