Easy to Follow Checklist for Winning at Slots

Check Boxes and Twenty Dollar Bills in Front of Slot Machines

If your perfect gambling outing includes spending hours glued to a slot machine and leaving with a nice win, you’re in luck. This page is designed to help anyone learn how to play great slots.

When you learn the slots strategies on this page you have a better chance to win a big jackpot and play longer than you usually get to.

Here’s a seven step checklist on how to play great slots. Nothing on this page is hard to do, but you can’t take advantage of these strategies if you don’t know what they are. Keep reading to find out more.

1 – The Jackpot Strategy

My favorite slots strategy is what I call the jackpot strategy. I know that the slots don’t offer the best odds in the casino, but some of them do offer the opportunity to win a big jackpot if I get lucky.

Look for the slots that have the biggest progressive jackpots and the ones that have the top set jackpot amounts. Play on these machines every time you go to the casino or log on to play online. You won’t win most of the time, but at least you have a chance to win enough money to change your life if you get lucky.

When you chase slots jackpots it doesn’t do anything to make your bankroll last longer. You can learn more about strategies that help your bankroll last longer in the next section. But there is one thing you can do when you chase jackpots that can help you play longer.

Simply find the slot machines with the lowest bet amount that offer good jackpots.

Make sure you know how much you have to bet to unlock the jackpots, but once you do this there’s no reason why you need to risk more per spin than you have to.

You can find slot machines that only cost a quarter to play with decent jackpots from time to time. And there are many machines that have a $1 bet that offer good jackpots. These machines help you twice as long, or longer, than the ones that have a maximum bet of $2 or more.

2 – Playing Longer

If your goal is to simply play slots for as long as you can on your bankroll you have to use a different slot strategy than in the last section. The good news is that with just a few small adjustments to the way you play now you can double or triple the amount of time you can play without expanding your bankroll.

You can do two things to help you play slots longer. The first thing you need to do is play on a machine that lets you bet less per spin than you’re betting now. Many slots players bet $1 or more on every spin, with some betting $2 or $3.

Switch to a machine that only costs 25 cents per spin and you can play a lot longer. Many slot machines say that they’re penny slots, but they won’t let you play for only a penny. Nickel slots are usually the same way. But most casinos have options at the 25 cent level.

Row of Slot Machines

The other strategy is to play slower than you play now. You have complete control over how fast you play slots, so if you slow down a little you can play a lot longer. Some players make 600 spins every hour when they get in the slots trance. But if you simply take a second or two between each spin it can make this number go down a great deal.

If you normally bet $1 per spin and take as many spins as you can every hour, it runs through your bankroll pretty fast. Playing 600 spins every hour in this example means you’re risking $600 every hour. But if you switch to a 25 cent machine and only play 300 spins every hour you’re only risking $75 every hour. This means you can play around eight times longer on the same bankroll.

In the next section you’re going to learn how to boost your bankroll so you can play even longer.

3 – Boost Your Bankroll

One of the easiest ways to boost your slots bankroll is to play at a real money online casino. Most online casinos offer a bonus every time you make a deposit to play the slots. These bonuses vary from casino to casino, but most of them at least double your deposit.

Imagine how long you can play slots using the strategies in the last section in combination with a bankroll twice the size. Land based casinos don’t offer slots bonuses, but if you play in a local casino you can sign up for the slot’s club and earn comps. This isn’t as good as a bonus, but it’s still better than getting nothing.

4 – Does the Machine Matter?

Other than the chance to win a jackpot, the slot machine you choose to play on doesn’t matter much. If you can find the payback percentage or house edge for some slot machines you should use the information to make a choice. But most casinos don’t want anyone finding out the numbers on their slots.

If you do get this information, play on the machines with the highest pay back percentage or the lowest house edge. Most slot machines only pay back 95% or less, so anything with a higher pay back percentage than this is better.

5 – Can You Use Strategy?

Beyond the simple strategies that you’ve already learned on this page, there isn’t anything you can do to improve your chances to win playing slots.

The way slot machines are designed, all of the outcomes are random.

This means that each machine is programmed to pay out a certain percentage of the money bet on the machine and keep the rest for profit. You can’t alter these numbers in any way.

In other words, just find a slot machine that you enjoy and play it. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake, because there’s not any strategy you can use that’s right or wrong.

6 – Avoid the Slot Machine Trance

One of the worst things you can do playing slots is fall into the slot machine trance. I’m sure you’ve seen slots players in this trance and the odds are good that you’ve fallen into it too.

Slot machines are designed to keep you interested and to keep pressing the spin button until you run out of cash. The slot machine trance is when you forget about everything else except the game and keep pressing the button.

The best way to avoid the slot machine trance is to take a few seconds between each spin and to get up and take a short walk every 30 minutes or so. When you fall into the trance it costs you more money because you bet the maximum amount of money in the time you sit at the machine.

7 – Slots Alternatives

Slots aren’t the best things to play when it comes to the house edge and how long you can play with your bankroll. I know that most slots players aren’t interested in playing anything else, but if you’re open to some other options here are some good choices.

Video poker is the other common form of machine based gambling available in most casinos. Video poker machines look a lot like slot machines, but instead of spinning reels the use a deck of playing cards.

Closeup of Slot Machine Reels

The advantage that video poker has over slot machines is if you play on a machine with a good pay table and use strategy you can play with a house edge 10 times lower, or even more, than the slots.

Blackjack is a table game available in most casinos, and it offers a lower edge than slot machines. It’s easy to play, and you can use strategy to keep the house edge low.

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino table games to play, and when you bet on the banker hand the house edge is only slightly over 1%.

Craps is another good alternative to slot machines when use the pass line bet backed by the odds bet.


Use the seven steps to playing great slots listed on this page to have more fun playing slot machines and to improve your chance to walk away from the machine as a big winner. If your goal is to play slots as long as you can on a set bankroll, the strategies are going to help you with this too.

Start with the jackpot strategy, and then learn how to play longer. Learn how to boost your bankroll and if you can use strategy to help you win. Learn how to avoid the dreaded trance, and look at alternatives to slots play that give you an improved chance to win.