Donald Trump Once Again Favored to Win 2024 Republican Nomination

Former President of the United States Donald J Trump

Look who’s back on top of the odds board!

After a brief stint trailing other GOP frontrunners like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former President Donald Trump is once again the favorite to win the Republican nomination ahead of the 2024 elections.

However, whether the 45th President of the United States is a smart bet remains to be seen. Let’s look at the current crop of betting options. The following odds were collected at BetOnline Casino – but they’re similar to the lines posted at all the top political betting sites.

2024 GOP Candidate Betting Odds 2024 GOP Candidate Betting Odds
Donald Trump Sr -110 Dan Crenshaw +5000
Ron DeSantis +500 Chris Christie +5000
Nikki Haley +900 Ben Sasse +5000
Tucker Carlson +1400 Paul Ryan +6600
Mike Pence +1600 Candace Owens +6600
Ted Cruz +2500 Rand Paul +6600
Mike Pompeo +2800 Ben Carson +6600
Liz Cheney +3000 Charlie Baker +12500
Kristi Noem +3000 Greg Abbott +12500
Marco Rubio +3300 George P Bush +12500
Josh Hawley +3500 Kayleigh McEnany +12500
Tom Cotton +3500 Josh Kasich +20000
Mitt Romney +4000 Condoleezza Rice +20000
Tim Scott +4000 Lindsey Graham +20000
Ivanka Trump +4000 Tommy Tuberville +20000
Donald Trump Jr +5000 Jared Kushner +20000

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Temporary Setbacks

Donald Trump Sr became the favorite to represent the Republicans in 2024 immediately after losing the 2020 election. However, he didn’t remain the frontrunner for long. The former President’s odds of returning to the White House took a massive hit on January 6, 2020, following the riots at the Capitol and subsequent second impeachment trial.

Ron DeSantis gained serious momentum in the period following Trump’s fall. Republicans responded enthusiastically to his handling of the pandemic in Florida and his stances on various other culture war issues, such as critical race theory and vaccine passports.

For a brief second, establishment conservatives like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence also sat atop the betting odds. But over time, it became clear that Republican voters weren’t ready to bail on Donald Trump and his MAGA-style political ideologies.

Looking Ahead to the Republican Primaries

At –110 odds, Donald Trump is a significant frontrunner to win the Republican nomination approximately two years out from the start of the primaries. Still, he may not represent the best value. A few reasons to be hesitant betting on Trump:

  • He hasn’t even officially announced his intentions to run again yet – though he has strongly hinted at a 2024 campaign.
  • There’s still lots of time between now and the Republican primaries. Trump will be 78 years old by the time the 2024 presidential election rolls around – and he wasn’t in the best physical health, to begin with.
  • Since the Capitol riots, the former President has been banned from every significant social media platform. His ability to speak directly to followers was a key source of his influence. When the time comes, will Donald Trump have the same electoral impact without his social media reach?
  • Many within the Republican Party are anxious to move on from Trump. They want to capture his essence without all the baggage. In that sense, influential GOP donors and supporters might choose potential candidates like Ron DeSantis, Tom Cotton, and Josh Hawley. After all, nobody motivates Democrats to vote and mobilize quite like Donald Trump. Whatever enthusiasm he brings to the table on the Right may be offset by the fury he ignites on the Left.

For these reasons and more, several betting options are offering more value at the moment. The best bet is arguably Ron DeSantis at +500. That’s a generous payout for a Republican at the height of his popularity nationally, with a fraction of Trump’s baggage.

Favored to Win the 2024 General Election

Another interesting tidbit is that Donald Trump has become the favorite to win the entire 2024 presidential election. Since 2020, the top spot has been occupied by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris – who often share the same betting odds. Trump moving ahead of them both signals a significant change in the minds of political oddsmakers.

2024 GOP Candidate Betting Odds 2024 GOP Candidate Betting Odds
Donald Trump Sr +250 Kristi Noem +6000
Joe Biden +350 Liz Cheney +6000
Kamala Harris +550 Michelle Obama +6500
Ron DeSantis +1050 Tom Cotton +6500
Pete Buttigieg +1600 Ivanka Trump +6500
Nikki Haley +1800 Marco Rubio +6500
Elizabeth Warren +2000 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +6600
Mike Pence +2250 Michael Bloomberg +6600
Tucker Carlson +2500 Cory Booker +6600
Amy Klobuchar +3300 Josh Hawley +6600
Andrew Yang +4000 Gretchen Whitmer +6600
Mike Pompeo +4000 Tim Scott +7500
Mark Cuban +5000 Donald Trump Jr +7500
Ted Cruz +5000 Mitt Romney +7500
Gavin Newsom +5000 Jeff Bezos +7500
Dwayne Johnson +6000 Dan Crenshaw +8000

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If you’re considering picking Donald Trump to win the 2024 Republican nomination, you may want to bet on him winning the general election at +250 odds as well. The payout is better than his primary odds, and winning the GOP nomination is the biggest hurdle between the former President and a second term.

Donald TrumpBetween Joe Biden’s advanced age and ailing health, and Kamala Harris’s non-existent popularity, the Democrats don’t have anyone to challenge a Republican candidate who ignites voters. If Trump can successfully maneuver his way through a crowded primary field, the White House is likely his for the taking.

Of course, the betting line that stands out to me, once again, is Ron DeSantis – this time at a whopping +1050! I’ve been extremely bullish on the Florida governor’s upcoming ascent to the top of the Republican Party, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

Whichever way you see the wind blowing for the GOP over the next few years, now is the time to start handicapping the future and making your picks. The beautiful thing about betting on political futures is the sizable payouts available if you place your bets nice and early – and unlike sports, the outcomes are much easier to predict ahead of time!