Does Atlantic City Have $5 Blackjack?

Overhead View of Atlantic City Boardwalk With Blackjack Logo In Bottom Right Corner

The Atlantic City gambling scene isn’t quite what it was a couple of decades ago. It now has a lot more competition from neighboring states.

Therefore, Atlantic City doesn’t offer the same wide range of games and stakes that it once did. You used to be able to find $5 blackjack here rather easily.

These days, though, you might feel like you’re searching for something that doesn’t exist when seeking $5 tables.

Does Atlantic City even offer $5 blackjack nowadays? I’ll answer this question below while discussing more on the AC blackjack scene.

Two Atlantic City Casinos Offer $5 Blackjack

Yes, Atlantic City does still feature $5 blackjack tables. However, it only offers these stakes in limited quantity. The following two casinos are the only ones that regularly offer a $5 minimum bet.

The Borgata

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa may be the most lavish casino in Atlantic City. Nevertheless, it also offers some of the cheapest blackjack in town.

You can find one $5 blackjack table in the Borgata. While one table doesn’t provide that much of an opportunity, it still allows you to play rather cheaply.

Of course, you’ll probably need to wait for a seat to open up. This is especially true when trying to play $5 blackjack on the weekend.

Wild Wild West

This casino is found underneath Caesars Atlantic City Casino on the Boardwalk. It’s a low-roller joint with plenty of cheap games.

$5 blackjack is among the low-stakes options. In fact, you can find multiple $5 tables at Wild Wild West.

Therefore, you’ll have a better shot at getting onto the low-stakes tables right away. Even still, though, you may need to wait for a little while.

Other Casinos Occasionally Offer $5 Tables

The Bogata and Wild Wild West are the only casinos that provide $5 blackjack on a regular basis. Other Atlantic City Establishments, though, have been known to feature low stakes from time to time.

Golden Nugget and Harrah’s Resort are two casinos that have featured $5 tables off and on. You may be able to find the same stakes in these casinos at some point in the future.

Details of Blackjack Table

I’m not aware of any other AC gambling establishments that temporarily provide $5 blackjack. However, it’s possible that one or more casinos could offer this game as a short-term promotion from time to time.

Of course, you probably don’t want to wander Atlantic City looking for these tables. You should probably head straight to Borgata or Wild Wild West to enjoy the cheapest stakes.

Considerations With Atlantic City $5 Blackjack

$5 blackjack is exciting because it gives you an opportunity to play as cheaply as possible. However, you should still think about the following considerations before jumping full force into this game.

$5 Tables Will Be Crowded

As covered earlier, Atlantic City doesn’t exactly provide an abundance of $5 games. The few that do exist get quite crowded.

You’ll probably have to wait for a seat to open at Wild Wild West and especially Borgata. Assuming you don’t want to wait, you’ll need to visit these tables really early.

You might find all of this a bit much just to play blackjack in Atlantic City.

The $10 Games Can Be Better

The blackjack house edge varies from casino to casino and table to table. Oftentimes, games with highest stakes feature a lower house advantage.

With that said, you might not necessarily gain an advantage by playing at a $5 table versus a $10 table. The latter could feature a lower house edge and, thus, reduce the theoretical losses.

The Borgata, for example, offers certain $10 tables with a 0.44% house edge. Your theoretical losses would actually be lower in this game than in the average $5 game.

Here’s an example to illustrate this point:

$5 Atlantic City Blackjack

  • You play 80 hands per hour
  • 80 x 5 = $400 bet an hour
  • House edge is 1%
  • 400 x 0.01 = 4
  • You’ll theoretically lose $4 per hour

$10 Atlantic City Blackjack

  • You play 80 hands per hour
  • 80 x 10 = $800 bet an hour
  • House edge is 0.44%
  • 800 x 0.0044 = 3.52
  • You’ll theoretically lose $3.52 per hour

The main thing you need to look for when you find a $5 blackjack table is what the table pays for a blackjack. Many of these tables only pay 6 to 5, and this increases the house edge by a large margin.

Closeup of Blackjack Table

You Can Only Play for $5 in Specific Casinos

Again, the Borgata and Wild Wild West are the only Atlantic City establishments with $5 blackjack. Provided you like gambling at these casinos, then you’ll be fine with this.

However, you may have another favorite AC casino. In this case, you’ll have to leave your favorite joint and visit either the Wild Wild West or Borgota.

Is $5 Blackjack Worth Playing in Atlantic City?

You can see that Atlantic City’s $5 blackjack is far from perfect. It requires you to wait on tables, potentially deal with a high house edge, and visit specific casinos.

That said, you might wonder whether it’s actually worth playing for these stakes in Atlantic City. The answer depends upon your personal preferences.

If you’re a low roller who’s willing to wait, then, yes, the $5 tables can be worth it. No other blackjack game in Atlantic City lets you play this cheaply.

Assuming you’re somebody who wants action right away and doesn’t mind waiting longer, then you’ll likely want to avoid the $5 tables. These games are almost always crowded and come with waiting time.

Where Else Can You Play for $5?

Atlantic City certainly isn’t the only place with $5 blackjack stakes. You can enjoy this game for $5 or less through a few other outlets.

Online Casinos

Online blackjack is the absolute best option for low rollers. It combines a $1 minimum bet with favorable rules.

Every online casino where I’ve played online blackjack features a $1 minimum wager. Meanwhile, most gaming sites carry less than a 0.5% blackjack house edge.

Online Blackjack

Depending upon the provider, some casinos offer less than a 0.5% house advantage. You can see the online blackjack games with the most favorable odds here.


Nevada is the best state by far when it comes to low-stakes blackjack. Both Las Vegas and Reno feature really cheap games.

Vegas is especially the king of low-limit blackjack tables, with many casinos in Sin City offering $5 games. Lucky Club, OYO, and Poker Palace even let you play for just a dollar per hand.

With that said, Vegas isn’t like Atlantic City where $5 tables are few and far between. Instead, it offers a large number of tables with stakes ranging from $1 to $5.

Reno may not offer the aforementioned dollar tables. However, it has plenty of casinos with $5 blackjack as well.

Live Dealer Casinos

Many online casinos now offer live dealer gaming, which lets you experience the brick and mortar gambling experience through a smartphone or computer.

It also allows you to play blackjack rather cheaply. The average live dealer blackjack game features between a $1 and $5 minimum bet.

That said, you can enjoy a land-based blackjack experience for a low minimum wager. The best part is that you don’t even need to visit a casino destination like Atlantic City.

Instead, the game will be in the palm of your hands. Live dealer blackjack can save you an expensive trip to Atlantic City or another gaming destination.

Our Conclusions About $5 Blackjack in Atlantic City

Atlantic City does still offer $5 blackjack in some capacity. The catch, though, is that it’s not a very common game any longer.

The Wild Wild West and Borgata are the only casinos that regularly run a $5 table. Outside of these venues, a couple of AC casinos occasionally offer $5 stakes as a promotion.

You might consider visiting the Borgata or Wild Wild West if you’re in Atlantic City and want to play $5 hands. However, you should note that these tables are usually full. With that said, you can either show up early to play or prepare to wait for the $5 AC tables.