Do Live Dealer Casinos Offer Anything for Advantage Gamblers?

Live Roulette Dealers Around a Table

The online casino boom is in full swing, and many gamblers are taking notice. One of the most exciting and social features of online gambling is using live dealers to facilitate the action.

These rooms bring the look and feel of your favorite casino right to your home. Recreational gamblers are flocking to these games in record numbers.

But what about the advantage gamblers?

These players are never found in online casinos (with the exception of poker rooms) because they rely on a personal element to gain the edge. Do live dealer casinos offer anything for advantage gamblers?

Let’s examine how the live dealer games offer a more personal feel and whether advantage gamblers should devote energy towards the latest online craze.

How Live Dealer Tables Differ from Standard Online Tables

The differences between a standard online casino game and a live dealer casino game are staggering. A couple of the first things you’ll notice is how the cards seem to instantly appear from thin air and the absence of a dealer when playing online casino games.

It may seem like the auto-generated nature of the game wouldn’t change the overall feel of the casino too much. Yet, it creates a sterile environment that leaves many players wanting more.

Live dealer casinos stream a full casino table with dealers and an authentic casino ambiance to your computer 24/7. The card games use imposed icons over the actual cards to make them easier to see, and you can utilize the chat function to converse with dealers or other players.

Live dealer casinos also give players the option to tip, something you won’t find in regular online games. That can add expenses to your total, assuming you’re not a cheapskate.

The live dealer games are as close as you can get to the real casino experience without putting on a pair of pants.

Notable Advantages of Playing Live Dealer Games Online

The live dealer games have many additional benefits to the player when comparing the games to online or even land-based casino games.

The most important feature for a large portion of recreational gamblers is the party atmosphere created by the live dealer games. When you play in a typical casino, the social atmosphere of the games adds tremendous value to the overall experience.

Playing in most online casinos ultimately robs players of this aspect of gambling, but the live dealer casinos promote a fun and social atmosphere.

Online Casino Live Dealer, Caribbean Stud Poker Table

Another clear advantage of live dealer casinos is that random number generators aren’t generating the results. The RNGs used by online casinos are designed to produce an outcome that perfectly mimics the odds of casino table games.

Yet, many players prefer the certainty and comfort of having a dealer facilitating the action. That also helps slow the game’s pace down and prevent players from merely burning through hands like they’re playing slot machines.

Beyond the atmosphere created by a live dealer, there aren’t many advantages over standard online casino games. That’s especially true for gamblers looking to make a profit from their online session.

The Most Apparent Cons of Live Dealer Casino Games

It seems counterintuitive, but live dealer casinos may have more cons than pros. After you accept that the atmosphere won’t be as engaging, regular online games are better in many ways.

First of all, there’s no time limit in online casinos. Since it’s you and the game, there’s no rush to make decisions.

The time limit in live dealer games is more than adequate, but not having a shot clock reduces the pressure on new players.

Players are also going to see higher table minimums on the live dealer games. That will cost you more in the long run, but the casinos have more overhead for the live games.

They choose to pass that onto the players to offset some of the costs. Even advantage gamblers prefer to have the lowest table minimum available. Card counters make their living by betting the table minimum and significantly increasing their bet size when the count is hot.

That enables them to maximize their profit since there’s no edge when the deck is cold.

Another problem you’ll encounter playing live dealer games is that there are a finite number of seats available. That may never occur to regular online casino players as being an issue, but land-based gamblers are all too familiar with the challenge of catching a seat during peak hours.

Control freaks won’t appreciate how the dealer steers the game in live dealer casinos. It boils down to not having the freedom to be distracted or play at your own pace.

Despite the numerous disadvantages of playing in live dealer casinos, they appear to be the perfect way for advantage gamblers to ply their craft.

Why Live Dealer Casinos Seem Ideal for Advantage Play

Players aren’t entirely off base for believing that live dealer casinos are perfect for advantage players. Many roadblocks for players using advantage play methods appear to vanish when you re-introduce live dealers.

For example, live dealer games aren’t using a random number generator to produce the cards of an online blackjack game. So, the entire deck is not constantly in play, which effectively smashes card counters hopes.

Furthermore, it would seem that card counters would gain a tremendous advantage because they can much more easily disguise their actions. Card counters should have no trouble cleaning up in a live dealer casino without dealers, pit bosses, and security watching their every move.

Roulette players could set up every bit of technology available to clock the wheel and gain an edge, all from the comfort of their home and without much fear of prosecution. Let’s not forget that using electronic devices to influence or gain an advantage is criminal in most areas.

Live Dealer Online Roulette Game

Hole carding would also appear much more effortless in a live dealer game; you could record the action on your smartphone and view the footage before it’s your turn to act.

Even edge-sorting seems like it may be back on the table. It’s impossible in online casinos for the simple reason that the digital cards aren’t going to have any signs of wear and won’t come with any imperfections.

Unfortunately, the casinos are well versed at staying one step ahead of the advantage gamblers. Every piece of the puzzle has been carefully considered, and advantage gamblers are stopped in their tracks.

The Deck Penetration Is Too Low for Card Counters

Card counters can’t gain the long-term edge in live dealer casinos because the deck penetration is too low.

The ideal number for card counters is around 70% deck penetration. At this penetration level, most card counters are confident they have the advantage when the count is high.

However, live dealer casinos never allow a deck penetration over 50%. That makes making huge spreads impossible for the card counters.

The Camera Angles Guard Against Hole Carding

Hole carding is an old trick that’s tough to apply in land-based casinos but can pay off in the right conditions. Sadly, the live dealer casinos are well aware of hole carding.

The casinos make the camera angle so that even the sloppiest dealers on the planet would be safe. Since you’re entirely at the mercy of the casino, and you can’t crane your neck enough to get the edge.

Edge Sorting Requires a Close-Up View of the Cards

Assuming you had an inside tip on a run of cards used in the casino. Your chances of ever making a meaningful impact through edge sorting would still fall between zero and none.

Pile of Random Playing Cards

You never get a close enough look at the backs of cards to distinguish one blur from the next. The task becomes more difficult because the casinos often superimpose values over the cards to make them easier for players to see.

Roulette Players Won’t Accurately Clock a Wheel from Home

I hesitate even to include wheel clocking as a viable advantage technique. But enough players are trying to predict the wheel with electronic devices to warrant mention.

You’ll never be able to measure the accurate physics of a roulette wheel in a live dealer casino because you’re not getting actual data off of your computer monitor.

That’s been put to bed; save your efforts for better purposes.

Advantage Gamblers Will See Consistently Better Results Gambling in Brick-and-Mortar Establishments

The bottom line is that advantage gamblers will consistently see better results in a brick-and-mortar casino. There’s no repeatable way to gain the edge over a live dealer casino and maintain the edge long-term.

The good news is that there are plenty of land-based casinos where you can play in relative obscurity, provided you are thoughtful about your actions.

Not to mention how much more fun it is to gamble in a fabulous casino resort instead of watching the action on your computer screen.

Our Final Thoughts

Do live dealer casinos offer anything for advantage gamblers?

The short answer is “no.” You won’t be able to grab or maintain an edge that leads to sustainable profits.

It would be best to focus on online poker, sportsbooks, or get to your favorite casino. Otherwise, you’re going to lose like everyone else.