Do Any Casino Bets Offer 100% RTP?

Dice Roll on Left And Holding Two Aces On Right With Return To Player In Center

Casinos don’t offer gaming just to see the smiles on gamblers’ faces when they win. Instead, casinos seek profits from the games they provide.

Therefore, they do their best to ensure that each game features lower than 100% RTP. This way, they’re guaranteed a profit over time.

You can find some games and wagers that offer 99% RTP or above. But can you find bets that deliver 100% RTP?

As I’ll cover below, one bet type does exist that delivers 100% payback. And the best part is that it doesn’t even require any in-depth strategy!

One Bet Offers Exactly 100% RTP

Multiple casino games come pretty close to delivering 100% payback. real money online blackjack, for example, can feature up to 99.8% RTP. You just need to find the right variation and provider.

Ezugi offers a blackjack surrender game with 99.82% payback. Saucify, meanwhile, features a single-deck variation with 99.79% RTP.

Video poker is another game that boasts really high payout percentages in some cases. Microgaming’s All Aces delivers 99.92% payback with perfect strategy. RealTime Gaming’s Aces and Eights features 99.78% RTP.

These are among the best-paying online casino games. However, they each come up just short of reaching the 100% mark.

Craps, however, does have a bet type that offers 100% RTP. Odds are aptly named for the fact that they pay at your true odds of winning.

Most casinos allow you to place odds behind a pass line or don’t pass line bet once a point is established. Here’s a look at how odds work based on the given point number:

Pass line

  • 2:1 payout on point numbers of 4 and 10
  • 3:2 payout on points of 5 and 9
  • 6:5 payout on points of 6 and 8

Don’t pass line

  • 1:2 payout on point numbers of 4 and 10
  • 2:3 payout on points of 5 and 9
  • 5:6 payout on points of 6 and 8

This illustration shows you how these bets pay at true odds. Given that they pay at true odds, they don’t carry a house advantage.

Odds are the usually only wager in the casino that provides 100% RTP. Only specific real money video poker machines found in Nevada can surpass odds’ payback.

Row of Video Poker Machines

You can also bet odds at a higher multiple of the original pass line or don’t pass line wager. The higher the multiple, the better the RTP will be.

Here’s how the overall payout percentages increase as the odds grow:

  • 1x odds: pass line 99.15% RTP; don’t pass line 99.32% RTP
  • 2x odds: pass line 99.39%; don’t pass line 99.54%
  • 3x odds: pass line 99.53%; don’t pass line 99.66%
  • 3-4-5x odds: pass line 99.63%; don’t pass line 99.73%
  • 5x odds: pass line 99.67%; don’t pass line 99.77%
  • 10x odds: pass line 99.82%; don’t pass line 99.88%

Things to Consider With Odds

You can see that odds are the best bet class in the casino. But before rushing to place them, you should take a couple of things into consideration.

First off, you have to make a pass line or don’t pass line bet beforehand. This means that you’ll at least face a house edge on the original bet.

In some land-based casinos, you can bet odds that are big enough to push the RTP over 99.7% or higher. With online craps, though, you can only wager up to 3x with specific providers, including Betsoft and Playtech.

You also have to consider how much extra money you’re risking with bigger odds. Even 2x odds force you to triple the overall bet.

While the RTP might go up as a result of larger odds, the risk factor also increases. You could lose your bankroll more quickly with bigger odds.

A Few Video Poker Games Feature Over 100% RTP

As mentioned earlier, some rare video poker variations offer even better than 100% payback. In this case, you can earn theoretical profits. Here’s a look at three video poker games today that can deliver over 100% RTP.

Deuces Wild

All of the twos (deuces) are wild in this game. Any two can substitute for another card to form a winning hand. These wild cards create more excitement and make Deuces Wild one of the most entertaining video poker variations.

Besides offering wildcards, this game can also features up to 100.72% RTP. This is currently the highest payout percentage that you’ll find with any casino game.

Of course, not any Deuces Wild machine will do. You must find the full-pay version, which is only located in a few Las Vegas casinos (e.g. Sam’s Town).

Assuming you do make it to Vegas, though, then you might consider searching for this game. It can offer around $10 an hour in profits, depending upon your skill level and the loyalty rewards involved.

10/7 Double Bonus

Double Bonus is named for the fact that it pays different bonuses for four aces, four 5s through kings, and four 2s through 4s. These bonus hands give you extra chances to rack up big payouts.

If you find the 10/7 version, you’ll be looking at up to 100.17% payback. The 10/7 designation means that the Double Bonus machine offers 10 coins for a full house and 7 for a flush.

10/6 Double Double Bonus

Double Double Bonus is pretty close in nature to the game covered above. The difference, though, is that it delivers additional bonuses.

You’ll receive bonus payouts for the following hands:

  • Four 5s through kings
  • Four 2s through 4s + 5-K kicker
  • Four aces + 5-K kicker
  • Four 2s through 4s + A-4 kicker
  • Four aces + 2-4 kicker

The goal is to find a 10/6 machine, which delivers 10 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush. This version will pay 100.07% RTP with expert strategy.

Craps Odds Are the Best Among 100% RTP Bets

The video poker games covered above are theoretically the best casino bets because they can deliver guaranteed profits. For practical purposes, though, craps odds are superior for the following reasons.

Easily Accessible

You don’t have to visit the Silver State just to find odds. Instead, many land-based casinos throughout the US offer them. Even online craps for real money features up to 2x and 3x odds in some cases.

Craps Dice on a Casino Table

You may not need to travel far to take advantage of odds in brick and mortar casinos. Of course, you won’t have to travel at all when playing at a mobile casino.

No Strategy Involved

Unlike blackjack and video poker, you don’t need to use in-depth strategy with odds. Instead, you just have to know how they work and when these bets become available.

Of course, you might want to apply some bankroll management techniques. After all, odds require putting more chips on the table. Otherwise, you can make odds bets with little effort involved.

RTP Goes Up With Larger Odds

You can boost the RTP just by putting 1x odds behind a pass line or don’t pass line bet. However, you can increase your long-term winnings even further with higher odds.

Most land-based casinos cap your maximum odds at 3x-4x-5x. However, some allow you to take up to 5x or 10x odds.

Online casinos typically limit the odds to 2x or 3x. However, mobile craps is still worthwhile if you’re a low roller who just wants to place $1 minimum wagers and benefit from cheaper odds.


Craps odds aren’t the only bets in the casino that offer 100% RTP. However, they’re the only practical option.

Many land-based and online casinos feature odds at their craps tables. You’ll enjoy 100% payback on the odds portion of your bets.

Of course, the original don’t pass line or pass line wager still carries a house advantage. However, this house edge becomes slimmer with larger odds.

Certain video poker machines can compete with odds for the best RTP. The ones that feature over 100% RTP, however, are only available in Nevada.

You likely don’t live in the Silver State or plan on visiting just to make a few bucks in video poker. This is exactly why odds bets are the most practical of the highest-paying bets.