Discover Your Next Vacation Getaway at Saracen Casino Resort

Saracen Casino Resort Scenic View

Saracen Casino Resort may just become your next big vacation getaway. Or if you live in some of Arkansas’ most major metropolitan regions, perhaps you’ll head over for a day trip or a close getaway?

It’s located within an hour of Little Rock, Hot Springs, Benton, Stuttgart, and Monticello. So, yeah, if you’re local, definitely check out this venue.

Today’s post will cover all of what you will find here at the casino resort, including its gaming, dining, promos, and even accommodation options and nearby attractions. We will begin with an overview, which will provide a few quick facts on the casino.

And the following sections will dive into deeper detail if you’re looking for specifics. Are you ready to discover your next vacation getaway? Keep reading.

Overview of Saracen Casino Resort

You’re getting a huge array of gaming here at 1 Saracen Resort Drive in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. From the slot machines that feature both old-school and new themes, all the way to the tables, poker room, and even the Saracen Annex.

They also feature 4 distinct dining options here. Whether you’re looking for something more sophisticated and upscale, a sporty atmosphere, quick bites, or even a food court, Saracen Casino Resort provides.

They have promotions here, in which things get even better when you join the Q Club. Not only does the Q Club give you more ways to win by maximizing each promotion offered, it also serves as a loyalty program in which you can earn tier points based on the amount of play.

Their website says nothing about accommodations, but you don’t need to venture too far into Pine Bluff to find ways to rest in ultimate comfort once you’ve finished gaming for the night.

And besides the accommodations that you will discover around town, Pine Bluff also features a solid number of attractions. So, when you’re finished gaming for the day, or if you need time off from the casino floor, make sure you head on over to check them out.

You’re getting a few resort-style amenities here, but the gaming and dining options are what really make this casino resort click. Are you ready to dive into further detail regarding gaming? Check out the following section.

Saracen Casino Gaming

You’re getting over 2,000 real money slots on the gaming floor at Saracen Casino Resort. You’re getting several of the latest themes, along with those classic reels that you may have fallen in love with during previous casino visits.

In total, you’re looking at 777 reels, so classics grace over one-third of the casino floor. They also offer daily jackpots here along with progressives within multiple denominations.

They also have between 40 and 50 table games available here at Saracen, featuring your favorite casino games that include blackjack, craps, and roulette. So, if you’re a fan of the classics, you’re getting more than a few of them here at Saracen.

Other games include Super Four, Baccarat, Three-Card Poker, Jackpot Hold ‘em, Louisiana Stud, and more.

Casino Floor at Saracen Casino Resort

If you’re looking for more adrenaline-pumping action at the tables, check out the poker room at Saracen Casino Resort. You’ll find this upscale room off the main casino floor, so you won’t find too much in the way of crowds when you’re in the mood for some poker.

And with tableside beverage services, make sure you take advantage of the VIP treatment Saracen Casino Resort prides itself on serving its guests.

Saracen Annex is a nearby convenience store that the casino owns. They feature fuel and snack services, and they even have a sports lounge called Oxbow Bar. Besides the convenience services offered, you’ll also find a sports betting kiosk along with 300 additional slot machines.

From in-House Brewery to Global Cuisine

You’ll find a solid list of dining options here at Saracen Casino Resort, ranging in flair from upscale to casual, and even quick bites.

Catch the first-class service over at Red Oak Steakhouse, in which you will unwind amidst their comfortable yet upscale atmosphere featuring a menu that provides enviable steaks along with the freshest ingredients. Make reservations to be guaranteed a spot during your stay.

Legends Sports Bar is yet another place to catch the big game at the casino, with the other one being Oxbow over at the Saracen Annex. But if you’re looking to stay at the venue, check out Legends, which features the sportsbook, a 25-foot video wall, plus a live entertainment stage.

Oh, and they also feature an in-house brewery. So if you’re looking for some legendary entertainment during your time in the area, look no further than Legends Sports Bar.

Quapaw Kitchens features global cuisine. So whether you’re craving the Far East, the land, the sea, American, Mexican, Italian, or something unique, you’ll find it right at Quapaw Kitchens.

The downside is that they’re a little pricey, charging an astounding $38 per guest. But hey, it’s worth every penny if you crave good food.

Looking for quick bites? You will find them over at the Post Food Court. The venues within the Court include Sweets Coffee Shop, The Taqueria, Saracen Express, and Delta Farms Fresh Pizza. Yes, from quick bites to comfort food, Post Food Court boasts it all.

A Multitude of Promotions

You’ll find a solid list of promotions over at Saracen Casino Resort. But to take advantage of them, you must join the Q Club.

So, how does the Q Club work, besides getting you into the promotions?

When you make the trip, visit the Q Club kiosk before you play your first slot machine or table game, flash a valid ID, and you’re in. They’ll give you your Q Club Card, which you can then insert into your favorite electronic gaming device or table game.

Excited Woman Playing Slots at Saracen Casino Resort

From there, you can earn outstanding benefits, like casino comps and discounts, free slot play, direct mailing offers based on your amount of play, and even invites to exclusive, members-only events.

It’s free to sign up, and the more you play, the sweeter those perks and benefits become. So, if you’re looking for an eclectic selection of cool rewards when you play at Saracen Casino Resort, make sure you sign up for the Q Club and earn those points.

For more information on rules and conditions, visit the site and it will take you right to the Q Club’s page.

Local Accommodations

Are you looking for a place to stay during your time in Pine Bluff, Arkansas?

Unfortunately, you will find no real accommodation options at Saracen Casino Resort, but that doesn’t mean you will find nothing located nearby.

Starting at just over $100 per night according to TripAdvisor, the Hampton Inn and Suites Pine Bluff provides a great option if you’re interested in staying somewhere that has built itself into a national chain of hotels.

If you’d like to stay somewhere more cost-effective, check out the Super 8 by Wyndham Pine Bluff, or venture to Best Western Presidential Hotel and Suites. TripAdvisor’s price lists them both between $59 and $70 per night if you’re looking for the most economical options.

And for more economical stays, check out Motel 6 and Quality Inn and Suites Pine Bluff.

You won’t get anything mind-blowing with most of the options above. But if you’re looking for a good bang for your buck, you got plenty of solid options surrounding Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Nearby Attractions

While you’ll find a near-endless array of gaming, dining, and even sports betting options over at Saracen Casino Resort, Pine Bluff also has a few nearby attractions that you can get excited over.

And it can begin with a sound history lesson over at the Arkansas Railroad Museum—especially if you’re in town with younger members of a travel group who are not yet of age to venture into the casino, the Railroad Museum makes for a fine way to start your tour of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Railroad Museum in Arkansas

The Delta Rivers Nature Center gives you solid insight into the wildlife that inhabit the region and a trip to the Arts d Science Center of Southeast Arkansas also provides for an outstanding family-friendly outing.

Catch a visual history of Pine Bluff when you visit the Murals of Pine Bluff. Admire the artwork, and check out those people and places that made significant contributions to the region. And if you’re looking for more local history, it’s always worth checking out the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Historical Museum.

Our Final Thoughts on Saracen Casino Resort

So, there you have it; Saracen Casino Resort is full of interesting gaming and dining options, and a lot of them. Along with a reputable loyalty program and promotional opportunities, you can spend at least a day here and never get bored.

But if you’re looking for more excitement during your time in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, make sure you carve out some time to visit this small but vibrant area—especially if you have younger members in your travel group.

Even in an area like Pine Bluff, you can definitely turn a simple casino outing into an entire weekend, or weeklong, getaway.

Let us know if you’ve visited Saracen Casino Resort! Don’t hesitate to tell us all about your experience in the comments. We love hearing from our readers!