Discover the Casino Experience That Awaits at Lucky 8 Casino

Super 8 Motel Lucky 8 Casino in Deadwood South Dakota

You will find Lucky 8 Casino inside the Super 8 Motel of Deadwood, providing perhaps the most economical stay in the area if you’re looking for a vibrant game room that is just steps away.

Besides the 1,500 square feet of gaming space at Lucky 8, you will also come across a cool pizzeria, and several of Deadwood’s finest casinos that are just a few hundred yards’ worth of walking distance from the motel.

If you’re craving a cheaper stay, today’s post is one to read. We will begin with a rundown of Lucky 8 Casino and its Super 8 Motel counterpart before we dive into everything, including the available casino games, the pizzeria, accommodations, and nearby casinos along with non-casino attractions.

Ready for a tour of this small casino and the surrounding area? Keep reading for more.

Overview of Lucky 8 Casino

As mentioned in the intro, Lucky 8 Casino offers just 1,500 square feet of gaming space and a handful of slot machines. However, it’s the perfect outlet if you’re in for early morning or late night casino gaming. And it’s a fun way to spend time if you’re waiting for the rest of your travel party to get moving.

The casino is small, but it even has a popular dining option called Lucky 8 Pizzeria, which you will also find within steps from the motel rooms and casino floor.

Besides the gaming and pizzeria, you’ll also discover a plethora of amenities that even rival some of the larger resorts in the area.

Best yet, you probably came to Deadwood, South Dakota, for more than just a stay at one casino. If that’s the case, you will find five casinos within 1,300 yards of Lucky 8 Casino. Each offer a unique atmosphere and gaming experience, so make sure you carve enough time out to visit them.

Also, you will discover history at every corner in Deadwood. Therefore, you must take at least one day off from casino gaming if you’re into the Old West and Deadwood’s time as a Gold Rush town. Sure, you will discover the old-style saloons all over the place.

But they offer so many non-gaming-based attractions you may end up spending a week in town without seeing all of them. And you’ll find the more prominent attractions mentioned later in today’s post.

Games at Lucky 8 Casino

While sources agree the casino floor comprises just 1,500 feet, they conflict in the actual number of games offered. Some websites claim Lucky 8 Casino offers no more than 60 games, while others state you will find as many as 82 machines. Another site placed the number at 69.

Expect a number within that range, along with a decent selection of themes ranging from classic favorites to the latest offerings. Per, they offer progressives ranging from 50-cent to $25 pulls.

Different Types of Casino Slot Machines

And while you’ll only find real money slot machines here on the gaming floor, they also feature a fair number of video poker machines that range from 50-cent to $5 bets. And again, this is per the site listed above.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of playing live poker at one of Deadwood’s other outlets, you can spend some time practicing in a one-on-one setting that video poker provides at Lucky 8 Casino. Then, head on over to the live poker room and test your skill against the area’s best.

Lucky 8 Pizzeria

Lucky 8 Casino offers the Lucky 8 Pizzeria, and they serve a fine number of staples, whether you’re in the mood for pizza, or another form of comfort food.

Besides their local pizza, they also serve hamburgers, signature sandwiches, along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

As with the casino, it’s a smaller dining option, but it gets the job done if you’ve returned to the venue for dinner, or if you would just like to try their pizza.

The Super 8 Motel at Lucky 8 Casino

Odds are, you’ve come to Lucky 8 Casino because you’re looking for a cost-effective place to settle down when you’re not exploring the Deadwood, South Dakota area’s many casinos and non-gaming attractions.

While they only offer 51 rooms, you’re in for a rather diverse range here at Super 8 Deadwood.

They feature your standard King and Queen options, along with Suites that feature views of the pool, and spacious suites. Whether you’re traveling with a smaller or larger group, odds are Super 8 Motel at Lucky 8 Casino will provide what you are looking for.

Woman With Hands Overhead in a Hotel Room

They also feature several fine amenities, such as coffee makers, room service, refrigerators, and an indoor pool. Plus, you’re just walking distance away from the larger casinos in the area, which we will cover in the next section before we wrap it up with non-gaming attractions near Lucky 8.

Check out the Super 8 Deadwood booking page, and it will give you the full rundown of all available rooms and suites if you’re looking to book your stay.

Gaming Destinations Near Lucky 8 Casino

If you’re looking for larger casinos near Lucky 8, this section will fill you in on a few ideas. Here, you’ll find larger game rooms, outlets that offer more than just casino gaming, and places that offer table games.

Let’s start with Cadillac Jacks, which comprises 240 slot machines along with table games that feature poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. Along with their stellar gaming selection, they also feature five distinct dining options, ranging in atmosphere and flair.

Deadwood Gulch has a smaller selection of slot machines with just 120. However, their vacation packages make the casino well worth frequenting. Here, you’ll discover golf, spa, ATV, horseback riding, and getaway packages to complete your vacation to the Deadwood area.

Saloon No. 10 features table gaming, slots, and a phenomenal poker room. If you’re looking for the finest poker tournaments and selection in town, head over to Saloon No. 10. The venue also has quite a history, so make sure you ask the bartenders about it over at American Whiskey Bar.

Mineral Palace has perhaps the largest casino floor of the bunch. If you’re an avid slot machine player, it’s where you want to be. Featuring a plethora of themes, denominations, and progressives, you can spend an entire afternoon on this vibrant casino floor.

Non-Gaming Destinations Near Lucky 8 Casino

If you’re into the Old West and gold mining, you’ll love Deadwood’s non-gaming attractions.

For a few cool history lessons, head over to the Days of ‘76 Museum if you’re looking to learn more about the Gold Rush of the 1870s that peaked in 1876. And for a firsthand experience of what life was like underground, head over to the Broken Boot Mine.

Tatanka: Story of the Bison features a breathtaking story of the North American Bison. From their peak numbers ranging in the millions to their near-extinction in the 19th century, you’re in for quite a moving tale. Actor Kevin Costner made many contributions to this attraction in Deadwood.

Tatanka Story Of The Bison Museum

The Adams Museum is where it’s at if you’re looking for relics that preserve the town’s history of the Old West. Also, make sure you visit the Adams House, home of the family whose contributions kept the Wild West theme alive in Deadwood even as America shifted into a new era during the early 20th century.

After you visit the museum, take a ride to Mount Moriah Cemetery, which serves as the burial ground for a few folk heroes of the Old West.

If you’re looking for a cool nature experience. Hike up to the Mount Roosevelt Monument. Here, you’ll get a picturesque, panoramic view of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Your view will stretch beyond the horizon in one of America’s most illustrious settings.

And for a mixture of innovation and tradition, head over to the Historic Old Town. You’ll find nods to the Old West at every turn here. Plus, they offer numerous retail and dining options that have taken the trip into the 21st century. Also, you’ll catch some live entertainment during select times.

Hoping to go on a road trip? Take a 45-minute drive to Mount Rushmore, which as you know serves as one of America’s most iconic monuments depicting the birth, growth, development, and preservation of the United States. It’s not the closest attraction, but it’s by far the most popular.


Lucky 8 Casino is nothing more than a small casino that will do the job for you if you’re craving some hot casino action before or after you take your trip to Deadwood’s other gaming locations, saloons, bars, and non-gaming attractions.

However, if others in your travel group are getting a late start to the day, or if you’re just someone who’d rather stay up late and play a few more casino games, it’s more than worth staying at Lucky 8 Casino.

Plus, along with its economic rooming options and top amenities, you’re in for a comforting stay in the heart of Deadwood, South Dakota.

Have you been to Lucky 8 Casino? If so, tell us about your experience. What other casinos did you visit? Tell us your stories in the comments and we can’t wait to hear from you.