Discover History at Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex

Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex

Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex features yet another historic stop in Deadwood, South Dakota. You won’t come to know it mainly for its accommodations more than you will for its gaming. As you would in a few Deadwood-based locations, despite the venue’s name.

They feature a dynamic casino gaming floor, along with a potluck of food and drink options. And since the place has a lot of history surrounding its accommodations, it makes for the perfect extended stay in the area.

Today’s post will review all of what you can do to get excited about your time at Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex.

Ready to take the tour of this South Dakota gambling spot? Let’s get going.

Overview of Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex

You will find a plethora of casino games available to you here at Silverado’s Gaming Complex. They include slot machines, poker, and table gaming, along with the annual South Dakota State Poker Championship.

You’re also in for four phenomenal dining options here at the hotel and casino—from a well-known steakhouse all the way to a relaxing evening on Outlaw Square Deck.

The gaming complex comes with a variety of promotional offers which only get sweeter if you join their casino VIP program. Oh, and make sure you join if you’re here for a while and you’d like to earn loyalty points that you can use toward an even greater number of perks and benefits.

Silverado Franklin Casino Floor

If you need a place to stay during your vacation to Deadwood, you’re taking a step back in time at the hotel. However, you can also expect modern amenities within its walls. If you’re looking for the best of the old and new world, lodge at Silverado Historic Hotel.

And odds are, you didn’t come to Deadwood just to hang out at Silverado or their many casinos. Make sure you explore the town. While you may opt to visit a few more casinos in the area, the gaming complex here has everything you need.

So, carve out time to frequent the non-casino-based options, too.

The Casino Floor

Brace yourself for an epic gaming experience on the casino floor at Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel.

They pride themselves on a few of those old-time slot machines scattered about the floor. They’re relics to the fact Deadwood was one of the first jurisdictions in America to legalize real money slot machines.

But don’t worry. If you’re looking for the latest advancements in technology and innovation, the machines at Silverado won’t disappoint. You can opt for the old-school style, or you can remain right here in the 21st century.

Featuring 225 slot machines, Silverado’s selection is among the largest of those offered in Deadwood. But it doesn’t stop with the epic slot machine gaming.

Silverado Franklin Casino Roulette

They also feature several variations of Blackjack and Poker at their many table games. Such offerings include Texas Hold‘em, Caribbean Stud, Four-Card Poker, Let It Ride, Three-Card Progressive, and more. If you’re into roulette, Silverado also offers those big wheel spins.

Silverado’s poker room is one of the best in the area. Given its friendly nature, it’s the perfect place to learn the game, which they claim takes about “a half-hour to learn and a lifetime to master.” And they’re not kidding. Just come on in, relax, learn the game, and pick up on the skills of the more experienced players.

They’re also known for the Deadwood Shootout and South Dakota State poker tournaments. The website will show all the information you need regarding the casino’s unique poker scene.

Dining at Silverado Franklin

Food and drink at Silverado Franklin features a potluck of options. Whether you’re looking for a classic steak dinner, or if you’d just like to relax on the patio, this casino resort has everything you need.

Check out the selection at Legends Steakhouse. You’re in for some legendary dining, whether you’re looking to engorge in breakfast from 8 am to 11 am, or dinner from 5 pm until 9 pm. Regardless, they feature rich food and perhaps the richest history of any Deadwood eatery.

Names like Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and Seth Bullock along with Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft, and even well-known celebrities and athletes like Babe Ruth, John Wayne, and Kevin Costner have frequented the venue. Legendary, indeed.

Legends Steakhouse at Silverado Franklin

Head over to the Silverado Grand Buffet for an even greater selection. Voted the “#1 Buffet in the Black Hills,” you’re looking at the area’s only Las Vegas-style buffet. They offer over 80 feet of buffet space, including live food stations, wood-fired pizzas, desserts, and more.

Indulge in Deadwood’s sites and sounds over at the Veranda. Best yet, you’re getting the finest vantage point in the area from right on top of the hotel from Memorial Day until Labor Day weekend, as long as the weather permits.

And if the legendary view of the Black Hills, Mount Moriah Cemetery, and White Rock aren’t enough, just wait until you see what’s happening from Outlaw Square Deck. Grab your favorite cocktail or local craft, and brace yourself for an epic array of scenery in the Heartland.

Casino Promotions and Benefits

Along with one of the best gaming areas, the promotions at Silverado Franklin rock the venue. The website will show you everything that you need to get excited about at Silverado Franklin, and they feature events like vehicle giveaways, senior slot tournaments, and so much more.

If you’d like to maximize the promotions, make sure you join Silverado’s players club. The players club will allow you to take part in anything the casino offers, like free slot play, casino comps, exclusive newsletters and offers, discounts, and more.

And if this sounds exciting to you, then you should sign up the second you walk through the doors! Start earning points just by playing your favorite slot and table games. The more points you earn, the sweeter those perks and benefits become.

The Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel

Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel boasts itself as one of the best places to lodge in Deadwood, South Dakota. History still happens here, so prepare to step back in time while you step up and enjoy contemporary amenities and comfort.

If you’re a fan of history, or if you’d just like to stay in the same venue as past US presidents, book your next stay at Silverado Franklin Hotel and experience the history firsthand. For over 110 years, the Historic Silverado Franklin Hotel has astounded visitors of all sorts, and now it’s your turn to make history.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

And if you’re looking for some of the finest attractions in the United States, Deadwood is the place to be. Odds are, you won’t be looking for many more casinos in the area given the gaming, dining, and lodging options at Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel.

If you’re interested in a few local attractions, places like Mustang Sally’s offers a great, sporty hangout venue. They also feature a small selection of slot machines, but it’s more known as a place to catch the big sporting event—whether it’s the NFL, MLB, NBA, or college sports.

Besides the venues within Deadwood, a trip to Historic Old Town will also charm you. They have relics all over the place from Deadwood’s former status as an Old West town. However, with retail, live entertainment, and restaurants, the place has also steamrolled into the 21st century.

You will also find three distinct museums in the area. The first of which, the Adams Museum, touches on Deadwood during the town’s time as an Old West region. If you’re looking for the area’s finest collections of Old West relics, the Adams Museum provides the ultimate location to visit.

Adams Museum Deadwood South Dakota

Also, Tatanka: Story of the Bison, features a moving story regarding the North American Bison. Here, you’ll see how the bison’s numbers once ranged in the millions, only to deteriorate in number to less than 1,000 at the turn of the 19th century.

The Days of ‘76 Museum touches on the town’s status as a Gold Rush town in the mid-1870s, having peaked in 1876.

Above are just a few of many attractions akin to the area. But if you love the Wild West and everything it offers, you won’t grow bored touring this area.

Enjoy Gaming In Deadwood, South Dakota

Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel & Gaming Complex features a vibrant casino floor, and it’s one of the largest in Deadwood. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also discover a long line of dining and promotional options, along with stellar accommodations.

While known for its casinos, your trip to Deadwood hasn’t started until you’ve taken time to explore the town, and all the remnants that remain of its status as an Old West and Gold Mining region.

Have you been to Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel or any of Deadwood’s many casinos? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you.