Discover 8 Fun Places to Visit Near Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel

Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel Logo With Two Attractions in The Background

Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel is yet another grand casino in Louisiana, this one in Charenton, Louisiana. If you’re looking to stay, play, and take advantage of their many dining and entertainment options, you can set up the perfect weekend getaway here.

But what if you’re looking to turn that getaway into a fine vacation?

Today’s post will help you complete your stay at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel. We won’t talk about the gaming or dining options in today’s post, or the loyalty programs. However, we will touch on all there is to do in and around the Charenton, Louisiana, area, in which the casino sits.

So, if you’re ready to build a vacation itinerary that goes beyond Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel, today’s post is a must-read.

Let’s discover some fun places to visit near the venue, starting with the Jeanerette Bicentennial Park and Museum.

1 – Jeanerette Bicentennial Park and Museum

Head over to 500 Main Street in nearby Jeanerette and tour the park and museum. Some reviewers state that the museum only contains collections and artifacts that will interest the local crowd. However, if you’re one who loves local culture, this museum will not disappoint.

You will find classic foundry patterns, plus an informative video that discusses the sugar cane industry and its significance to the Jeanerette area. They also have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the foundry patterns and subsequent video.

Much of the staff grew up right in town, so you’re getting accounts that have been handed down throughout the generations, probably from those who worked in the industry at some point.

They list the suggested duration between one and two hours. However, some reviewers have reported the tour to have lasted between 2.5 and three hours. So, make sure you carve out some time before heading out, especially if you’re raring to return to the casino floor at Cypress Bayou.

2 – Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

The park is at 5400 Levee Road in St. Martinville, and it provides the ideal opportunity for you to entwine yourself in the local nature scene. Or if you’re just one for recreation and outdoor activities, Lake Fausse Pointe State Park is the place to be.

You’re looking at an excellent spot in the area for hiking, fishing, nature and bird watching, and so much more. Reviewers have also praised the place for its cleanliness, especially those spotless bathrooms. Plus, they even reported a lack of mosquitoes, which is pretty much unheard of in the summer.

Lake Fausse Pointe State Park

You’ll also appreciate the bonus scenery that comprises sugar cane farms spanning far into the horizon on your way over.

Reviewers have only reported two downsides: Watch out for the gators, and watch out for all that poison ivy on and near the trails.

3 – Conrad Rice Museum

You’ll find this specialty museum out in New Iberia, Louisiana, at 307 Ann Street. If you’re also heading out to Shadows on the Teche and the Bayou Teche Museum, the Conrad Rice Museum is a great option to pair with them, given their less than one mile proximity to one another.

So, what does the Conrad Rice Museum offer?

Information about the rice and mill industry, along with its extensive history. Yes, if you love learning about how things worked back in the day before all the modern machinery, this is the field trip for you whenever you venture into New Iberia.

It’s also a kid-friendly location, as many teachers have commended the place’s attentiveness to students when they took them here on field trips. Best yet, a few of the staff are also former teachers, so they’re great with kids.

Come on out for a history lesson and discover how the rice and mill industry remains a staple in the area to this day. The enthusiastic guides are also willing to strike up several stories about the industry. Oh, and they’re always happy to embark on a Q&A after the tour.

4 – Konriko Company Store

This is a good one to visit if you head over to the Conrad Rice Museum (See Above), Shadows on the Teche (See Below), or the Bayou Teche Museum, given its within one mile proximity of each location. But you’ll find a cool collection of gift shop apparel, Cajun food products, and other items at the Company Store.

Other items of interest include postcards, cookbooks, selections of rice products, plus local dishes to sample if you’re into that sort of thing.

Konriko Company Store

Often, if you’re already at the Conrad Rice Museum, your tour guide may actually just swing you by Konriko, as a few reviewers on TripAdvisor have noted. And if this is the case, brace yourself for a few more history lessons and Q & A sessions, since the store also has a good story behind it.

5 – Shadows on the Teche

Head over to 317 E. Main Street over in New Iberia and you’ll stumble upon the picturesque scenery surrounding this beautiful manor. With towering oaks lining the path leading to the old home, along with Spanish moss, an eclectic array of flowers, and more, you’re in for yet another local history lesson.

Built in 1834 to house sugar farmer David Weeks, prepare to step back into the 19th century along with the four generations that grew up in this home.

For the architecture enthusiast in your travel group, they will love the classic revival style featuring a colonial floor plan. And for the nature enthusiast, they must sneak a peek at those preserved gardens that continue to grace the landscape.

Oh, and within the house, you’ll uncover a collection of 17,000 pieces of literature that epitomize the way of life during the home’s prime, while the gardens will take you between the 1920s and 1940s. There is truly so much to see at this popular venture in New Iberia.

6 – Bayou Teche Museum

Venture just a tenth of the mile from Shadows on the Teche and check out the Bayou Teche Museum. It’s one of those museums that feature exhibits they’re always rotating in and out, so if you have been here before, set yourself up to make a few return trips.

You’ll find a detailed history of New Iberia here, along with exhibits featuring those who provided significant contributions to the town. Ride the Salt Mine elevator, check out a few of the art exhibits, and learn about the region’s culture.

Bayou Teche Museum

Although it covers just local history, many reviewers on TripAdvisor have insisted that this small museum is fit as much for tourists as it is for locals. They highly recommend anyone venturing to the area to check it out and it takes no more than an hour to explore.

7 – Captain Caviar’s Swamp Tours

Head over to Patterson and embark on a swamp tour with Captain Caviar. Here, you will get up close and personal with the wildlife scene in the region, and oh yes, you will see the gators. But you will see more than just the impeccable nature scene that Patterson brings.

Captain Caviar will tell you a few stories, many of which involving ghosts, history, and mystery. So, you’re getting more than just a well-recited lesson in plant life, animals, and mainstream history here.

Just a few of the many animals that you will find here include ospreys, herrings, gators, and more.

Also, make sure you call ahead of time and set up an appointment, as tourists line up in droves to book him for their tour of the Louisiana wetlands.

Best yet, you’re looking at a family-friendly experience. So, regardless of the ages of those in your tour group, Captain Caviar welcomes all.

8 – Clementine

You’ll find a good nightlife scene over at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel. But you’ll also find more over in New Iberia if you head to 113 E. Main Street in New Iberia. If you visited Shadows on the Teche and the Bayou Teche Museum, you’re in the right area, as it’s between 250 feet and a quarter mile from each attraction.

You’re getting sensational food and service when you visit Clementine, along with classic American and local flare with that Cajun twist. Choose from an extensive list of cocktail drinks and complete your dinner in the heart of New Iberia.

A few reviewers on TripAdvisor have noted just how busy this place gets, so they stress that if you choose to frequent Clementine, make reservations.

Come and See All Charenton, Louisiana Has to Offer

Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel definitely is a draw, and it even has its draws within. But if you’re looking to get out and about and explore the region, you have plenty of options in a couple of small towns. So carve out a day or two and venture into small-town Louisiana for your fair share of eclectic attractions.

So, what’ll it be? A tour of a few museums? A walk or a boat tour into the Louisiana wetlands?

There are always fun places to visit near Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel. And have you visited Cypress Bayou? If so, what were your thoughts on the casino? Also, did you visit any of the attractions listed above? Tell us about your experience in the comments! We cannot wait to read your stories.