How to Get Discounted Show Tickets in Las Vegas

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Nothing quite says Vegas like out-of-this-world shows. Vegas has long been a spot for artists of all shapes and sizes to congregate, and the casinos have been willing to give the best and brightest the chance to perform in the bright lights of the stage.

What’s great about how modern Vegas handles shows is that you rarely see long-term residencies for big name artists anymore. That’s good for you because it means you have a lot more options.

Musicians used to spend years in Vegas doing back-to-back shows. Elvis famously did two shows a night for seven days a week, two years running. But that’s becoming less and less common. Big-name artists are now committing to residencies for less than year’s time, and some merely commit to doing about 10 shows and getting back on the road.

What does that have to do with discounted tickets? It means you’ve got a lot more competition. One of the only ways that casinos can drum up excitement for some of these shows is to give out discounts. There are literally tons of ways you can get discounted show tickets in Las Vegas, you just have to be willing to put in a little extra work.

1 – Get Your Vegas Show Tickets Far in Advance

This is probably going to sound pretty obvious, but if you get your tickets way in advance, you can often get some fairly steep discounts. We are far beyond the days when you had to work with a travel agent to get tickets in advance (or make phone calls and have them mailed to you). Alongside your trusty internet connection, you can get your tickets the same day you book your flight.

Now, this all depends on the show, of course.

Not all shows are going to think of tickets purchased six months out as “advanced,” especially if it’s an extremely popular show.

Like all travel, you should start planning early and see what kind of discounts you can get if you book well in advance.

2 – Get Your Tickets the Day Of

Most of us can get on board with the idea that advance tickets are going to come with some sort of discount, but I think many of us will struggle with the idea that going the chaotic-and-crazy route can actually save you some money, too.

If you’re more of a seat-of-your-pants kind of traveler (instead of a check-every-box-twice type), this might be right up your alley. Because Vegas shows occur so often, there are invariably leftover seats. Many hotels will make half-price tickets available for purchase on the day of the show.

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The drawback to this approach is that you might not be able to get tickets to the show you really wanted to see, or you might not get the best seats in the world. But if you’re flying into Vegas on a budget (or the tables were particularly cruel to you one night), then consider checking with your hotel to see if they have any discounted tickets available.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are quite a few third-party vendors around town who are also going to be able to let tickets go on the cheap as long as they’re same-day shows. Keep your eyes open and ask the concierge at your hotel where you should go if they don’t have any half-price tickets available that suit your tastes.

3 – Join a Las Vegas Player’s Club

Player’s clubs are rewards programs for casinos in Las Vegas. Every casino has one, and almost all of them come with a sign-up bonus. You earn points for just about every game you play (including slots) as long as you present your card. You can use those points for all kinds of rewards, including discounted or free show tickets.

If you plan on spending a lot of time at the tables or on the slots, especially in many different casinos, you should join every player’s club you can and see what kind of discounts you can get on show tickets.

While you can sign up for just about any of the player’s clubs of the major casinos online, you can also sign up for them once you’re on the ground in Vegas. Just talk to the concierge at each casino to learn more.

4 – Avoid Weekend Tickets and Shoot for a Weekday

Anyone who flies regularly knows that the best way to get cheaper plane tickets is by traveling on non-peak days. The same goes for tickets in Vegas.

Remember, the shows you’re going to see really don’t operate like the concerts or theatre shows you’re probably used to. These things are happening constantly throughout the week, so there are going to be peaks and valleys.

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The weekends are obviously the most popular, but there’s still a show to be had the other five days of the week. Check out the weekday prices, and you’re sure to save over the popular weekend tickets.

Another big benefit to this is avoiding crowds! There’s a reason the tickets are cheaper during the week. The lower demand means you might be able to put your feet up and spread out (instead of feeling squished into your seat like a sardine).

Last minute tickets are almost always going to be more available for a weekday show as well, so some steep discounts are possible.

5 – Choose Your Vegas Hotel Based on Your Preferred Show

Not everyone loves live performances. Many people come to Vegas to play the tables, toss a few coins into some slots, and party. However, if you’re coming to Las Vegas just to see a particular show, you’ll want to consider choosing your accommodations based on where that show is playing.

There’s a lot of competition in Vegas among the casinos, which means that each casino is going to offer exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else.

If your main goal is to see a particular artist on your trip, consider seeing what packages that casino has to offer before considering another choice.

Many casinos will throw in discounted (or even free) tickets to their exclusive shows as an incentive to get you to spend the night in the casino.

6 – Coupons, Fun Books, and Memberships, Oh My!

Another excellent way to get discounted show tickets in Las Vegas is to make use of the extensive network of coupons available to you.

Start with Las Vegas Advisor. You’ll find all kinds of coupons here (that change from year to year). Now, it does require you to sign up and become a member to get full access to their Member Rewards Book, but you actually get more than just discounts on shows.

You’ll get coupons that you can use for dining, for gaming, and even for spas, in addition to discounts on shows and entertainment. It costs less than $40 to sign up, which you’ll almost certainly make back if you’re in Vegas for a full week.

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Another great resource for awesome Vegas coupons is They don’t exactly card you to make sure you’re a local. And unlike LVA, they don’t charge for their coupons. You can get discounts on shows, tours, dining, casino rooms, shopping, and more.

Another option is to get a discount card. You usually have to search these out online, and they change drastically from year to year, but essentially they’re a physical card that you pay for once and then use at a variety of places in Vegas.

Yes, you have to pay for them, but the discounts they provide are deeper. You may be able to save significantly if you plan on seeing lots of shows while you’re in Vegas. They’re also great if you want to save on just about anything else—food, hotels, drinks, you name it.

Finally, you’ll want to look into a Vegas staple called “fun books.” You may or may not get a fun book with your player’s club membership at each hotel, but not always. You may need to ask the player’s club agent directly to get one.

Fun books are filled with coupons that tend to be unique to the hotel and unique to the month or season that you visit.

You can even find people handing them out on the strip in exchange for a tip! But don’t bother with that, just ask your hotel’s concierge about what they have available.

7 – Play the Lottery

No, not the literal lottery! Most people aren’t aware of it, but many shows have a lottery system that offers low-cost tickets for a select number of seats for each show. You’re really rolling the dice on this one, but hey, isn’t that the spirit of Vegas? And if you’re lucky enough to win, you might find yourself saving dozens or even hundreds of dollars.

8 – Get Them Comped

Finally, if you’re coming to Vegas with the intent of spending some serious time on the tables or slots, you’ll learn quickly that just about anything can be given through casino comps, depending on how much you’re playing and how much you’re spending. If you’ve spent some serious money at the tables of the casino where your show of choice is playing, consider pulling aside a pit boss and asking if you can get comped tickets.

The worst they can do is say no!


There are tons of opportunities for discounted show tickets in Las Vegas for the savvy visitor who keeps their eyes and ears open and isn’t worried about spending a little time searching out the deals.

What’s your preferred way to get discounts on tickets in Vegas?