5 Different Ways to Play Blackjack

Blackjack Text With a Man Playing Blackjack

Blackjack has been available in gambling houses since at least the 1700s. Known as Vingt-et-Un to the French back then, it quickly became one of the most popular casino games.

Fast forward to today, and you no longer have to visit land-based establishments to play. You now have other options thanks to the internet and various devices.

One method of playing blackjack even allows you to train to become a card counter! If you’re intrigued by playing blackjack in as many ways as possible, then you’ll definitely want to check out the five options presented below.

1 – Low Roller Tables in Land-Based Casinos

Blackjack got its start in brick and mortar casinos. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the game continues to be a hit in land-based casinos. Blackjack is especially popular among low rollers.

A low roller is somebody who wagers between $5 and $25 per blackjack hand. Not coincidentally, this range usually constitutes the minimum bets in most casinos.

Given that many players don’t like risking a fortune, low roller tables are particularly popular.

Of course, you can always raise your bets with these games. In many cases, you’ll be able to risk a maximum of $500 per hand.

But you can also drop your wager when you’re not feeling so lucky. Smaller bets give you a stronger chance of lasting throughout the night and extending your entertainment.

2 – High Roller Tables in Land-Based Casinos

High-roller blackjack is the stuff of movies. After all, nobody ever made a film about Joey Lunchpail sitting down at a $5 table. High-roller games are featured in private areas of the casino. Only gamblers who are willing to risk $50 or more per hand can sit at these tables.

Many wealthy businesspeople and celebrities enjoy high-stakes gambling. Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, and the late Kerry Packer are among the rich and famous who’ve bet big on this game.

High Limit Casino Room

Packer is an especially interesting story. Before his death in 2005, the Australian media mogul regularly wagered six figures per hand.

Luckily, you don’t need to bet anywhere close to $100,000 to play at a high-stakes table. Assuming you ante up the $50 or $100 minimum, you can rub elbows with the elite.

If this amount seems like too much, then you should consider that blackjack features a low house edge. Here’s a look at your theoretical losses when playing for high stakes:

  • You wager $100 per hand.
  • You’re facing a 1% edge from the house.
  • The table deals 70 hands every hour.
  • 7000 x 0.01 = $70 in expected losses every hour

3 – Online Blackjack (Virtual)

Blackjack is a staple at online casinos. In fact, many gaming sites offer variations of blackjack, such as double exposure, switch, surrender, and Spanish 21.

Of course, online real money blackjack doesn’t compete with the land-based version in terms of atmosphere. However, it does present other notable advantages.

First off, the internet version doesn’t require that you travel anywhere. Instead, you can simply pull up a game on your smartphone, tablet, or computer whenever.

Online blackjack features lower stakes than brick and mortar casinos. Most gaming sites only require you to wager $1 per hand. Micro limit blackjack allows you to play for just $0.10 per round.

You don’t even need to risk anything when playing online. Gaming sites allow you to sample their blackjack games after you’ve created an account.

The internet version also presents more favorable rules in many cases. Thanks to these favorable rules, you’ll typically only face around a 0.5% house edge in online blackjack. Compare this to the land-based game, where the house advantage commonly ranges from 1% to 2%.

4 – Live Dealer Blackjack

As mentioned above, traditional online blackjack doesn’t quite offer the same atmosphere as land-based establishments. But you can partially remedy this by playing at a live dealer casino.

A live game takes place in a brick and mortar studio with a human dealer and real table. The studio streams the action to your device.

Online Live Dealer Blackjack Game

Therefore, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience of internet blackjack and the social aspects of the land-based version.

Speaking of the latter, you can chat with the dealer through a chat box. This element makes live dealer blackjack feel like when you’re chatting with croupiers in brick and mortar casinos.

Of course, live blackjack isn’t completely like sitting in a chair surrounded by other players. However, it’s the next best thing that you can find when playing online.

5 – Card Counting Training Program

Not every method of playing blackjack is about you competing against the dealer. You can also play this game while training for something bigger.

You’ve certainly heard about card counters. A card counter uses their skills to make long-term profits in blackjack.

Blackjack card counting actually isn’t that hard to get started with. The difficult thing, though, is maintaining an accurate count while keeping up with the game speed.

Even if you’ve thoroughly studied counting ahead of time, you’re unlikely to keep up with the dealer’s speed the first time. Therefore, you shouldn’t head to the casino right away and start risking money.

A better route is to train for the task ahead. Card counting training programs let you hone your craft before placing bets.

The great thing about counting programs is that they don’t cost a thing. All you need to do is find them through a simple Google search and start playing.

These programs flash cards on the screen. It’s your job to accurately keep the count while the virtual cards are dealt.

How to Choose Where You Play

You can see that there are plenty of options for enjoying blackjack. But where do you start? The following tips will point you in the right direction.

Consider Your Stakes

The first thing that you want to consider before playing blackjack involves the stakes. After all, you don’t want to play above your means and risk too much money at once.

You should begin by looking at your bankroll size. From here, you can form an accurate picture on what stakes you’re best suited for.

Here’s an example on figuring out how much to play for:

  • You have a $1,000 bankroll.
  • You bet $5 per hand.
  • The house edge is 1%.
  • The table sees 75 hands per hour.
  • 75 x 5 x 0.01 = $3.75 theoretical hourly losses
  • 1,000 / 3.75 = 267 hours

Based on the fact that your bankroll will theoretically last for 267 hours, you’ll be perfectly fine playing $5 stakes. You might even consider increasing your bet size.

Decide If You Want to Travel

Brick and mortar casinos arguably offer the best blackjack experience. You can head to the casino with your buddies and have a memorable evening.

However, not everybody has a casino in their backyard. Many gamblers need to drive or possibly even fly to the nearest gambling establishment.

Progressive Blackjack Table

Even if you only have a half-hour drive ahead of you, this bit of travel time can be a nuisance. It’s especially annoying when considering that you also have to park and walk for a while until reaching the blackjack tables.

You might be perfectly fine with all of this when you’re really wanting to play in a live setting. If not, though, you should consider learning how to play online blackjack.

Think About the Exact Experience You Want

All of the routes for playing blackjack covered before offer a different experience. Here are the perks behind each method of playing:

  • Low roller tables (land-based) – Enjoy the casino atmosphere without needing to bet much.
  • High roller tables (land-based) – Play in a casino for high stakes and potentially win big.
  • Traditional online blackjack – Enjoy blackjack in the cheapest and most convenient way possible.
  • Live blackjack – Play online with elements of a land-based casino (e.g. human dealer).
  • Card counting training program – Train online to become a card counter without risking money.

Depending upon what mood you’re in, you may want to play a different type of blackjack each time out. You might seek a high-roller experience at a brick and mortar casino one day. The next, you may just want to lay on your couch and play the game online.


The blackjack world has changed greatly over the past few decades. Thanks to the internet, you now have several options for playing this popular casino game.

Online casinos, live casinos, and training programs are all available over the internet. Each provides distinct advantages that make them worth considering.

Of course, you can always opt for a classic gambling experience, too. Low-roller and high-roller tables are both available in land-based casinos.

You don’t need to commit to any one style of blackjack either. Instead, you can switch things up every time that you decide to play a session.