Dice Sliding Can Beat Craps But Here’s Why You Should Avoid It

Pair of Craps Die on a Blue Psychedelic Background

Real money craps is a completely random game on the surface. You toss dice down a long table and attempt to hit a textured wall.

The toss alone will produce plenty of randomness. The tiny pyramid shapes on the wall only serve to shake the dice up even more.

You’re not supposed to be able to play craps with any sort of skill. This game doesn’t offer a true advantage play method, such as card counting.

However, you actually can gain an edge on casinos with dice sliding. This technique awards you consistent profits when performed correctly.

If you’re an avid craps player, you might think that dice sliding sounds great. However, it features one huge catch you should be aware of.

What Is Dice Sliding and How Does It Work?

A standard craps toss involves hurling dice across the table and towards the wall. Provided you do this, then you’re truly gambling and relying on luck to win.

Dice sliding doesn’t involve making a random toss. Instead, it requires you to slide one or both of the dice across the table.

The objective of dice sliding is to prevent the cubes from rolling. Assuming you correctly pull this off, then the dice will be in the same position as they started.

Here’s an example:

  • You make a pass line bet.
  • You place the dice so that a four and three are facing upward.
  • You slide the dice down the table.
  • The cubes come to a stop in their original positions.
  • You win thanks to “rolling” a seven on the come out.

Some skill is required to consistently slide dice down the table without tumbling them. Just one wrong flick in your fingers could send them chaotically bouncing around.

If you’re interested in dice sliding, then you should practice your technique beforehand. You may even consider rigging up a homemade craps table and working on your slides before betting real money.

The Only Way to Consistently Beat Craps

As covered before, craps doesn’t offer a legitimate advantage play method. Dice sliding is the lone way to guarantee yourself profits.

Of course, you must be good at sliding the dice if you’re going to win with this technique. Practice is key to making this happen.

But as can be seen with successful card counters, advantage gambling can really pay off. The same concept holds true with sliding dice.

You can make serious profits when combining this technique with exotic prop bets. For instance, a bet on 12 pays 30:1.

Normally, 12 is a terrible bet. It may pay 30:1, but it also carries 35:1 true odds. The end result is an ugly 13.89% house edge.

If you can approach the 12 bet with skill, though, then you can win big. Even if you only successfully keep the 6s upright on one out of three rounds, you’ll still crush the casino.

You can even mix up your bets between low and high odds. Casinos are less likely to harass you if the majority of your wins feature low odds (e.g. pass line, don’t pass line).

Dice Sliding vs. Dice Control

Again, craps doesn’t feature a true advantage gambling method. But some prominent gaming authors have suggested that dice control (a.k.a. controlled shooting) is a valid way to beat craps.

Dice control begins with “setting” the dice with the desired numbers facing upward. This aspect is exactly how you leave specific numbers facing upward with dice sliding.

Controlled shooting differs, though, by seeing you toss the dice like normal. The hope is that you can control your throw enough to where you eventually produce desired results.

Of course, any random toss won’t do with regard to dice control. Instead, you need to practice your tossing motion and release.

Your aim is to develop a smooth motion that helps you barely kiss dice off the wall. Such a toss allegedly reduces the cubes kicking off the wall and makes it likely that they feature the upright numbers.

Proponents claim that controlled shooting is similar to a professional athlete who hones their skills over years. An expert dice controller can supposedly mop up at the craps tables.

The only problem is hat dice control has never been proven in any official capacity. Those who claim that it works make money off the endeavor through seminars.

Unlike with sliding, you’re still tossing the dice through the air. The down-table toss along with the textured wall make it impossible to control results in this manner.

Dice sliding truly works and can result in guaranteed profits. Dice control is a pipedream, or even an outright lie, that doesn’t actually work.

Dice Sliding Is Illegal

Sliding dice is the lone path towards guaranteed craps winnings. Unfortunately, it’s also illegal in every gambling jurisdiction.

You aren’t initially breaking any laws by attempting to slide dice down the table. However, the stickman will warn you that sliding isn’t allowed.

Assuming you continue sliding the dice, you’ll be asked to leave the table or even escorted out by casino security.

The illegality comes in when you attempt to defraud the casino through dice sliding. If security cameras catch you sneaking in slides when the table crew isn’t looking, then you’ll be considered a cheater.

Those who attempt sliding often work with an accomplice. One or more people will distract the crew with questions and chatter while the shooter slides dice down the table.

Poker pros Veronica Dabul and Leo Fernandez worked this scheme at The Wynn Las Vegas in 2011. Dabul served as the distraction while Fernandez slid the dice.

They won $700,000 within the span of a few days. However, The Wynn reviewed security footage and pressed charges against the Argentinians.

Due to the difficulty in pulling off dice sliding without getting caught, some cheaters only slide one of the cubes. They grip and slide dice in a manner that lets them pull off this feat.

You can see this technique explained in the following video:

The downside to this method is that it creates randomness in one of the dice. But you can still win guaranteed profits over time by making the right bets and successfully sliding just one cube.

Most importantly, you can make it appear as if you’re performing a completely random toss. One of the cubes will truly be random because it’s being tossed.

The other may see random due to its spinning nature. However, the reality is that it never tumbles when slid right.

Should You Still Attempt Dice Sliding?

Casinos wouldn’t be able to offer craps games if dice sliding were legal. They’d get destroyed by skilled gamblers who could consistently slide the cubes and produce desired numbers.

Therefore, sliding dice is considered cheating from a legal standpoint. The casino won’t call the cops if they think you’re clueless on the matter. Instead, they’ll simply ask you to leave the table and possibly the property.

Close-up of Craps Die

The real trouble comes in if the casino proves that you deliberately try beating them with dice sliding. If you use a technique that masks your sliding or have an accomplice distract the dealer, then you’re breaking the law.

This brings up an inevitable question, do you risk fines and jail time just to win casino profits? My personal answer is no. I don’t suggest that you take the legal risk because you’ll likely be unsuccessful.

You not only need to worry about the crew catching you. The eye in the sky can spot your illegal activities as well. More staff members will scrutinize your play if you win big. Casinos can go back and review the footage if they want to ensure your winnings are legitimate.

You may still be cavalier enough to take these chances for a big score. However, you also have to accept the potential legal consequences if you try dice sliding.


Craps is a totally random affair that involves tossing dice down a table. Even with dice control, you can’t influence the results to any degree.

Your only chance to consistently win in craps is by sliding the cubes. This technique helps you keep one or both of the dice upright with the number(s) you need.

Dice sliding is by no means difficult to pull off. You can quickly master this technique with some practice. Therefore, the challenge in sliding dice isn’t about whether or not you can win. The real roadblock is the illegality of the matter.

Sliding dice isn’t legal in any gambling jurisdiction because it’s too effective. You must float the law to use this method.

You won’t spend years in prison for getting caught. However, jailtime and a large fine are very realistic possibilities.

Whether you think facing these punishments is worth chasing a big gambling score is a subjective matter. I strongly suggest that you resist the temptation. However, you may be daring enough to try dice sliding anyway.