Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel Is a Fantastic Place to Start a Casino Tour

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel Front Entrance at Sunset

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel has it all if you’re looking to kick off a South Dakota-style casino tour. More than just a casino, it has become an all-out resort featuring a variety of gaming, dining, entertainment, and lodging options.

Plus, Watertown, South Dakota, features a phenomenal array of places to play beyond the casino. So, be sure to take a day or so to explore the area and transform your time at Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel into an all-out vacation destination.

Today’s post will cover all of what you will expect to find at Dakota Sioux, from its gaming to lodging. We’ll start with an overview before we dive deeper in-depth into one of South Dakota’s most vibrant casinos that are not located in Deadwood, one of America’s casino capitals.

Overview of Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel features a variety of games from your traditional slot machines to poker and Blackjack options. Whether you’re a high-stakes bettor, recreational player, beginner, or advanced, you will find a game that suits your needs.

They have a phenomenal dining establishment right at the casino called Mustangs. Mustangs Steakhouse and Buffet serves as a one-stop shop, so be sure to give it a whirl if you need to grab something deliciously fresh before or after a day of casino gaming.

The casino also features pristine promotions and events year-round. And if you join their vibrant players club, you will have access to even more of the goods than you’ve ever thought possible. If you play at Dakota Sioux often, or if you’re looking to make return trips, make sure you join this illustrious players club.

Dakota Sioux features two distinct lodging options. Whether you’re craving a night outdoors or if you’d rather stay inside and rest in contemporary comfort, they have options for you.

Now that you have a taste of what to expect at Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel, the following sections will provide an in-depth look at everything, from what types of casino games you can expect to some of the more popular nearby attractions.

Gaming Scene

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel’s gaming scene is unlike any other in South Dakota. And that includes those Deadwood Casinos. As their site states, “Dakota’s First, Dakota’s Finest.” And the proof is in all those awesome casino games.

They feature a variety of the latest and greatest slot machines. The action-packed slots line the casino’s perimeter, and they even invade the middle of the floor. You’ll find both video and reel games here, from the traditional, three-reel to dozen-line games.

You will also find multiple denominations here. Whether you’re recreational or if you’d like to raise the stakes some. Dakota Sioux also features video poker, which is a fantastic way to learn the game without facing the pressures of a live setting.

But if you’re ready to face off with the best players in the area, visit that poker room. Join a poker tournament, try your hand, and compete to become the next great poker-playing legend.

Details of Blackjack Table

If you’re a fan of blackjack, odds are, you’ll have fun here at Dakota Sioux. It’s also a great place to start if you’re new to the game, as their dealers will explain the basics. They offer a variety of different games all seven days per week. So, expect something fresh, depending on the day you frequent the venue.


Looking to dine at Dakota Sioux Casino? Head over to Mustangs, your one-stop shop at the casino. This is a great place to satisfy any cravings. And it’s especially a fine place to dine after a long day at the casino because Mustangs offers a deli, a restaurant, and a full-on seafood buffet.

Now, you know why we referred to it as a one-stop shop. It’s practically three dining establishments in a single location!

Best yet, they offer daily breakfast and dinner specials. So, you can start off your day at the casino with a hearty breakfast, then return for lunch, dinner, or both and take advantage of those deep discounts.

And if you’re looking for something fast, head over to the deli and grab a made-to-order sandwich, soup, and salad of your choice.

Craving seafood? Make your way to their illustrious buffet and enjoy a potluck of the area’s finest seafood selection. 

Also, don’t forget to carve some time out of your busy schedule to head to the Lounge at Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel. This is a great spot if you’re looking to sample a few of the area’s finest drinks. Enjoy your favorite cocktail or opt for something local to please those taste buds.

The Players Club

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel’s promotions feature a variety of options, including daily, weekly, and even seasonal promos. Regardless of the time of year, they always have something special going on.

And now, you can take part in the action by signing up for the players club. It’s the best way for you to earn loyalty points based on all of those rough hours you put into your favorite casino games.

Just sign up for free, and you might win a few opportunities to earn cash, merchandise, taking part in special casino promotions, and extra slot play.

And the minute you sign up, you can also earn $10 in free slot play. Best yet, you can earn points via the slots, plus money spent at the gift shop or dining areas. Redeem your points right at the machine by inserting it into the holder. Or if you’re at the shop or the restaurant, just present it and start earning.

Slot Machines With Players Card Desk in Background

The more you play and the more you frequent the dining areas and gift shop, the more points you will earn and the greater the benefits you will receive. All of this serves as a “thank you” for staying loyal to one of the finest casino outlets in South Dakota.

If you’re looking for even more fun, make sure to check the entertainment calendar at Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel to see who’s going to be at the premises during your trip. Head over to the event center, where you will find the top world-class acts all on one stage. Or head over to the lounge and stumble upon some of the better upcoming local acts in the area.

Whether you’re looking to go big with world-class entertainment, or if you’re interested in the more intimate local scene, you will find both at Dakota Sioux. And the entertainment doesn’t end there. Let’s discuss a few nearby attractions to round out this page.

Local Attractions

If you’re looking to play at more than just the casino, this section is one where you must pay attention.

Watertown is a fantastic area for fun, and it begins at the Redlin Art Center. The art enthusiast will fall head over heels for the collections within the walls. Plus, they boast some of the finest scenery in the entire area, from bounding prairies and woodlands, to reflecting waters. It’s more than a sight to see.

Bramble Park Zoo is another nearby attraction, and it makes for a great outing for the whole family. If you brought the entire crew with you, make it a point to stop here and view the exotic wildlife that you will find inhabiting the Heartland.

And if you’re looking for entertainment beyond the confines of the casino, a trip to the Goss Opera House is always worth it.

On-site Accommodations

Planning on an overnight stay?

Lodging at Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel features two solid options whether you’re craving to rest in contemporary comfort or if you’d rather sleep under the stars.

At the hotel, you can take it easy. They offer options that are more economic like a room with standard king or standard queen. However, you can also go long and hit some luxury with a jacuzzi suite, complete with a king-sized bed.

You’ll even find several hot amenities at the hotel, including a gift shop, laundry services, nearby attractions for fishing, hunting, and water sports, plus a non-smoking atmosphere.

Or you can head over to the RV Park, which remains open seasonally, often starting in the spring. The RV Park comes with a convenient location near the casino. And best yet, you can still stay connected with free Wi-Fi.

And as with the hotel, you’ll find a fine variety of golf, fishing, and other outdoor recreation just steps away. So, park the RV, head into the casino for a day of gaming, and carve out some time to visit all of what the Watertown area offers.

Our Final Thoughts on Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel

Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel isn’t the biggest gaming outlet, but it’s the hub for a fun vacation in Watertown, South Dakota. You’re getting the works here, with a vibrant casino floor and fun attractions at every single turn.

Chances are, you’re coming to Watertown for more than just a few days at the casino. But nevertheless, you can kick off a fantastic vacation right in the Heartland, given all there is to do in this smaller town. You may even book an extra day or two because of all there is to do both on and off the casino grounds.

Have you been to Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel? Planning a trip to the casino? If so, tell us about your experience and let us know if you turned a trip to the casino into an all-out vacation.