Craps Mistakes That Casino Gamblers Must Avoid

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Craps games offer many ways to make a mistake. With all of the betting options you can easily make a poor choice. And if you do what most other craps players are doing you’re making too many mistakes.

The good news is that once you learn about the worst craps mistakes it’s simple to avoid them. In fact, you only need to know three things to play craps mistake free.

You’re going to learn what these three things are and how to avoid the 6 worst craps mistakes in this article. Craps is much simpler than it looks at first. Keep reading to learn more about playing craps for real money.

Not Taking the Odds

I played craps casually for over a year before I even new that the odds wager existed. I admit that I didn’t pay good attention to what other craps players were doing at the time, but looking back I don’t know how I missed the best bet in the casino.

Actually, I guess I do know how I missed it. You can’t find a designated space on the craps layout for an odds wager and if you don’t pay attention to other gamblers like I was doing at that time, it’s a wonder that I learned anything at all about craps.

The way you place an odds wager is by placing your bet behind your come out roll bet after the dice set a point. I always state odds out loud when I do this to make sure that there’s not a mistake about what I’m doing.

Empty Craps Table Game

As a craps player you have to take advantage of the odds bet. While you can’t make the odds bet without first making a come out bet, everything that you do at the craps table needs to revolve around the odds.

This is the only fair bet in the entire casino. In this case, fair means that it’s offered at 100% return to player. If you don’t take the odds wager option every chance you get, you’re making a mistake.

Playing Craps the Right Way

Every craps game starts with something that’s called a come out roll. Sometimes the come out roll resolves on the first roll, and sometimes it doesn’t resolve for several rolls. After the come out roll or series of rolls resolves, a new come out roll starts a new series.

When you prepare to place a wager on a come out roll, you can bet on the pass line or don’t pass. It depends somewhat on the players at the table, but most craps players bet on the pass line. I don’t know why this is considered the right way to bet by so many craps players, but if you make the don’t pass wager instead of the pass line bet at some tables the other gamblers act like you’re an idiot.

However, the long term odds, casino house edge, and return to player percentage show that don’t pass is the better option.

The return difference between don’t pass and the pass line is small. But even a small difference accumulates in the long run, and I never give the casino an extra penny if I can avoid it. Playing craps the way that most craps players think is the right way is a mistake.

Altering Your Craps Wager Size

You learned in the first section of this article that the odds bet offers a 100% return. But you have to make a pass or don’t pass bet before you can place the odds, and each of these wagers has a return that doesn’t reach 100%.

What this means is that the casino still has an edge when you play craps. And anytime the casino has an edge, if you play long enough you’re going to lose. You need to do a few things to help you limit how much you lose in these situations.

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The best thing you can do is follow a simple formula or set of rules. Make the smallest size come out roll bet you’re allowed to make, and then make the maximum size odds bet that you’re allowed to make. And never alter the size of these wagers.

This way you’re risking the minimum amount that you can on the wager that has a casino edge, and the maximum amount that you can on the fair wager. You’re allowed to make smaller wagers when you play online or mobile craps games than you can make in live casinos, so consider switching to online or mobile casino apps.

The Speed of Online and Mobile Casino Craps

Playing craps at online and mobile casinos has two big benefits. But it also has one big drawback that can be one of the worst mistakes that you can make.

The two big benefits of mobile and online carps are the small bets that you can make and the chance to play with a craps bonus. The big mistake that many craps players make online and playing in mobile casinos is they play too fast.

When you play craps in a live or land based casino it plays fairly slow. It takes time for all of the players to place their wagers and throw the dice. And then the winning wagers are paid out and the losing wagers are collected.

When you play craps in a mobile or online casinos this is all done quickly. This means that you can play far more rolls in online and mobile casinos in the same amount of time.

Many craps gamblers see this as a benefit because they want more action. But the only thing that playing craps faster does is risk more money. When you play mobile and online craps, slow down so you risk less money.

No Craps Bonus and/or No Craps Comps

Whether you play online or mobile craps or play craps in a real casino, you need to do whatever you can to improve your chance of winning and/or limit your total losses. If you don’t take advantage of certain things it’s a mistake.

When you play online or mobile craps, the best thing you can do is find an online casino bonus. Not every casino offers a bonus for craps play, but some do. A good craps bonus gives you a much larger bankroll.

Craps Table-Gambling

Land based and live casinos that offer craps don’t offer bonuses like online and mobile craps casinos. But most land based casinos offer comps when you play craps. All you have to do is join the comps club and show your club card when you play at the craps table.

Craps bonuses and comps aren’t going to make craps a winnable game. But they do help you play longer and can make your long term losses lower. Failing to take advantage of craps bonus offers and craps comp schemes are mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

Controlled Shooting Gambling Fallacy

Most craps players don’t know anything about controlled shooting. Controlled craps shooting is a theory that you can use physical skills to manipulate the outcome of dice rolls.

A small population of craps gamblers believe that controlled shooting is real and they think they can get an edge by using it.

In theory this is true. If you can control the dice you can get an edge. The mistake is that some players believe that controlled shooting is real. I don’t believe that it works, and nobody has ever been able to show proof that it works.

Supposedly you can train your arm to throw the dice the same way every time through 1,000’s of hours of practice. If you can set the dice the same way and throw using the exact same motion every time you can get an edge.

I suppose that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it if you want. The mistake is changing the size of your wagers based on the belief that you can change the outcome of rolls. Most controlled shooters use varying bet sizes and different combinations of wagers.

Anything other than making small come out roll bets and big odds bets is a mistake.

Stick to the Best Gambling Strategies

Craps tables offer many different bets but only two bets should be made. Don’t pass and the odds are the only two craps bets you should make. Any other bet is a mistake and makes the edge the casino has bigger.

It’s also a mistake to risk more than the table minimum on don’t pass. The table minimums are smaller at online and mobile craps tables, so this is where you should play.

Just be careful not to play too fast when you play mobile and online craps. This puts too much money at risk.