Cool Tourist Attractions Near Argosy Casino Alton

Argosy Casino and Illinois Attractions

Argosy Casino Alton is one of the finest casino attractions in Alton, Illinois. But it’s only a sliver of the goods you will discover in the area considering the number of nearby attractions surrounding the place.

Apart from the casino, brace yourself to find a horde of scenery, monuments, museums, and even a playhouse. So, if you’re looking to turn your time at Argosy Casino Alton into a vacation venture or at least a weeklong getaway, use today’s post to plan your weekend or vacation itinerary.

And remember, today’s list is just a sliver as opposed to all of what you will come across. So, use it as a starting point and don’t limit yourself to the attractions listed below.

Ready to explore all of what Alton offers apart from Illinois casinos? Let’s discover the area.

World’s Tallest Man Statue

The World’s Tallest Man in recorded history was a native of Alton, Illinois.

His name? Robert Wadlow is also known as the “Gentle Giant,” the tallest man who ever lived, the “Alton Giant,” and more. He grew to the record-breaking height of 8 feet, 11 inches by the time of his death in 1940 at age 22.

So, what will you find at the World’s Tallest Man Statue? You’ll discover a life-sized statue of Robert Wadlow, himself, where you can compare your height to his and see how you compare. Wadlow also sat in specialized chairs because of his height, and they have a replica of the chair at the site, too.

Here, you will find the story behind the chair and how it came to be, descriptions of who Wadlow was and what he did during his lifetime, and the legacy he has left behind in Alton, Illinois.

Great Rivers Scenic Route

Looking for a scenic tour fit for biking and hiking? Take the Great Rivers Scenic Route, where you will discover breathtaking river views, quaint area towns like Elijah and Grafton, and more. Drop by during the late summer and fall months for stunning scenic views of the surrounding deciduous forests, and remember the scenery is just the initial topic of conversation.

Great Rivers Scenic Route Ships

You will also find many hiking and biking trails in the area. So, if you’d rather immerse yourself fully in nature along with a fantastic workout, you have the option. Come out and birdwatch, visit Elijah and Grafton, enjoy the scenery on the river, and sit down for an unforgettable picnic.

If you love nature, this is the prime place to take a long break from the casino table games at Argosy Casino to lose yourself in Illinois’ natural beauty.

National Great Rivers Museum

You’re looking at 12,000 square feet of interactive displays at the National Great Rivers Museum. Here, you will find exhibits regarding aspects surrounding the Mississippi River that include the lock and dam system, plus an overall understanding of the surrounding environment.

As with trips to the Wadlow statue and scenic route, a trip to the National Great Rivers Museum is a fantastic option if you’ve traveled to the area with family since it’s an option for visitors of all ages and interest levels.

It’s not a long tour, so if you’re trying to keep kids entertained while the others are getting their casino gaming in, or if you’re looking to take a few short hours off from the casino gaming, heading over to the National Great Rivers Museum is a fine bet.

Bonus points if someone in your group shows a legit interest in the lock and dam industry for a true, behind-the-scenes tour.

Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument

Elijah P. Lovejoy is yet another notable figure who frequented the Alton, Illinois area. So, while you pay a visit to the Robert Wadlow Statue, head on over to yet another nearby monument depicting that of American abolitionist, Elijah Parish Lovejoy.

Who was Elijah P. Lovejoy? He held several titles. Apart from being an abolitionist, he was also a journalist, Presbyterian minister, and newspaper editor. Lovejoy moved to Alton in 1836, one year before his death in 1837.

Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument

Today, the Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument stands in Alton, Illinois. It stands 110 feet tall in between two life-sized statues of eagles to the right and left-hand sides.

At the base of the monument, you will find a detailed inscription reminiscing the life of Lovejoy, his contributions to American society, and his significance. The monument also stands close to Lovejoy’s actual grave in Alton.

Per some reviewers on TripAdvisor, they set the benches surrounding the monument in a way to which you can whisper into the wind, away from the person you’re talking to. But the individual sitting on your other side will hear you as if you’ve spoken directly to them.

Curiosity Museum

This is a museum unlike any other you will ever visit, so buckle up and brace yourself for a whirlwind when you head over to the Curiosity Museum. Reviewers on TripAdvisor have described the museum as “Bizarre,” and just a few takes at the online photos confirm it.

It’s a small hole in the wall museum that won’t take too much time out of your day to frequent. So, if you want an extended lunch break outside the Argosy Casino, this place is more than worth the visit.

Curiosity Museum Illinois

It’s not a museum for everyone and unlike most museums on these lists, it’s not a place to bring the kids, or if you’re easily disturbed by elements seen in horror movies.

The Curiosity Museum is a cash-only place, but if you only carry a card, don’t sweat. They have an on-site ATM where you can pull out a few bucks and tour a museum reminiscent to what you will find in the Saw movies, if you’re looking for an idea of what the Curiosity Museum is all about.

This is a better option if you’re bringing teens along rather than kids under 13, given the subject matter you will find at the Curiosity Museum.

Haskell Playhouse

As the story goes, a wealthy family had built Haskell Playhouse as an intended venue for her birthday party. Unfortunately, the girl passed before they could hold the party, so in her honor, the house holds a birthday party every year.

But Haskell Playhouse holds more than just an annual birthday party. They hold themed concerts each week during the warm months of the year among an array of activities. If you’re looking for a family-friendly outing away from Argosy Casino Alton, Haskell Playhouse is the place to be.

Haskell Playhouse Illinois

So, come out and see what’s happening. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere from hot up and coming local artists. Check out the other themed events going on at the venue and brace yourself for a day or even an evening of family entertainment.

Sure, you’re probably having fun gambling at Argosy Casino. But an evening of fun at Haskell Playhouse is one your kids will thank you for while they ask for repeat trips to the venue. It can’t get any better than this.

Gordon F. Moore Community Park

Looking for a place to immerse yourself in fine recreation?

Visit the Gordon F. Moore Community Park and you will find it. They don’t have many reviews of the park on TripAdvisor, but those who have taken time to leave a review love the Gordon F. Moore Community Park.

They have everything here, from pavilions to hiking trails, golf, and tennis courts. So, it’s the prime place for recreational activities if you’re in the mood for them. They have something for everyone! Bring the kids out and let them enjoy the scenery, play sports, and burn off much-needed energy.

Gordon F. Moore Community Park

The recreational fun never stops at Gordon F. Moore Community Park, and it’s a great place to even entertain yourself if your idea of entertainment involves playing a few sports instead of watching them. Or going on a pleasant hike to burn a few calories you ingested over at Argosy Casino Alton.

Take a few hours or even a day off from the casino and brace yourself for one of the finest experiences in the area. You will be glad you took time from your vacation itinerary to immerse yourself in fun the minute you step into this well-kept community park.


Alton, Illinois is full of fun attractions at every turn. So much so that it’s fit for an overall family vacation. If you brought the crew along, brace yourself for an unforgettable tour of the City of Alton when you’re not playing on the casino floor at Argosy Casino.

Today’s list gave you just seven awesome ideas, but you can make a winning bet that Alton has even more exciting attractions at every turn. Use today’s list as a starting point to an overall larger vacation destination itinerary.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that the area won’t disappoint you.

Have you played at Argosy Casino Alton? If so, did you visit any of the nearby attractions? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience to the casino and to the region.