Cool Things You Didn’t Know About WinStar World Casino and Resort

Winstar World Casino Logo and Exterior

WinStar World Casino and Resort offers various attractions, such as spas, slots, a cabana-style pool area, gift shops, poker, bingo, golf, and RV parking. With all the variety WinStar World Casino and Resort has to offer, you can’t assume you’ve experienced them all.

Below, you’ll learn seven cool things you didn’t know about WinStar, one of the best Oklahoma casinos.

The Aerial View of WinStar World Casino and Resort

Have you ever thought, “DANG, this place is big?” Or maybe you though, “Why are there no turnarounds? It just keeps going.”

Of course, your vehicle is parked on the complete opposite side, a literal mile away. This was an intended design feature. So, they purposely built the facility with no turnarounds.

Aerial View of WinStar World Casino

The facility, including the attached hotels and the performance area, was built in a specific, intended structural capacity. Once the construction of all future builds is completed, you will see the WinStar “W” from an aerial viewpoint.

Pretty neat, huh? I don’t know about you, but once all of the future builds are completed, you can bet your lucky penny that I’ll be searching Groupon for a helicopter tour.

There’s an aerial W, a cool sight to see.

Winstar Has the Biggest Gaming Floor in the World

WinStar World Casino and Resort has the biggest gaming floor in the world. Featuring 370,000 square feet of gaming, this is the fact that differentiates WinStar from its competitors.

I know you’ve been told the Venetian Macao Casino in China is larger. That’s technically wrong regarding the gaming square footage.

It might be larger in physical size, but when it comes down to gaming floor capacity, WinStar is your champ. In fact, WinStar is the world’s biggest casino.

WinStar World Casino Gaming Floor

To add to the experience of having achieved this world’s biggest casinos record, WinStar implemented 1,300+ hotel rooms, 8,500 electronic gaming systems, over 100 table games, fine dining, golfing, spas, and gift shops. They literally have it all.

The Isle of WinStar gift shop, located between Winning Picks and the Rotunda Bar—which is north of the London gaming floor—sells the most delicious chocolate-covered gummy bears.

While they are an acquired taste, I suggest giving these delectable treats a taste. These treats are worth the risk. Next time your friend wants to debate this popular topic, you can bust out all the cool facts.

College Reimbursement Is Just a Job Fair Away

Multiple times throughout the year, WinStar offers job fairs. WinStar employs almost 3,000 employees at their facility, which means you have a good chance of scoring a sweet gig. 

They are open 24/7, giving flexibility to your specific scheduling needs, leaving them plenty of room to accommodate them.

Looking to better yourself? WinStar World Casino offers college reimbursement if you are pursuing a degree related to your hired position.

Please keep in mind that specific requirements, such as six months employment or B and above final grades per class, are mandated for reimbursement.

Another reason to attend the job fair includes a high-coverage, company-paid personal insurance, and affordable family insurance. This insurance includes unique benefits such as a free care flight by the carrier LifeEvac.

You will also receive paid holidays. One of the unique holidays you earn is your birthday. You can cash in your birthday holiday any time during your birthday pay period.

For example, if your birthday fell on Wednesday, January 27th, and the pay period ran 01/17/21-01/30/21, you could request any day pending manager approval to take off in those 2 weeks.

Check for the next job fair or visit their employment center webpage for your next big opportunity.

Winstar Has Science and Motion Capabilities

Did you know WinStar offers a beautifully designed 18-hole golf course on 350 acres with all the bells and whistles? This impressive two-championship course was designed by Steve Wolfard Golf Design and Mr. Weibring.

Mr. Weibring is a five-time PGA tour winner and puts his personal experience into crafting a tenacious course featuring different difficulty levels. The yardage ranges from 4,900 to 7,200+.

You can bring your kids or your adult pro friends. This course offers something for everyone.

Winstar World Casino Golf Course

While the course itself is impressive and versatile, the Golf Academy puts the cherry on the top. The Golf Academy houses several renowned trainers, including Scott Bishop, Elliott Sullivan, Bill Knodle, Jeff Leatherman, Tim Pickens, and Tim Kunkle.

Have you ever heard of Science and Motion Capabilities, better known as SAM? If you are looking for ways to improve your swing drastically, SAM is the option you have been searching for.

SAM is a virtual system that analyzes your swing from head to toe. This is the technology all the Pros are currently using.

WinStar also offers a Pro Shop for any equipment that did not make the trip or keepsakes for family and friends. Items such as training packages, tees, athletic clothing, clubs. They have it all.

Remembering Where You Started

Back in 2003, WinStar was a single entity. No resort, no poker, no largest gaming floor in the world, WinStar was literally just a fancy tent with bingo. Seriously, it was only bingo.

Boy, how WinStar has grown. The Chickasaw Nation’s vision was to grow this small native tribe casino to the world’s biggest gaming floor.

To always remember where WinStar started, they left a piece of the original construction covering New York, Paris, and Rio. These areas have a tent-top roof with structured walls. 

This isn’t only a commemoration of the dedication of the Chickasaw tribe. It’s also the only non-smoking area throughout the gaming floor.

Winstar Casino Vintage Photo

The non-smoking area is officially located in the Rio Gaming Center. WinStar seeks to serve all its patrons’ needs. This non-smoking addition has been a hit and well-received by many of the patrons.

I, for one, approve. It makes you wonder if, in the future, WinStar World Casino and Resort will implement a few rooms throughout the facility dedicated to being non-smoking areas.

I guess time only time will tell on that one.

The Dallas Cowboys and WinStar Have Officially Partnered

The Dallas Cowboys and WinStar World Casino have officially partnered. This is the first time in history that any National Football Team has partnered with a casino.

Looking for sweet Dallas Cowboy’s swag, trinkets, clothing? Maybe you can win a fantastic Dallas Cowboy souvenir.

Many times, around the holidays, they will have their promotion team pass out free swag. A great example of this is on New Year’s Eve.

Fingers crossed that they will host a promotion centered around winning Dallas Cowboy merch. I mean, come on! How cool would it be to win a set of season passes?

Jerry Jones and Jack Parkinson Winstar

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Owner, and Jack Parkinson, the General Manager of WinStar, held a press conference on September 8th, 2018, announcing this monumental partnership.

WinStar World Casino and Resort also partnered with Complexity Gaming. Complexity Gaming is an eSport organization that has earned over 140 championships.

When you combine Complexity Gaming’s resume and esports’ forward movement, the decision for a partnership was a no-brainer.

The “Secret” High Roller Gaming Area

In the far north area of the casino, located in Madrid, there is a “secret” gaming area.

If you face the hotel where the carpet ends and the tile begins, a pocket gaming area sits to your left. This gaming area seems normal, nothing special, but have you ever noticed the doors in that room?

Hmmm… I have. Those doors are typically under lock and key, or should I say access badge? This is a “secret” high roller gaming area. If you are lucky, the casino sometimes leaves the door unlocked.

The “secret” high roller gambling area houses its own bathroom with scrolling media ads and promotions in the mirrors, luxury couches, top-end slot machines, and table games.

You can see glimpses of this “secret” room in a video WinStar posted to their site. You can find other locked doors in an already “secret” room to add to the mystery.

I wondered what is behind those doors. Unfortunately, I have never been lucky enough to catch a peek.

Check Out the WinStar World Casino and Resort

If you are ever in the Thackerville, Oklahoma area, be on the lookout for number eight! I would love to hear what neat things you come across. Who knows, you might even stumble upon a “secret” regarding the Global Event Center.