Cool Things to Do While Gambling at Casino Barcelona

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Located in Northeastern Spain, Barcelona is a city unlike any other in the world. Barcelona is a hot spot for tourists all over the world and is known for its amazing architecture as well as its rich football history.

The city of Barcelona is a hub for some of the best architecture in Spain and is also the second-most populated city in the country. There are many ways to experience the culture in Barcelona. One of them is eating all the amazing food that’s there.

Paella is one of the most well-known dishes in Spain. And Barcelona has paella dishes that are to die for.

Gambling Options at Casino Barcelona

When traveling to Spain with the intention of gambling, you can’t miss the opportunity to spend time in Barcelona and experience the awesomeness that is Casino Barcelona. Located at Carrer de la Marina, 19, 08005 Barcelona, Spain, Casino Barcelona has amazing welcome bonuses that are sure to entice anyone who is looking to tickle their gambling fancy.

Casino Barcelona Spain

Casino Barcelona is also known for its poker tables. Cash games and tournaments happen on a daily basis, which means you will literally be in the poker zone on any given day that you happen to be at Casino Barcelona.

If poker and sports are not really your thing, then you can enjoy a vast selection of slot machine games. With over 270 electronic games, you are sure to find ones that are perfect for you.

Although Casino Barcelona has enough going on to keep anyone’s attention for a long time, there are other aspects to Barcelona that you don’t want to miss on your gambling trip to Spain.

Here are eight cool things to do in Barcelona, Spain, while gambling at Casino Barcelona.

Eat to Your Hearts’ Content at La Boqueria

If you happen to be a foodie who is also interested in the history of places you travel to, then La Boqueria will surely have you smiling from ear to ear. Entering through the grand iron entrance will transport you to an entire universe that truly gives you the total Barcelona experience.

It originally came into existence in 1217 A.D. to sell meat. In the late 1400s, it was well known as a pig market. However literally for hundreds of years, La Boqueria was not recognized legally. In 1840 the market officially opened and was at that point legally recognized.

La Boqueria Spain

La Boqueria, like other cool markets in Spain, is no longer just known as one of the hottest places to get groceries in Spain. It is also a staple of Barcelona where tourists and locals alike enjoy dining out.

With over 45,000 people visiting a day, La Boqueria has many offerings that entice visitors day after day. These offerings include fresh produce, charcuterie, seafood, and the finest cheeses you could ever imagine.

There are also many bars located throughout the market to grab great drinks. La Boqueria is located at:

Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

Appreciate Some Architecture by Visiting La Sagrada Familia

Designed at first by Antoni Gaudi, this is truly one of the most amazing feats of architecture in human history. Construction of this medieval cathedral began in 1882 and is actually still under construction to this very day.

With over 4.5 million visitors a year, La Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s most appreciated spots that you’ll surely want to visit when taking a break from gambling for real money at Casino Barcelona. In 2010, the church was consecrated as a minor basilica by Pope Benedict the XVI.

La Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi died somewhat shortly after the construction of La Sagrada Familia began. Because of this, many decisions have had to be made about its construction that may have not been in line with the vision that Antoni Gaudi had. This has been a hot topic for scholars over the years.

The architecture can be described as a mixture of Art Nouveau and Gothic styles. The structure is also thought to be a tribute to nature, with the idea that God, the divine energy, and nature were all interconnected on a deep level.

Representations of animals such as turtles and chameleons can be seen within the architecture of La Sagrada Familia.

Get Your Shop on at Barri Gotic

No trip to Spain or Europe, in general, would be complete without doing some shopping. Barcelona has got you covered when it comes to finding the very best antiques, sandals, and alpargatas.

The architecture of Barri Gotic is an amazing example of the Gothic style. Its cool labyrinth-like streets are sure to amaze you whether you are an architecture buff or not. These streets open onto squares throughout the city of Barcelona.

This neighborhood is historic as it is where Christopher Columbus met with monarchs upon his return from discovering what was then referred to as the “New World.” You can also visit the Barcelona City History Museum while on your shopping venture.

Enjoy Some Drinks at Passeig del Born

This neighborhood is one of the most vibrant in all of Spain and also has a cool history. It was the place to be when it came to hosting both sporting events as well as all sorts of celebrations. It is still the place to celebrate as it is packed with numerous bars.

Passeig del Born Spain

This neighborhood has less of a tourist vibe than other parts of Barcelona, so you will surely get the authentic Barcelona experience when bar hopping there. You will also not be far from some beautiful beaches.

Santa Maria Church is also located at Passeig del Born. This church was built between 1329 and 1383 and is an extraordinary piece of architecture in the Catalan Gothic style.

Eat Even More at Mercat de Santa Caterina

Perhaps La Boqueria is a little too crowded for you. Well, have no fear, because Mercat de Santa Caterina is here. Gourmet foods such as goose barnacles and jamón ibérico are waiting for you and will have you drooling over their magnificent tastes.

In the 1800s, Mercat de Santa Caterina became the first covered food market in Barcelona, making it an integral part of Barcelona’s rich history.

As you hang around Mercat de Santa Caterina, you will discover a more genuine neighborhood market experience more than the previously mentioned La Boqueria.

Hang Out at Park Güell

Another amazing accomplishment by Antoni Gaudi, the Park Güell is a true landscaping marvel.  The central area of the park is very popular.

Because of this, no more than 400 people are allowed in this part of the park at a time, which means you’ll need to book an appointment ahead of time on the internet.

Park Güell Barcelona

This park came into being because Count Eusebi Güell hired the one and only Antoni Gaudi to design it in 1900.

You can also enjoy year-round tours of the park, and don’t worry, they are available in many different languages. There are also private tours available as well. You can book tours online.

Check Out the Palau de la Música Catalana Concert Venue

For all of you music lovers out there, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the Palau de la Música Catalana. It’s a 2,146-seat concert venue that is also a marvel of Modernista Architecture in Barcelona. The ceiling is covered in stained glass that is blue and gold.

On the stage of Palau de la Música Catalana, you can see a magnificent bust of Ludwig Van Beethoven. If you like Greek mythology then you will certainly enjoy the different muses throughout the auditorium.

There are 55-minute guided tours available. You can book a tour on the internet and yes, the tours are offered in several different languages.

However, if you want to get the true Palau de la Música Catalana experience, then you’ll want to see if you can catch a show there while you are away from the table games at Casino Barcelona.

Experience Football History at Barça Stadium Tour and Museum

No trip to Barcelona would be complete without experiencing the Barça Stadium Tour and Museum.

Barça Stadium Tour and Museum

Built in 1957, this is one of the biggest football stadiums in the entire world. You can book a guided tour, or you can simply enjoy this pilgrimage site for football fans everywhere on your own.

Make sure you set aside more than an hour to take in all of the historic as well as cultural elements this place has to offer.

Explore the Attractions Outside of Casino Barcelona

Although Casino Barcelona has enough going on to keep anyone entertained for the rest of their life, if you travel there, you won’t want to miss everything else the city of Barcelona has to offer.

Thinking about planning a casino trip to Barcelona, Spain? Let me know if this article inspired you in the comments.