Cool Places to Visit Near Saganing Eagles Landing Casino

Saganing Eagles Landing Casino Logo and Attractions

Saganing Eagles Landing Casino is a small casino in a small area known as the Isabella Indian Reservation. But the surrounding area isn’t short on things to do.

You have another larger casino nearby, and it’s owned by the Saginaw Indian Tribal Council. It’s called the Soaring Eagle Casino. You will also find a famous pawn shop, tavern, inn, plus the Isabella Indian Reservation itself.

So, if you’re looking to turn your time at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino into a weekend getaway, this post will grant you a few ideas.

Read on to learn all about Lucky’s Pawn Shop, Whalen’s Inn, White’s Beach Tavern, Iargo Springs, and start filling that weekend itinerary on your Michigan gambling trip.

Lucky’s Pawn Shop

It is a guaranteed shoo-in bet that you will find treasure at Lucky’s Pawn Shop. So, whether you are looking to take something home from your expedition into Northern Michigan or if you won some money at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino, this pawn shop has nothing but the goods.

Known as Northern Michigan’s “Most Unusual Pawn Shop,” this is the ideal place to buy, sell, or even trade hot merchandise.

Lucky’s Pawn Shop Michigan

Here, you will find gold and silver jewelry, instruments, costumes, antiques, tools, electronics, sporting goods, old and new video game consoles, and more.

They also specialize in jewelry repair. So, if you have a piece that needs work, take it with you on your journey to Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and when you get a minute, head on over to Lucky’s for a repair job.

Oh, and prepare to spend some time here. Per TripAdvisor, most of the customers spend a good few hours browsing the shop given its vast selection of goods.

Whalen’s Inn

Saganing Eagles Landing Casino boasts several unique dining options, but perhaps you won’t find anything in the area more unique than Whalen’s Inn. Ranking second out of seven things to do in Standish, you will enjoy classic dishes featuring an old school atmosphere.

If classic flairs are up your alley, this is a definite place to make a quick pit stop. Visitors rave over the restaurant’s cleanliness and professional staff. And while they don’t carry beer on tap, Whalen’s Inn is also a fantastic place to enjoy a few local brews. So, if you are up for some of the finest local crafts, Whalen’s Inn is yet another great place to visit when you are gaming in Northern Michigan.

If you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Whalen’s packs a home-cooked punch with its selection that your taste buds will fall head over heels for. Make this little eatery a must on your vacation itinerary.

It is a smaller venue, but you can’t ask for a better home feeling anywhere else in the state.

White’s Beach Tavern

Whalen’s Inn isn’t the only famous local eatery to visit when you are in town at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino. You will also find White’s Beach Tavern. Now, this place won’t make you look at it twice from the outside. But it is definitely the inside that counts at this privately-owned restaurant.

Known as the Bar on the Bay, you will treat yourself to an epic dose of scenery when you visit Whites Beach Tavern. And when you enter the doors, brace yourself for a step back in time to the mid-20th century. If you love the classics, this is yet another great place to visit.

White’s Beach Tavern Michigan

Reviewers describe the owner and staff as cordial, friendly, and personal. They sure go out of their way to approach each patron individually, which makes me think of a local Greek restaurant’s atmosphere back home. That comparison alone puts White’s Beach Tavern atop my own itinerary.

So, if you love good, classic bar food, a vintage atmosphere that will immediately make you think of Cheers, and fine scenery, White’s Beach Tavern is the place to be when you are looking for off-site dining at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino.

Oh, and bring a camera, or at least your mobile phone along. Because you won’t find better waterfront views anywhere else in the region.

Isabella Indian Reservation

Don’t forget to explore all the goods the Isabella Indian Reservation has to offer while you’re in the area.

The Isabella Indian Reservation owns and operates both local Native American casinos, and it is also home to more than a few prominent area attractions. So, if you are looking to take an entire day off of the gaming at Saganing Eagles Landing Casino or Soaring Eagle Casino, you could spend 12 hours’ worth of activities here.

Here, you will find the Soaring Eagle Waterpark, which is a fantastic destination if you brought your kids along for the ride. You will also find the Ziibiwing Center, Waabooz Run Golf Course, an RV destination called the Soaring Eagle Hideaway, and the Migizi Economic Development Company.

We will talk more about the Soaring Eagle Casino in a later subheading, but first, let’s exercise a few quick-hits on the items mentioned above, starting with the waterpark. As mentioned, the Soaring Eagle Waterpark is a fun destination for the entire family.

The waterpark boasts several water-related attractions, including an arcade, private cabanas, a hot tub, and more. The hotel is sort of iffy, but reviewers rave over the innovative attractions both in and around the waterpark.

If you are into golf, the Waabooz Run Golf Course is a fine place to test your skill. Here, you will find well-maintained fairways and greens featuring 11 par-3 and seven par-4 holes complete with dozens of bunkers and water hazards.

Waabooz Run Golf Course

With that said, this course is challenging. But golfers at any skill level will love the challenge set forth here at Waabooz Run Golf Course, so all are welcome to try their hand at one of the area’s premier golf courses.

And if you are looking to spend your evenings under the stars, the Soaring Eagle Hideaway is the pristine destination. With 67 sites, just park your RV and indulge in some old school camping. Situated on 42 acres of real estate, this is the perfect spot to go canoeing, kayaking, boating, and fishing.

If you are looking for some really cool and interactive history lessons, the Ziibiwing Center is your best bet away from Saganing Eagles Landing Casino. Come in and experience the culture and history of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan and nearby cultures and tribes.

Iargo Springs

Located in nearby Oscoda, Michigan, Iargo Springs ranks third out of 18 things to do in the area. Apart from its epic river views, waterfalls, and wildlife, Iargo Springs contains majestic forested scenery that is among Northern Michigan’s best.

Per TripAdvisor, reviewers have raved time and again about this location, with 55 of its 61 reviewers giving the place a generous five-star rating. The remaining six hopped on with a four-star rating.

Iargo Springs Michigan

Take a day off from Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and explore the overlooks, the boardwalks, streams, hills, and valleys. And don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!

Now, be warned, you will need to be in decent physical condition if you visit this area, given the overall terrain. But if you can swing it, the trip to Iargo Springs is more than worth a day away from all of the casino games.

If you are a nature lover, Iargo Springs is a definite must-visit. So, put this location at the top of your to-do list before you venture out to Saganing Eagles Landing Casino.

Soaring Eagle Casino

If you are looking for a bigger casino plus a whole resort, check out the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council’s second location, Soaring Eagle Casino. Soaring Eagle is the big brother of Saganing Eagles Landing Casino, boasting several entertainment venues on-site in addition to the casino itself.

At Soaring Eagle Casino, you will find 210,000 square feet of real estate. Discover your favorite slot machine terminals and indulge in a plethora of table games. You will also find a poker room, a bingo hall, plus nine dining options.

Soaring Eagle Casino

So, if you venture on to Saganing Eagles Landing Casino, be sure to check out the larger Soaring Eagle Casino. And if you brought the kids with you to Northern Michigan, they will love the Kids Quest outlet available at the resort.

When you are off gaming in the casino, the kiddos will be just fine over at Kids Quest. It doesn’t get much better than a family-friendly casino resort.


Saganing Eagles Landing Casino may be one of the smaller casinos in this relatively obscure area, but they are not short of nearby attractions. In fact, the Isabella Indian Community alone boasts plenty of attractions.

But if you are one to venture out and explore the area, you will love the diamonds in the rough that this area offers. Given its fun and homey environment, the area will make you want to come back again and again.

Head on out to Saganing Eagles Landing Casino and explore the area firsthand if you are planning a trip to Northern Michigan.

Have you been to Saganing Eagles Landing Casino? If so, did you explore the area? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.