Complete Your Yellow Brick Road Casino Tour With These Attractions

Yellow Brick Road Casino at New York - Chittenango Falls State Park - Owera VineyardsYellow Brick Road Casino should give you a hint as to what you will find in this post. Yes, out of the seven listed attractions, you will find two of them relating to the 1939 classic, itself, and the other five attractions epitomize small-town America.

So you’ll find a theme here, with the All Things Oz Museum and Land of Oz and Ends. But you also have a vineyard, two state parks, a wild animal park, and a unique landing canal boat museum. Only small-town America could provide such a list.

With that said, if the Wizard of Oz and hidden gems are your thing, then you can turn your New York gambling trip into an all-out vacation tour of Chittenango.

Ready to discover a few nearby attractions?

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All Things Oz Museum

With a solid 4.5-star review rating out of several reviews on TripAdvisor, All Things Oz Museum leads off our seven destination vacation itinerary.

This Wizard of Oz-themed museum features both the first and second editions of the 13-book Wonderful Wizard of Oz series, and you will also discover many Baum family heirlooms. Think of this destination as a hybrid between the hit novel and movie entwined with L. Frank Baum’s legacy.

You’ll also discover a collection full of costumes, props, and collectibles from the Wizard of Oz and if you’d like to add to your own collection, check out the on-site gift shop.

Reviewers per TripAdvisor agree that this museum is a must-visit for all Wizard of Oz fans and that you won’t be disappointed when you venture off the casino grounds and see the place for yourself.

They rave about the friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, and educational experience that both casual and die-hards will receive. The collection here has amazed even the most hardcore Wizard of Oz fans, and they leave the place with a new appreciation of the timeless novel and film.

Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum

After you visit the All Things Oz Museum, why not head out for a trip to another museum with a different flare? Yep, the area is also home to the Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum.

While you won’t find a Yellow Brick Road here, you will stumble upon yet another grand educational experience in an underrated sector of American History. Yes, the history buff in you will love what you find here.

An engaging museum, you can embark on tours at your own pace and get up close and personal with just about all the artifacts. They also feature a knowledgeable staff ready and willing to answer all of your questions regarding the location’s history, so ask away whenever something pops into your head.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, the site also ranks it as the second-best thing to do in Chittenango, New York.

Land of Oz and Ends

Small-town America has a recurring theme to it. Regardless of which town you frequent, you will always find odds, ends, and hidden gems. Some small towns have their own theme, and for Chittenango, that theme is the Wizard of Oz, starting with Yellow Brick Road Casino and ending at Land of Oz and Ends.

Land of Oz and Ends is your ultimate gift specialty shop, and it’s a fine place to shop if you’re looking to add to your collection of Wizard of Oz-themed material. Here, you’ll find handcrafted signs with quotes and quips from the movie, collectible supplies, antiques, florals, and so much more.

It’s also a great place to shop if you’re looking for something to commemorate your time in Chittenango.

The Wild Animal Park

The Wild Animal Park graces the fourth spot on this list, but if you’re traveling through the area with family, this attraction may grace the top of your vacation itinerary. That’s if your kids aren’t already obsessing over the Wizard of Oz-themes of Sections 1 and 3.

But what makes the Wild Animal Park such a popular destination?

You’re looking at a beautiful zoo featuring exotic animals all over the park. Reviewers rave over the reasonable entry prices, but some aren’t so hot that the park charges extra for interactions with the animals that include feedings, train rides, gem mining, etc.

They also commend the helpful staff, the cleanliness of the animals and their habitats, plus their health and well-being.

Overall, you will provide your family with a fun and interactive experience at a reasonable price. And if you’re willing to pay extra for even greater interaction, a trip to the Wild Animal Park is easily a 5-star destination.

Owera Vineyards

You won’t need to drive far to find Owera Vineyards, which you’ll find in nearby Cazenovia, New York. A popular place, given its 4.5-star rating out of 108 reviewers per TripAdvisor. Reviewers commend the location for its relaxing atmosphere, easy access, and wine diversity.

This isn’t just a place to test local wines; they also serve food at Owera Vineyards, which reviewers agree is every bit as desirable as the wines they serve.

It’s a casual getaway if you’re looking to venture away from Yellow Brick Road Casino for the evening and wish to unwind with a little flair. Sit back, enjoy the surrounding scenery the area’s farm and woodlands provide, sample a few different wines, and immerse yourself in the area’s richest comfort food.

Sure, the taste of the high life is great. But you can’t pass up a classic evening in the countryside. In fact, you may find it to be a more desirable way to relax.

Chittenango Falls State Park

The final two sections encompass two prominent state parks in the region. The first of which we will talk about is the town of Chittenango’s namesake, Chittenango Falls State Park. Ironically, you will find this state park in Cazenovia, about five miles from Chittenango.

And if you’re into epic scenery that will make you feel as if someone hurled you from Upstate New York to the Isle of Skye, Scotland, place Chittenango Falls State Park on the top of your vacation itinerary when you need to take a day off from Yellow Brick Road Casino.

Your main attraction at Chittenango Falls State Park are the falls themselves, which completes the stunning, forested view that you will treat your eyes to when you venture out this way.

Plus, if you’re looking for a decent place to picnic or hike, head over to Chittenango Falls as it provides hiking trails, scenic views, and so much more. Reviewers have also commended the park for its cheap and straightforward parking, it’s trails, and the easy access to the falls.

Some reviewers have griped that the main trail isn’t always open and have stated that other than the falls, the park holds nothing special. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder for this one.

If you came for an up-close view of the falls and they closed off the main trail, you may leave disappointed. However, if you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, lack of access to the main trail shouldn’t bode as an issue.

Green Lakes State Park

The more popular of the two state parks in the area is in Fayetteville, New York. Green Lakes State Park contains what I’ll dub as “scenery on steroids.” Its prominent features include two meromictic glacial lakes surrounded by upland forest.

But the park prides itself on the 18-hole Green Lakes State Park Golf Course. And you know you’re up for a challenging course if Robert Trent Jones’ designed it.

Another cool thing about the on-site course is the fact that it never closes just because the seasons change. No, you can’t take your driver out and play a round of snow golf. But you can snowshoe at the course in the winter.

If you’re into cross-country skiing, Green Lakes State Park also has 15 miles worth of trails that you can use. During the summer, these trails make for a great hike. It’s perfect if you’re looking to add some scenery to your workout, hit the trails and treat the eyes and soul to some epic scenery.

TripAdvisor boasts 305 reviews and reviewers have given the park a 4.5-star rating. Reviewers have commended the stunning views from the lake, the wonderful food choices at Brian’s Landing, plus its beaches.

Even the critical reviewers had nothing but positive things to say about the lakes and the hiking trails. That should tell you exactly what you’re getting when you visit Green Lakes State Park.

This park, along with Chittenango Falls State Park, make for two scenic getaways full of recreational activities if you’d like to get away from the casino gaming for a while.


Most of us know Chittenango, New York’s association with the Wizard of Oz. So it’s not surprising to see Yellow Brick Road Casino borrow its theme from the hit classic plus museums and gift shops in the region that commemorate it and its author L. Frank Baum.

But Chittenango also gives us the small town flair of hidden gems that include two state parks, a vineyard, and an interactive wild animal park.

Have you been to Chittenango and have you played at Yellow Brick Road Casino? If so, tell us about your experience and whether you visited any of the seven attractions listed in today’s post.