Complete Review of Casino Queen in Marquette, Iowa

Casino Queen Marquette Logo and Property Exterior

Casino Queen Marquette remains one of the State of Iowa’s riverboat casinos. And as such, you’re getting smaller gaming space and a more intimate setting. So, if you’d rather head over to a smaller venue as opposed to a giant resort, Casino Queen Marquette offers a fantastic consolation.

Having opened in 2000, the CQ Holdings property is one of two riverboat casinos bearing the Casino Queen name in the area. With the other located in East St. Louis, Illinois.

You will find a fine selection of gaming to go along with stellar dining options and even hot entertainment and accommodations. And today’s post will cover all of what you will find at this small but vibrant casino.

We will look at an overview of the venue before we go into the casino and break down everything from the gaming options to accommodations. Let’s take a tour of this Iowa gambling attraction.

Overview of Casino Queen Marquette

Casino Queen Marquette offers everything from dynamic options at the slot machines to video poker and table games. You will find your favorite themes and games within its 17,000 square feet of gaming space and more.

They also have three dining options, each with a casual flair. If you’re in the mood for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, look no further than what you will find on this riverboat casino.

Casino Queen Marquette River View

And they have a great Royalty Rewards loyalty program. It’s a shoo-in to sign up for if you’re in the area and making repeat trips to the casino.

If you’re planning on making a visit, don’t forget to check out the live entertainment held at Sevens. Also, carve out some time to discover the area’s hottest attractions and book a stay at one of the nearby hotels.

As you can see from the overview, Casino Queen Marquette is a smaller option in the state of Iowa. But it’s also in a fine area in which a day or two at the casino is just a sliver to a larger piece of pie. Let’s take a closer look.

Casino Queen Marquette Gaming

Gaming options at Casino Queen Marquette range from real money slots to video poker to the tables.

Games include penny slots and multiple denominations, plus $1 and $5 options. They feature the best slot themes around. With that said, you will find gaming options that range from your favorite classics to newer themes rotated in and out.

Casino Queen Marquette Virtual Blackjack

And if you’re looking for a unique, one-on-one poker playing experience, look no further than the video poker games. Here, you can play poker at your own pace and in a relaxed setting.

But if you’re looking for hot table gaming action, Casino Queen Marquette doesn’t disappoint. In fact, you will discover plenty of your favorites plus electronic-style table games. Find the classics in the venue, such as blackjack, roulette, and craps, then try your strategy against the area’s best.

Dining Options at Casino Queen Marquette

Casino Queen Marquette also has three dynamic dining options. Each of which provides a relaxed atmosphere along with grab-and-go options. They’re perfect for you to indulge in the food you’re craving in a convenient setting to return to the casino floor.

It starts with the Market Street Buffet. And yes, you have fantastic options here, each provided by local chefs who deliver a farm to table flair. Children are also welcome, so be sure to ask for pricing if you frequent the Market Street Buffet with family.

Casino Queen Marquette Fried Chicken

So, brace yourself for fresh, local flavor in a welcome atmosphere that doesn’t care how old or young you are. You’re getting the finest food in the region produced locally. There is a lot to like here.

Deli and Chips offers a perfect late-night snack if you’ve been on the gaming floor until the early morning hours and need a bite. Best yet, you will find a variety of comfort food that range from deli sandwiches, chips, salads, hot dogs, hamburgers, sundaes, ice cream treats, and so much more.

If you’re looking for prime desserts, head over to Market Street Baking Company. You can indulge in take home orders that include fresh from scratch pies, cookies, and bars that employ only local ingredients.

Notice a common denominator? Local ingredients and flair are a thing here at Casino Queen Marquette. And despite its small size, you won’t find such local options in many casino venues—especially those monster resorts. So, if you have a taste for fresh, local fare, you will love the options at Casino Queen Marquette.

Casino Queen Marquette Promotions and Entertainment

Casino Queen Marquette’s promotions are among the best in the weekly realm, including Tuesday through Sunday daily and weekly promotions.

If you want to maximize the benefits at Casino Queen Marquette, join their Royalty Rewards Club. Also known as the Queen’s Club, the Royalty Rewards Club is the best way to take advantage of club promotions and benefits. So, if you’re in the club often, be sure to sign up for the Royalty Rewards Club.

It’s free to become a member. And given the perks and benefits you can and will earn through playing your favorite casino games, it pays to join the Royalty Rewards Club.

Some perks and benefits include great casino comps and even complimentary services and discounts. From hotel rooms to dining benefits, earn loyalty points through Royalty Rewards and get rewarded for the time you put into the casino.

Earn enough loyalty points, and you may even gain access to exclusive, invitation-only events. It pays to play at Casino Queen Marquette.

Casino Queen Marquette Slot Machines

Looking for high-quality entertainment? Head over to Sevens and see who’s playing for the evening. Sevens is Casino Queen Marquette’s one-stop shop for live, local entertainment right at the casino. Hours vary by event, so click the aforementioned link to see when the venue is open and who’s invading when you frequent the venue.

Oh, and are you looking for a fine place for your next work meeting? Check out the meetings and banquets page at Casino Queen Marquette and see if it’s the right venue for your next big work outing. They have 2,100 square feet of event space, eight-feet-round banquet tables, catering and bar service, Wi-Fi access, and so much more.

Hotel Accommodations and Nearby Attractions

Looking for accommodations if you’re in town for an extended stay?

Casino Queen Marquette features several nearby hotels within a reasonable distance from the venue. Each offers their own flair, level of luxury, and cost-effectiveness.

If you’re looking for something new, check out the area’s latest hotel, Cobblestone Inn and Suites. Expect state-of-the-art amenities, fantastic views of the Mississippi River, and more. They also include a business center, complimentary breakfast, a fitness center, and a beer and wine bar.

Other solid options in the area include the Country Inn and Suites, the Microtel Inn and Suites, Frontier Motel, and Windsor Place Inn. Whether you’re looking for economy or luxurious comfort, one of the four hotels in the area will provide what you’re looking for.

And best yet, they’re only blocks away from the adrenaline-pumping casino action at Casino Queen Marquette.

If you’re in the area for an extended stay, chances are Casino Queen Marquette isn’t the only place on your vacation itinerary. But if you don’t know the area, you have more than a few excellent attractions in the area.

In fact, the historic town of McGregor is just down the river from the casino. If you’re looking to take a step back in time at a place that epitomizes America’s Heartland, a trip to McGregor is for you.

Pikes Peak State Park

Another fine place to visit that also offers camping and picnicking options is Pikes Peak State Park. Treat yourself to further views of the Mississippi River, hiking trails, campgrounds, playgrounds, and more. Admission is free, so if you didn’t hit it big at the casino, no worries.

The Pink Elephant is also yet another roadside attraction that you see so often in America’s Midwest. Despite its status as a roadside attraction, the elephant has a long, winding, and interesting story in the region. So, it’s more than worth stopping for if you visit the attraction.

Of course, most of your nearby attractions—other than Casino Queen Marquette—are over in McGregor. Take at least a day and explore the town. If you love the simple life, you’ll be glad you did.

Gamble on a Riverboat in Marquette, Iowa

Casino Queen Marquette offers a smaller alternative as opposed to a growing number of casinos in Iowa. It’s a smaller, more intimate casino with lesser gaming space but with all the large casino resort thrills.

If you’re in the area, it’s one of a few decent hot spots to frequent whether you’re in town for your own leisure, a work, or family event.

Combined with its perks and benefits at the Royalty Rewards Club and its on-site dining options, you’re looking at a fantastic one-stop casino shop. So, go on in, play your favorite games, and catch vibrant casino gaming action that will rival the state’s larger casinos.

Have you played at Casino Queen Marquette? Tell us about your experience if you’ve frequented the vessel. What was your favorite part of the casino? We are looking forward to reading about your feedback.