Comp Hustling in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Casino Entrance With a Roulette Table Background

VIP rewards are a big part of the Atlantic City experience. You can accumulate loyalty rewards for every dollar you spend in this city.

But did you also know that you can earn theoretical profits by combining the best rewards with the highest-paying casino games?

“Comp hustling” gives you the opportunity to make serious money in Atlantic City. Here’s a guide on comp hustling in this famed East Coast gambling destination.

What Is Comp Hustling?

Most Atlantic City gamblers merely play casino games and let the rewards come to them naturally. Comp hustler, in contrast, maximize the value of their rewards and get as many freebies as possible.

They scour websites for coupons, sign up to AC casino newsletters, and even contact casinos themselves. No measure is too small for these people when it comes to earning loyalty benefits.

The “Queen of Comps” Jean Scott, who wrote The Frugal Gambler, discussed how she’s willing to dumpster dive for coupons. Although this particular advice is tacky, Scott shows the measures that comp hustler are willing to take.

This mindset goes even better when combined with casino games that offer the highest return to player (RTP). With enough work, you may earn theoretical profits through high RTP and the best rewards.

Comp Hustling Tips

Hustling for casino comps involves different components in order to get the most from your efforts. Here are some various ways to scoop lots of rewards and earn serious money.

Choose Your Favorite Spots

Atlantic City currently offers nine land-based casinos. Therefore, you have some options when it comes to VIP programs.

You should pick one or two casinos that’ll be your comp-hunting grounds. After all, you don’t want to run around Atlantic City without a plan.

Sky View of Atlantic City Casinos

A solid plan helps you maximize your time and rewards. You can spend your hours in a couple of casinos and get the finest that AC has to offer.

The “hustle” part goes out the window in this scenario. However, you can easily switch to another gambling establishment when the rewards go downhill at your primary sport.

Play Games With the Highest RTP

You receive the most comps on slot machines and other low RTP wagers (e.g. craps prop bets). Casinos reward you more for playing such games/bets, because they stand to earn more money off you.

The problem, though, is that you’ll lose far more playing a slot machine with a 10% house edge (90% RTP) than you’ll ever get back in comps.

You’re much better off getting solid rewards and playing games with the best RTP. Video poker generally offers you the best deal.

Some Atlantic City casinos offer video poker machines boasting 99.91% RTP with perfect strategy. Assuming you find a program with a comp rate at 0.1% (on total bets) or higher, then you can make theoretical profits.

Here are the highest-paying video poker machines in Atlantic City:

  • Two Pair Joker Wild (99.92% RTP) at Ocean Casino Resort
  • Double Joker Wild (99.91%) at Caesars and Hard Rock
  • Super Double Bonus (99.69%) at the Borgata

Play on Double and Triple Point Days

AC casinos commonly offer promotions where they offer you double or triple comp points. You can exchange the latter for cashback and/or other rewards in a casino’s VIP program.

Double and triple points effectively raise the comp rate that you’re getting. If a casino normally features a 0.1% rate, then you’ll be privy to a 0.2% (double points) or 0.3% rate.

This increase may now sound like much. However, it can definitely make a difference in your earnings when everything is added up.

Here’s an example:

  • You play Two Pair Joker Wild (99.92% RTP)
  • The normal comp rate is 0.1%
  • Ocean Casino is offering double points (0.2% rate)
  • 92 + 0.2 = 100.12% RTP
  • You bet $10,000 over the course of a stay
  • 0012 (edge) x 10,000 = 12
  • You’ll theoretically earn a $12 profit

Fool the Pit Boss

You don’t necessarily have to be confined to video poker when comp hustling. Instead, you can use certain measures in table games to get comped more.

These techniques revolve around fooling the pit boss into rating you as a bigger player. After all, the pit boss is the one that rates your play after you hand your player’s club card over to the dealer.

Of course, the pit boss doesn’t have all day to monitor your play. They simply watch you go through a couple of hands and get an idea on how much you’re betting per round.

Here’s an example:

  • You’re playing blackjack.
  • The pit boss sees you placing $10 bets.
  • The table sees around 70 hands per hour.
  • 70 x 10 = $700 in hourly wagers
  • House edge is 1%.
  • 700 x 0.01 = $7 in hourly losses

You’re not going to receive many comps on $7 in theoretical losses each hour. But what if you could fool the casino into believing that you’re wagering much more?

This strategy revolves around making the pit boss believe that you’re betting far more each hour than you really are.

If you place $100 bets when they’re watching, for example, then they might use $100 wagers as the measuring stick. You can then drop your bets lower once they leave.

Palm Chips

Casinos generally offer more comps after you’ve had a really rough night at the table games. They don’t want you leaving angry and vowing never to come back.

However, you don’t necessarily need to lose big just to trick them. You can instead “palm chips” and make it appear as if you’re losing a lot.

Atlantic City Empty Casino Table Games

Palming refers to the art of slipping chips into your pocket without the dealer or pit boss seeing. When done right, they’ll merely think that you lost the money.

If the pit boss comes back around and sees you with barely any chips left, they might take pity and offer more rewards. You can act angry to further sell your perceived losses.

Know What to Spend Rewards On

Most casinos provide you with plenty of options for how to spend your comps. If you want the most value, then you might want to forgo limousine transportation and think about what you really want.

Meals are never a bad choice, especially in a reasonably priced casino restaurant. You’ll likely have rewards points left over too.

You can spend these points on items in the casino store, ranging from bottled water to hygiene products. These are the same type of items that you might spend money on anyways, so they’re giving you true value.

What Comps Will You Get?

Each Atlantic City casino differs on the exact rewards they offer. Generally speaking, though, you can look forward to the following:

  • Better rules in VIP games (e.g. highstakes blackjack)
  • Cashback
  • Free drinks
  • Free play
  • Free Uber transportation
  • Hotel stay
  • Items in the casino store
  • Limousine transportation
  • Meals
  • Nightclub bottle service
  • Shopping credit
  • Spa treatment

Best Atlantic City Casinos for Comp Hustling

Ocean Casino Resort

Ocean Casino holds the crown for best VIP benefits in Atlantic City. Its Ocean Wow Rewards Club provides more value than anything seen in the city’s other eight establishments.

The Rewards Club offers five tiers. You move up the ladder and on to better rewards by gambling or spending more at Ocean.

Examples of rewards here include free play, negotiable comps, free parking, VIP lounge access, and even a free lease on a Mercedes-Benz.

You also receive comp dollars that can be used on slot machines, dining, shopping, hotel stays, and dining.

Tropicana Atlantic City

Tropicana offers another top-tier VIP program called the Trop Advantage Players Club. This program has remained one of the best in Atlantic City for years.

Tropicana Atlantic City Pool Area

Trop Advantage is notable for offering one of the highest comp rates on casino play. It also provides plenty of options for how to use comp points.

This program features five tiers just like the one at Ocean Casino. It gives you an opportunity to earn free play, fine dining, shopping credits, and more.

Resorts Casino Hotel

The Rewards Casino offers a Star Card that lets you accumulate VIP benefits throughout the casino. You earn comp dollars for your play/spending that can be spent at any Resorts property, including Mohegan Sun Pocono (Pennsylvania), and Mohegan Sun (Connecticut).

Some of the available rewards in this program include cashback, comp dollars, hotel stay discounts, meals, and show tickets.

The comp dollars are especially useful as a gambler. You can use these funds to play real money slots and video poker machines.


You aren’t going to get rich through comp hustling. Assuming your goal is to win big, then you’re better offer mastering an advantage play method like card counting, hole carding, or shuffle tracking.

However, you can at least earn small theoretical profits under perfect circumstances. These circumstances include finding games with high payback and great rewards.

Many gamblers overlook the RTP of the games they’re playing. As a result, they miss out on potential benefits.

Chances are, you’ll only come close to earning theoretical profits through comp hustling. For example, you might earn 99.7% RTP with rewards included. But you’ll still have fun trying to maximize your comps and winnings.