Check Out Thunderbird Casino for the Ultimate Mini Casino Gaming Experience

Gaming Floor At the Thunderbird Casino

If you’re in Keshena, Wisconsin, chances are you’re playing most of your games at Menominee Casino. However, Thunderbird Casino is the mini casino owned by the bigger Menominee Casino.

Acting as a mini casino, gas station, convenience store, and restaurant, you can stride away from Menominee Casino and spend a day at what many refer to as its little sister, especially if you’re exploring the area.

With that said, given Thunderbird’s small size, you won’t find all the thrills featured at Menominee Casino Resort. But if you’re looking to explore the town for a bit, then spend the day at Thunderbird Casino, enjoy its small selection of games, grab a quick bite to eat, and enjoy the Northwoods from another angle.

Today’s post summarizes Thunderbird Casino, everything you will find, plus a word on its eatery, convenience store, and a few surrounding attractions. Let’s discover Thunderbird Casino.

Brief Look at Thunderbird Casino

“Mini-Casino. Major Convenience. Maximum Fun.” It’s the motto of Thunderbird Casino. And they aren’t kidding when they guarantee a fun time here. No, you won’t find the vibrant atmosphere at Menominee Casino. But Thunderbird sure has its perks.

The mini casino features a very intimate setting with just 30 slot machines possessing a variety of denominations and themes. Along with its small selection of gaming comes a full-service bar, seasonal entertainment, plus a comfortable patio offering scenic views of the Northwoods.

If you’re not willing to deal with the crowds, Thunderbird Casino is where you need to be. So, leave the crowd behind, fuel up, grab a few convenient snacks, and hit the real money slots. Chances are, you’ll have just as much fun at this mini casino as you would over at the big sister.

If you’d like more to eat, checkout the Thunderbird Restaurant. Open between noon and 9 p.m., dine in and indulge in your favorite comfort foods. Or if you’re raring to get back to Menominee Casino, order takeout and return to the casino floor in record time.

Now that you know a little about Thunderbird Casino, chances are you won’t stay here too long, given its limited number of games. However, if you’ve exhausted your time over at Menominee and would like to use your day at Thunderbird as one to take a tour around the area, check out these four outstanding attractions.

Golden Sands Golf Club Cecil

So, you’ve grabbed a bite to eat at Thunderbird Restaurant and played a few rounds at Thunderbird Casino. Now you’re looking to get out and explore the area.

If you’re big into the game of golf, you will love the number of golf courses in the area. But Golden Sands Golf Club ranks among the best in the area.

Willow Run Golf Course

This par-71 course features 6,100 yards from its back tees and has served the Keshena and surrounding areas since 1970. Managed and owned by an authority in the game, James Acker, you’re getting a challenging course that will suit any skill level at an affordable price.

Apart from the course itself, you’ll also find a phenomenal practice range at Golden Sands, which is one reason we featured it on today’s post. You’ll have access to a plethora of hitting stations to practice that golf swing and to get a good warmup.

Jim’s also at the venue often, so if you recognize him, be sure to stop by and say hello. You can even arrange lessons if you’re in the area long-term.

While you’ll catch plenty of thrills at Thunderbird Casino and Menominee Casino Resort, it’s not quite like what you’ll receive at this sensational golf course. So. if you’re an avid golfer, be sure to bring your clubs and book a tee time.

The Keshena area features a few more outstanding golf-related options, including Shawano Lake Golf Course, Riverside Golf Course, and the Red Maple Country club.

Menominee Logging Camp Museum

The Menominee Logging Camp Museum actually features two museums in one. At the site, you’ll also find the Menominee Cultural Museum. The Logging Camp Museum isn’t always open. But if it is, be sure to take a tour and learn about the industry’s significance in Wisconsin.

If you’re looking for cool artifacts and history about the Menominee People, be sure to take a trip to the Cultural Museum and you will embark on a dynamic history lesson. Best yet, a trip to the Cultural Museum is a quick, inexpensive experience. You won’t spend much longer than an hour there.

So, if you got Thunderbird Casino or the gaming floor over at Menominee on your mind, you don’t need to wait too long before you’re back in your element.

You can have access to both museums, but you must be willing to buy separate tickets. As per reviewers on TripAdvisor, the experience is much more than worth it.

Take a break from the casino floor at Thunderbird or Menominee, head on over, and embark on not one, but two excellent history lessons in a fun setting.

White Lake Rafting

Known as Shotgun Eddy: The Ultimate Whitewater Rafting Trip, this is an experience that you must check out if you’re craving a thrill that even the casinos can’t bring. They feature the best whitewater rafting in Northern Wisconsin, right on the wolf river in Menominee County.

Rafting season begins May 1st, and it lasts through early September. So, if you’re in town over the summer, be sure to reserve your trip on the river rapids. Often, you’ll be out on the river between two and three hours, so make sure you have an entire afternoon carved out.

Rafts Out on a Whitewater Rafting Trip

If you’ve never gone whitewater rafting before, don’t sweat. Their friendly staff is there to instruct before your journey on Wolf River. They also offer rustic camping if you’re looking to spend the night in nature and away from that luxurious hotel room you just rented out.

But hey, it’s the best of all worlds here in Northern Wisconsin, right? You got two fine casinos and two finer lodging options. And that’s hard to beat.

Keep in mind that you will embark on an unguided tour. So, this isn’t the top attraction if you’re looking for a guaranteed safe passage down the Wisconsin rapids. When you book a whitewater rafting trip, you’re doing so at your own risk.

Helmets and life jackets are not required, but strongly recommended. Bring a life jacket, but you can always rent a helmet right at the facility. They also cannot monitor your trip on the rapids, so they also recommend that you know how to swim and exert common sense while you ride the waters.

With that said, this attraction is not for the faint-hearted; but if you’re looking for a different thrill than what they provide on the casino floor, then you can place a whitewater rafting trip on Wolf River at the top of your vacation itinerary in the region.

Indoor Shawano Wisconsin Flea Market

Looking for a fine way to spend those winnings if you hit it big at Thunderbird Casino or Menominee? Head over to Shawano Wisconsin Flea Market. Open every Saturday from January through April 9th, you’ll find a plethora of antiques and oldies on sale, along with a fair share of nostalgic items.

From old toys to knickknacks, decor, and regionally inspired crafts, you’re looking at a floor to ceiling selection when you visit the Indoor Shawano Wisconsin Flea Market.

Along with home decor, you can also find a few baked goods, candies, and so much more. And even if you plan on just window shopping, it’s a must to at least stop by and check out this amazing flea market, operating as one of the state’s largest.

Best yet, it’s free admission and free parking. Why not take a break from the casino floor at Thunderbird Casino or Menominee and see if there are any treasures lurking at this regional flea market?

Make a few new friends with the locals, intermingle, and buy something eye-catching that you won’t find in too many places—even online. There’s a treasure for everyone at the Indoor Shawano Wisconsin Flea Market, and it serves as the area’s crown jewel next to the Thunderbird and Menominee Casinos.

So What Do We Think?

Thunderbird Casino is a smaller outlet in which you can visit if you’re not up for the enormous crowds that Menominee Casino Resort draws, given its size. Or if you’re looking to exploring in the area, perhaps make a quick stop to or from the local attractions at Thunderbird Casino.

They feature their own unique selection of casino games along with a convenience store, gas station, full-service bar, and restaurant. You’re still getting much of what you will discover at any casino, despite its small size—except at a micro-level.

Have you been to Thunderbird Casino, or the big sister Menominee Casino Resort? If so, did you venture to any of the attractions around the casinos listed in today’s post? Tell us if you did in the comments and let us know about your experience. We can’t wait to read your stories.