Check Out These 9 Phenomenal Locations Near the Comanche Casinos

Comanche Casinos in Oklahoma

The Comanche Tribal Casinos group comprises four casinos in Oklahoma’s Great Plains Country. And if you’re playing at one of their locations, odds are, you may end up venturing the area after a few hours on the gaming floor.

So, what else is there to do in the Great Plains Country?

You’ll find the four casinos in Lawton (Comanche Nation Casino), Devol (Comanche Red River Casino), Elgin (Comanche Spur Casino), and Walters (Comanche Star Casino). Best yet, you’re looking at attractions in larger areas, so you’ll find some recognized landmarks that you may have heard of.

However, you’ll also find plenty of local flair reminiscent of small towns. If you’re cool with nature, history, and the occasional odds and ends outlet, today’s post is for you.

Let’s see what’s in store.

1 – Museum of the Great Plains

It’s covered in the intro, but you’ll find a common theme throughout today’s work. Many of these attractions are near the large city of Lawton, but they boast a small-town flair. Perhaps nothing epitomizes this more than the Museum of the Great Plains.

Here, you’ll step back in time, visiting log-cabin buildings in which each has a unique story to tell. You’ll also enter the main building, which holds displays featuring Native American-inspired crafts and dozens of historical artifacts and interactive exhibits.

Outside, they have replicas of steam engines, larger-than-life statues of bison and similar structures. You’ll also find areas where you can build your own crafts, take part in cooking activities, and even experience a tornado simulator.

Odds are, you’ll spend a few hours at the Comanche Casinos. But odds are even greater that you’ll take your time at this museum, especially when you have kids coming along.

2 – The Holy City

The Holy City is literally a place of biblical proportions. You’ll find many old buildings here dedicated to the Easter Pageant. And while they dedicate most of the landscape to Christianity, literally anyone can walk right up and around the area.

You’ll find stages to the Pageant, along with an old chapel, a gift shop, and an impeccable panoramic of the surrounding mountains. Many who have frequented this attraction have taken dozens of photos, not just of the stone structures, themselves, but the wildlife inhabiting the area.

The Holy City in Great Plains Country Oklahoma

You’ll stumble across longhorns and buffaloes, many of which dwarf compact and midsize vehicles. Again, you’re getting a treatment of biblical proportions at this legendary attraction near the Comanche Casinos.

3 – Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum

Here’s yet another fantastic location within the area if you love history. This National Historic Landmark features so many exhibits that reviewers on TripAdvisor say it’s impossible to cover in just one day. Obviously, Fort Sill is for you only if you’re cool with taking extended time away from the casino floor, given its vastness.

Exhibits in the area include an artillery park featuring cannons, tanks, missiles, and other artillery-related weaponry. If you’re in the mood for even more history, the Quadrangle is where it’s at, along with the Apache Cemetery.

Nearby locations also include Medicine Bluffs and Medicine Creek. Watch where you’re driving, though, as reviewers have commented that it’s not the most pleasant drive given the rocky road. However, if you’re interested in an impeccable panoramic view of the area’s nature scene, the Bluffs is where it’s at.

4 – Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

You’re in for yet another museum in Lawton when you visit this cultural center. Here, you’ll find a smaller museum, which gives off that small-town flair mentioned a few times in today’s post. It’s rich in local history, especially that of the Comanche Nation.

They feature live performances, interactive narration at many exhibits, and even an outside village rich in the Comanche way of life that remains true to this day. It’s a clean, well-kept museum you can get through within an hour.

Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

If you’re seeking to take just a bit of time away from the casino but aren’t looking to spend all afternoon somewhere, the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center is the place to be.

Come on in, embrace the history and culture of those who have made it timeless, and walk away with an enhanced outlook regarding those whose history remains preserved within its walls.

5 – Kiowa Casino and Hotel Devol

If you’re looking to tour all the Comanche Casinos, that’s cool. However, if you’re up for a fifth casino on the list, you’ll find one near Comanche Red River Casino in Devol, called Kiowa Casino. For one, Kiowa is a great casino to frequent if you’re looking for an overnight stay, given the attached hotel.

However, it also features a stellar list of gaming options, including 900 electronic games featuring denominations up to $25.

You’ll discover both classics and the latest, state-of-the-art games, along with an unforgettable rewards club. If you frequent the area often, consider joining it for perks and benefits.

You’ll also come across a fair number of table games. They include blackjack, Three-Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold‘em, along with roulette. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the games, ask one of the dealers to show you the basics.

They also have two distinct dining options. The Morning Star Steakhouse is an impeccable decision if you’re looking for fine dining in the area. Or if you prefer a quick option, go with Winners Circle Cafe.

6 – Historic Mattie Beal Home

If you need to take one or two hours off from the casino floor at any of the Comanche Casinos, head over to the Historic Mattie Beal Home. Opt for a guided tour, or if you wish, go self-guided with a booklet in hand and discover a historic home restored to its previous status.

But it’s more than just restored; you’re walking through a home in which its many displays will fulfill you on quite a history of Mattie Beal and all of its previous inhabitants. There’s a lot of history here, and as mentioned in the intro, it’s one of those large-city attractions that boasts a small-town flair.

Historic Mattie Beal Home

So, if you love museums or if you’re just looking for more insight on local history, make sure you stop at this timeless location for an educational experience.

7 – Escape Rooms Lawton

You’ll find two phenomenal groups of escape rooms in Lawton. Don’t hesitate to stop by and take the challenge. Best yet, you can take the challenge with your family or travel group to embark on an adrenaline-pumping experience even the Comanche Casinos can’t provide.

Up first is Escapologist Escape Games. Reviewers rave about the reasonable pricing, informative staff, easy-to-find location, and challenging puzzles. Per other reviewers, you’ll find 3 different themes featuring different time periods, so make return trips if you enjoyed the games.

For even more fun, head over to Twisted Escape Rooms, about one-third of a mile down the street. Here, you’ll find two more escape rooms to challenge the mind, and perhaps they’ll even make you feel you’re taking part in your favorite movie.

So, take your pick. Will it be the Asylum or the Interview at Twisted Escape Rooms?

8 – Leslie Powell Foundation and Gallery

It’s a can’t-miss stop in Lawton. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking experience, the Leslie Powell Foundation and Gallery is a must-visit when you’re looking for a fun break from the Comanche Casinos.

Of course, you’ll see plenty of Powell’s works at the gallery, but they’ve dedicated much of it to local and national upcoming artists. They also have several evenings where you can even meet the artists whose works the gallery has displayed. So, if you’re an art enthusiast, don’t miss this opportunity.

Leslie Powell Foundation and Gallery

They also change exhibits and displays often, so make a few return trips if you haven’t been around for a while. Because odds are, you will find a few fresh works entwined with the classics. Get ready to view some edgy works that will take the mind to places it’s never been.

9 – Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center

Yet another Lawton-based location, this venue is a must-visit if you’re looking to touch on the area’s natural history.

Using “conservation through education,” you and your family are in for quite the interactive experience featuring an up-close look at several native and non-native creatures.

Here, you’ll find dozens of species of fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and even a recently added quail exhibit. And if you’re looking to broaden your scope regarding plants native to the area, head outside to their six-acre botanical garden.

Our Final Thoughts on Oklahoma’s Great Plains Country

The Comanche Casinos are smaller venues and odds are, you won’t spend much time in any of them. But don’t worry, as you’ll find one additional casino in the area plus a plethora of fun things to do in the growing city of Lawton.

Best yet, if you prefer small-town attractions within a budding metropolis, Lawton and the surrounding area won’t disappoint. Take a break from the casino floors and explore this upper echelon area in the heart of Oklahoma.

Have you been to the Comanche Casinos? If so, did you venture out to explore any of the attractions above? How about any of the other casinos in Oklahoma? Let us know where you went in the comments. We cannot wait to read your stories.