Check Out These 8 Vacation Spots Near Jackpot Junction Casino

Stone Bridge On Left and Man Outside Old Store On Right

Jackpot Junction Casino is a fantastic place to find more ways to win in the Morton, Minnesota, area. But Morton is also full of awesome spots at every turn. So, whether you’re looking to enhance a weekend getaway or have a weeklong stay in the area, this post will show you more places to play in the area.

Below, you will find many cool historic sites along with a golf club, park, and even a vibrant lounge and bar. There are eight places in the surrounding area alone that act as hot vacation spots.

So, take a break from the casino gaming and explore this hidden gem of an area. The Jackpot Junction will still be there when you get back, and you will thank yourself for exploring this awesome area further.

Let’s discover eight hot vacation spots near the casino.

1 – Lower Sioux Agency

Let’s kick off our tour of the area at Lower Sioux Agency. This vibrant landing spot is fantastic if you’re looking for an attraction that boasts interactive activities in both an indoor and outdoor setting.

They feature a plethora of other exhibits as well, including video, audio, and even virtual reality stations. It really gives you a feel on the centerpiece of the agency, which focuses on the US-Dakota War of 1862.

They also have several cool trails in the area to explore. And best yet, if you cannot physically go out and explore the trails, you can still do so via virtual reality. So, it makes for an unforgettable educational experience for guests of all ages.

It only has a few reviews so far on TripAdvisor, but they all come with a common denominator: They agree that if there is any attraction you must visit in the area outside Jackpot Junction Casino, it’s the Lower Sioux Agency.

Here, you’ll gain a lot of insight on a conflict that’s rarely talked about given the time it had taken place in.

2 – Birch Coulee Battlefield

Another site and attraction in the area dedicated to the US-Dakota War of 1862 is the Birch Coulee Battlefield. As with the Lower Sioux Agency, you have access to many cool trails in this area.

Many of which contain markers that describe the battle from the perspectives of both US soldiers and the Dakota tribe.

Birch Coulee Battlefield Sign

Word of warning: While the trails at the battlefield are open daily all year round, they are NOT maintained in the winter. So, if you’re heading to the trails in the middle of Minnesota’s long winters, brace yourself to trek through several inches of snow.

A trip to the Birch Coulee Battlefield is a great vacation spot to complement with the Lower Sioux Agency if you’re looking for more insight on the US-Dakota War of 1862.

3 – Dacotah Ridge Golf Club

You’ll love the Dacotah Ridge Golf Club if you’re an avid golfer looking to get away from the casino floor for a bit. Rees Jones designed this 7,000-yard course. So, with a name like Jones, you can expect that this course boasts its fair share of challenges.

The reviewers on TripAdvisor agree, given the course’s 5 out of 5-star rating as for February 2021. They describe the course as a public course but with all the markings of a private course.

But what else would you expect from a Rees Jones-designed golf course? This golf course is literally just down the road from Jackpot Junction Casino, and it’s close to the many historic sites in the area. Reviewers have also praised the staff’s attentive attitudes toward customers.

Along with great customer service, you’re also in for well-maintained greens and fairways. So, head off to this remote but convenient location just south of Morton.

4 – Alexander Ramsey Park

You’ll find Alexander Ramsey Park in nearby Redwood Falls, Minnesota. And it’s the finest place in the area for outdoor slash recreational activities. If it’s something you’re craving, look no further.

It’s one of the largest municipal parks around, and you’re looking at a lot of recreation beyond just the basics. They have a small zoo in the area, a golf course, plus campsites.

Oh, and many reviewers have stressed that you must stop by and admire those waterfalls. Nothing else quite like them in the area.

Apart from the zoo, golf course, and falls, they have shelters that provide the ultimate locations to picnic, multiple playgrounds, and so much more. It’s the ideal vacation spot in the area if you’re looking for a place to spend a summer afternoon.

Alexander Ramsey Park Waterfalls

And there is no getting over the scenery you will find here regardless of the time of year you visit the area.

5 – Fort Ridgely

You’ll find the site in Fort Ridgely State Park, and it’s yet another historic site from the US-Dakota War of 1862. A phenomenal state park, reviewers on TripAdvisor have raved about its Hiking Club Trail. Yes, another trail to hike in the Minnesota wilderness.

If you love recreation, then it’s probably clear that you will have the time of your life in the Morton Minnesota area. Best yet, if you’re a novice hiker, then the Fort Ridgely State Park is the perfect location given its rather flat trail.

It costs a small fee to get into the museum itself, as of September 2019 from a reviewer’s post. But if you’re looking to tour the museum, it contains its fair share of exhibits regarding the war, recounting the way of life at the fort in the 19th century and further information on the US-Dakota War.

It’s a great historical location if you’re into that, especially if you like learning about the history of a little-known conflict. But if you love nature, a trip to Fort Ridgely is also worth the visit. It’s almost like you’re getting two fine attractions in one here.

6 – Harkin Store

The Harkin Store allows you to step back in time all the way to the 1870s. Here, you’re in line for a full experience of what a 19th-century general store looked like. (You know, before the days of the supercenters.)

But there’s a catch regarding the sights and smells you’ll experience at this old general store; the items on the shelves are literally from that time. So, this is not a replica, a rebuild, or anything of the sort.

Harkin Store Front

Here’s the short story: In the mid- to late part of the 19th century, a railroad passed through the area, and it forced the store to close down.

The problem was that their shelves remained full of unsold items. Those items are still unsold to this day. And it makes for one stellar experience from yet another historic location in the area.

7 – City Limits Lounge and Bar

You will find a good deal of dining at Jackpot Junction Casino. But there are always those few awesome food and drink options beyond the casino walls. In this area, the honor goes to City Limits Lounge and Bar.

You’ll find the eatery in nearby Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, and it’s the talk of the town regarding the locals. Reviewers have raved about City Limits Lounge and Bar’s patty melt, burgers, pizza, and even the grilled cheeses.

They also have a vibrant pub with a plethora of friendly bartenders. They even have fantastic noon specials, and decent prices.

So, if you’re exploring the area and looking to have lunch or dinner away from the casino, consider checking out City Limits Lounge and Bar.

8 – Sod House on the Prairie

And finally, if you’re itching for yet another fantastic historical site, head over to the Sod House on the Prairie. As we’ve seen so often in today’s post, the Milford, Minnesota, area is a fantastic place to step back into the 19th century.

And what better way to end our eight vacation spots near Jackpot Junction Casino than to talk about the sod house? If you’ve ever wondered what these houses looked like, or what it was like to live in one, now you have the opportunity to do so if you’re in the area.

Best yet, its cheap entry of $4 as of August 2020 makes the trip to the Sod House on the Prairie more than worth it. It comprises a cool interior featuring amenities from the era, including furniture, burners, oil lamps, and so much more that provides the ultimate glimpse of when life moved at a slower pace.

It’s a little out of the way, as reviewers state its location about a half-mile down a remote dirt road. However, you’ll see the signs pop up and when you do, you’re close to your destination.

Summarizing Our Thoughts on the Jackpot Junction Casino Area

Jackpot Junction Casino offers contemporary entertainment. But that’s about all the contemporary comfort you will find in Morton, Minnesota. Through this area, you can eat, sleep, and breathe history.

And that’s especially true when it comes to more obscure history, like the US-Dakota War of 1862 and sod houses long lost to time. But the Morton area preserves it. If you’re an avid history buff, this town provides the ultimate history-based vacation destination.

And even if you’re not into history, the recreation you’ll find here along with the casino and golf course still makes it a good place to explore.

Have you been to Jackpot Junction Casino? If so, did you visit any of the sites on today’s list? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience.