Chase the Flush Is the Most Entertaining Poker Derivative Game You’ll Play in 2022

Hand Playing with Cards on a Chase the Flush Poker Table

Many of you have yet to make your maiden trip to a casino in 2022. You’re undoubtedly excited to make your way to Las Vegas or another casino destination.

A ton of casino gamblers will head to the casino and play their tried and true games. Unfortunately, that lack of variety can lead to sessions that feel stale.

That’s why it’s vital that casino gamblers looking to have the most fun mix up their casino gambling. It’s not a crime to spend a couple of hours and a few bucks playing a new game.

Chase the Flush is one of the most entertaining poker derivative games you’ll play in 2022. But before you go all-in, you’ll need to know more about the game.

Why Are the Poker Derivatives Booming?

For decades, the casino floor has been dominated by blackjack, craps, and roulette when talking about table games. The slot machines are the clear leader in revenue for the casinos, but a new breed of the game is stealing some of the thunder.

Poker derivative games are house games based on the standard concept of poker. Yet, there is one major exception. Instead of competing against other guests, you’re playing the house.

That arrangement has several advantages and disadvantages. For starters, playing against the house means no poker sharks are circling the tables waiting to bankrupt your bankroll.

However, if you’re a sharp poker player, your massive advantage vanishes by playing a house game. Average players prefer the benefit of playing a game with a well-defined and constant house edge. The absence of sharp players ensures they won’t get pushed all-in and knocked out early.

Then there is the ease of use for the poker derivative games. Players can quickly learn the rules of the table games.

Players spend months or even years just getting the basics down in the poker room. Furthermore, any missteps are likely to cost the player an arm and a leg.

In the poker derivative casino games, players have the dealer to ensure they follow specific rules. Recreational gamblers benefit tremendously by playing a game where the house has a slight advantage.

Still, the sea of tables would be utterly barren if the games were terrible. That leads me to the number one selling point for the poker derivatives.

These games are incredibly entertaining. Players love the element of strategy these games provide.

In many ways, casino gamblers are split into two primary groups. Some players prefer to allow chance to dictate their results, and others crave an element of strategy to enrich their gaming.

The poker derivative games, like Chase the Flush, allow these two worlds to intersect. Poker derivative games have burst onto the casino landscape and aren’t going anywhere.

Playing Chase the Flush

Before you sit down at a table and start playing any game, you must know the game forward and back. Chase the Flush has several elements that make it a hit with players.

The game initiates with the player making two equal bets on the ante and X-Tra Bonus. The dealer then deals each player and themselves with three hole cards.

After the player has viewed their cards, they may check or bet up to three times their ante on the all-in bet. At this point, the dealer deals the first and second community cards.

If the player checked initially, they might now place an all-in bet of two times their ante wager. The dealer then deals the remaining two community cards.

At this point, the player may place an all-in bet equal to their ante or fold. Then the dealer reveals their cards, and the best hand is determined.

Royal Flush

The dealer must have at least a three-card flush with a nine or better to qualify the hand. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the ante bet pushes.

When the dealer does qualify, the hands are compared, and the best hand wins. The more extended flush will always win the hand, and in the event of a tie, all bets push.

The X-Tra Bonus pays on a pay table much as you find in other poker derivatives. But the table is only concerned with a flush.

A four-card flush will pay 1 to 1, while a seven-card flush pays 250 to 1.

Chase the Flush is straightforward in its approach to the game. Your objective is to string together the highest flush available.

The strategy lies in where and how you make your bets. Hence the name, Chase the Flush.

How the House Advantage Works Against You

The house edge in Chase the Flush won’t break the bank. But depending on your motives and finances, you may need to find a better game.

The house edge in Chase the Flush is around 2.6%, which lands in a grey area for most gamblers. You can undoubtedly find games with a lower house edge, but there are plenty of games with a house edge well over 3%.

For example, the house edge for the banker bet in baccarat is only 1.06%. That means you’ll see a much slower draw on your money than Chase the Flush.

However, roulette has a house edge of over 5%. That puts Chase the Flush in a far more advantageous slot.

What it all boils down to is that you can’t secure long-term profits playing Chase the Flush. So, advantage gamblers should avoid the game.

Still, considering the insane number of casino gamblers who spend their days playing the slot machines, Chase the Flush will place you miles ahead of many casino gamblers.

Most of the bonus bets you find in the casino come with a significantly higher house edge than the standard game. Chase the Flush is not unique, and the same suit bonus has a house edge approaching 6%.

If you’re playing casino games without an advantage, you’re going to lose money. It’s in your best interest to lose at the slowest rate possible.

Then you’ll not only extend your session but leave the casino with more money.

The Intriguing Strategy in Chase the Flush Makes Play Engaging

The best attribute of Chase the Flush is that players can implement a strategy to reduce the house edge. That’s not a guaranteed path to success, but it makes the game more interesting.

Part of the reason players become bored with casino games is that they lack any actual decision-making. Players make a single choice, spin the reels, and let fate determine the results.

Slots at Wynn

That’s why many players fall into the slot machine trance. You can avoid that in Chase the Flush by using the best strategy.

Much like in blackjack, the basic strategy won’t make you profitable. However, you can diminish the house edge by making the best play on every hand.

When players are using a strategy for each play, they are more engaged in the process of casino gambling. That means players are getting the most value from their gambling budget.

The Good and Bad of Chase the Flush

All casino games come with different pros and cons. Chase the Flush has the same good and bad as many casino games.

The biggest con is that you won’t win long-term playing Chase the Flush. The game has an insurmountable house advantage.

Yet, players face a similar struggle in most games. What they may not be getting is the same entertainment value.

Chase the Flush is an exciting game with a lot of appeals. The action moves fast enough to keep players interested while not siphoning money away like slots.

Even the other poker derivatives tend to move swiftly, but Chase the Flush gives players time to make the best decisions.

When gamblers want to get a little more time in the casino from their bankroll, Chase the Flush stands at the ready.

Is Chase the Flush a Good Fit for You?

Anytime casino gamblers decide what games to play, there are thousands of variables to account for in the process. Your reasons for being in the casino can steer you in one of two directions.

You either go to the casino to play for fun, or you’re there to make a profit. These two often overlap, but the main focus is on one.

Chase the Flush won’t suit your needs when you’re gambling for profit. There’s no reliable way for players to maintain a long-term edge over the casino.

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However, if you’re gambling for entertainment, there are several elements of Chase the Flush that make it a standout choice. The game is exciting, and your interactions with other players are kept social as you try to beat the casino.

Players that want to have a fun experience with a manageable house edge will appreciate the straightforward nature of Chase the Flush.

Our Final Thoughts on Chase the Flush Poker

Changing your entire strategy towards casino gambling isn’t always the clever play. But players stuck in a gambling rut can benefit from mixing things up a bit.

Chase the Flush is the most entertaining poker derivative game you’ll play in 2022. Going all-in with an ace in the hole is a tremendous thrill, and the seven-card flushes pay huge dividends.