Catch Another Fun Round of Casino Action at Famous Bonanza Casino

Famous Bonanza Casino Front Entrance

Famous Bonanza Casino is another smaller gaming outlet in Central City, Colorado. Like its sister, Easy Street Casino, Famous Bonanza Casino is an old school outlet featuring rather unique gaming for the 21st Century.

Also like Easy Street, Famous Bonanza comprises a smaller casino floor so it’s a great outlet if you’re someone who craves the local scene as opposed to the larger casinos in both Central City and the surrounding areas.

Today’s post will give you a rundown on all that you will find at Famous Bonanza Casino, its gaming, dining, and promotional options, along with nearby accommodations and attractions.

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Overview of Famous Bonanza Casino

You will find Famous Bonanza Casino at 107 Main Street, literally within walking distance from Easy Street Casino. They have a larger number of gaming options than Easy Street. And per Colorado Casinos, they also have a select number of table games. So, if you’re looking for live tables, you may like what they have here.

They also have a fair share of promotions going on at any given time, and those promos get hotter when you join the players club. By joining, you will be able to not just maximize the promotions and take part in any that you want; it’s also a rewards program where you can earn points just by playing your favorite games.

Stella’s Cafe is the top dining option at the casino and they have stellar lunch and dinner options. The website says nothing about breakfast options, but Millie’s Restaurant over at Easy Street is a great place to start the day if you’re looking for classic, homestyle breakfast.

As with Easy Street Casino, they have no accommodations at the venue. But you will find several places for an overnight stay throughout Central City, Colorado.

Easy Street Casino is just one casino slash attraction near Famous Bonanza, and there are many others in both Central City and the surrounding regions. Make sure you take time to visit not just Famous Bonanza’s sister casino, but even some of the larger gaming outlets if you’re looking for more variety.

Also like Easy Street Casino, Famous Bonanza is family and locally-owned. So, if you’re looking for ways to support local business when you’re out and about, you can do so at either gaming outlet.

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Gaming Floor

The gaming options at the Famous Bonanza Casino comprise over 200 slot machines, featuring reel slots, videos, and everything in between. You’re still not getting a huge selection of gaming, but you can make a safe bet that you will find many of the most popular themes ever created here.

It’s a quality over quantity type of outlet, and one main draw comprises those old-style coin slots. If you find them fascinating, then Famous Bonanza is the place for you.

They also have a small table gaming pit that comprises three live dealer blackjack tables and roulette options. Their website is mum on their gaming, but Colorado Casinos has reported the presence of tables and the number of slot machines available.

Details of Blackjack Table

Also, if you’re looking to try your hand at table gaming but you’re not ready for the live tables or the pressure of live bettors, check out the video poker options at Famous Bonanza Casino. Here, you can play at your own pace in a one-on-one atmosphere and perfect your game before heading to the live tables.

Sports betting is becoming more of a thing in Colorado, but as of right now, their website says nothing about a sportsbook. However, this may change in the future as sports betting gains steam in Colorado.

Dining Options

Stella’s Cafe is the one dining option at Famous Bonanza Casino, and it’s a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner every Sunday through Thursday from 12 pm until 9 pm, or Friday and Saturday from 12 pm until 10:30 pm.

Stella’s features a full menu consisting of the region’s hottest comfort food options. It’s a great place to unwind in after a long day of gaming given its relaxing, family-oriented atmosphere. The dining outlet is also a good place to visit in between casino games if you need a break from the thrills found on the gaming floor.

And if you’re looking for more dining options in the area, make sure you check out Millie’s Restaurant over at Easy Street Casino—especially if you’re looking for a good place to have breakfast and even more variety.

And don’t forget to check out the other area casinos if you’d like to check out some of the more upscale or even quick bite options.

Promotions and Events

Promos at Famous Bonanza Casino are always rocking and rolling, and they range from point multipliers, giveaways, new member cash wheels, and so much more. If you’re looking to maximize the promos both here and across the street at Easy Street Casino, join the players club.

For every dollar wagered on slot machine games, or every $2 wagered in video poker, you will earn one reward point just from playing your favorite casino games. So besides taking advantage of those promos, you have so much more of the goods to look forward to.

Three Women Playing Slots Machines

And when you earn enough points, there are even more benefits to earn, such as $5 cashback for every 1,000 points earned, food comps over at Stella’s or Millie’s, participation in point multipliers weekly, and even bus ticket redemptions.

If you’re planning on playing here often, or across the street at Famous Bonanza’s sister casino, join the players club, maximize those promos, reap the rewards, and benefits. It pays to play at both of these casinos.

Accommodations Nearby

You will also find several valid accommodations in the area, even if you will not find them at Famous Bonanza Casino. Grand Z Casino and Hotel is one of the more popular places to set up base camp.

Keep in mind that they are adult-only rooms, so if you have younger members in the travel group, you must look elsewhere. However, if your group is over 21, you will enjoy amenities like their casino floor, entertainment options, a bar/lounge, shuttle services, Wi-Fi, and meeting, and gathering space.

Century Casino and Hotel is another hot option, and it gets even hotter if you can snag a cool deal as a member of their own rewards program, the winners zone. Their amenities include adult-only rooms, a banquet room, Wi-Fi, free parking, a coffee shop, meeting and gathering space, and a casino floor.

If you have younger members in your travel group, consider a stay at The Lodge Casino. You will find it located in nearby Black Hawk, Colorado, and they feature both smoking and non-smoking rooms, along with family rooms, and suites.

You have free Wi-Fi here, along with a casino floor, a bar/lounge, and even currency exchange.

And finally, check out the Ameristar in Black Hawk if you’re looking to set up base camp at one of the area’s largest casinos. They have a vast casino floor, modern amenities, rooms, and suites, plus a pool, a bar/lounge, ski rentals, and a business center. They also have smoking and family rooms available.

Local Attractions

There are several sensational attractions near Famous Bonanza Casino. And if you’re a history buff, you’re all set, considering this gaming outlet is an old mining town that thrived underground in the days before the casino industry.

These days, however, you will find many remnants and relics of what once was. And if you’re looking to glimpse what life was like down in the gold mines, check out Hidee Gold Mine.

Easy Street Casino

Easy Street Casino is also worth the visit since as mentioned in the Intro, it serves as a sister gaming outlet to Famous Bonanza Casino. Like Famous Bonanza, it’s a smaller, more intimate outlet that serves as an easygoing alternative to the resort-based casinos in the surrounding area.

It’s also a good place to keep earning points on that players club card.

Head over to the Gilpin County History Museum if you’re looking for records, documents, and other cool exhibits from the area’s past. A visit to the museum will give you yet another cool idea of what life was like in Central City and Colorado’s other mining towns in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Our Final Thoughts on Famous Bonanza Casino

As you can see, Famous Bonanza Casino isn’t the largest of the Central City Casinos, but it’s a great gaming outlet if you’re looking for something with more intimacy. Check it out along with Easy Street casino for high-quality gaming and dining, plus fewer crowds when you’re in Central City.

The sister casinos are always putting on phenomenal promotions which again, you can maximize as a member of the players club.

Have you visited Famous Bonanza Casino? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments and let us know if you also visited Easy Street Casino. We are looking forward to reading your stories.