Catch a Gaming Experience at Oyster Bay Bar and Casino

Oyster Bay Gaming Deadwood South Dakota

Oyster Bay Bar and Casino offers a unique venue for a Deadwood-based casino and venue. Like Mustang Sally’s, it’s one of those places that you’ll know more for its seafood bar and blue-point oysters than you will its overall gaming sphere.

Also like Mustang Sally’s, it offers a fine selection of casino games, so you can stick around either while you’re waiting for a table or after you’ve finished your lunch or dinner.

Despite its status as a seafood bar that gives it more of an ocean vibe, the venue holds just as much history as the others in Deadwood. In fact, South Dakota Gambling stated that it’s “surrounded in history, charm, and mystery.”

Yeah, you’re more than just a dining option with a casino attached to it when you visit Oyster Bay Bar and Casino. Let’s look closer.

Overview of Oyster Bay Bar and Casino

This destination gained fame since it was seen on the Discovery and Travel Channel, which should give you an idea of the type of mystery it’s shrouded in. Yes, that mystery involves paranormal activity, and yes, they also offer tours.

So, once you’re done eating and gaming for the day, why not give yourself a scare? For more information on this unique casino attraction, head down to the entertainment section of today’s post.

However, as mentioned in the intro, you’re likely here for both the dining and gambling, probably the dining. The property offers perhaps the finest seafood in one of America’s most landlocked states. So, if you’re looking for a unique atmosphere on the dining scene, Oyster Bay Bar is where it’s happening.

They also have limited real money slot machines, but no table games, as you will discover in the next section. And while you won’t find any accommodation options here at Oyster Bay Bar and Casino, you’ll discover a fine selection just steps away from the venue. We’ll cover that in a later section on accommodations.

Now that you know a little about the casino and what makes it such a draw in more ways than one, let’s break down everything from the gaming, to even those attractions beyond the venue.

Casino Games at Oyster Bay

As mentioned a few times, you will find just a limited 20 slot machines at this casino. Even among small casino destinations, it’s a paltry amount.

So, if you’re an avid casino gamer or one for the tables, you’re more likely to enjoy the seafood and paranormal tours here at Oyster Bay.

An Active Blackjack Table

They do have a couple of machines that stimulate live dealer table gaming, so that’s always a plus. Sources have also stated that you’ll find multiple denominations here. So, if you’re looking for more than just penny bets, you may be in luck if they have a machine open.

Not much is happening on the gambling side of this property. However, it’s a great way to keep you busy while you’re waiting for food or doing one of those ghost tours.

Since it’s such a small casino, they offer nothing in the way of promotions or loyalty benefits. However, odds are you’ll find plenty of exceptional players club and loyalty programs all over the other casinos in Deadwood. You don’t need to venture too far if you’re looking for perks and benefits.

Oyster Bay Bar

While they’re known for their seafood, the menu at Oyster Bay Bar also features a fair number of non-seafood appetizers, sandwiches, and poultry.

So, if you’re not quite into the seafood side of affairs, opt for a chicken tenders basket, a pub burger, and even the crispy chicken Caesar salad.

However, if you’re a seafood fanatic, odds are you’ll be racing off the small casino floor to immerse yourself in everything from the oyster, to the shrimp, crab cakes, and so much more.

Paranormal Entertainment

If you’re looking for a different kind of entertainment in Deadwood, you will find it right here at Oyster Bay Bar and Casino. In fact, it probably offers more thrilling entertainment than any of the other gaming venues in town.

Chances are, you’ve already heard about the venue’s paranormal past and you’re here for a tour.

And yes, its history has attracted tourists from across America, so brace yourself to mingle with a few paranormal enthusiasts as you embark on a thrill ride to the nearby Fairmount Historic Hotel.

However, if you’re not into the paranormal, you can still have a good time here. Once you’re done with dinner and a round on the casino floor, stick around for weekend karaoke. And if you’re braver on the stage than you are during a tour of an old hotel, step up and jam out to your favorite tune.

Accommodations Nearby

The Historic Fairmont Hotel Oyster Bay Bar and Casino does not offer overnight accommodation. At least per South Dakota Gambling. However, you may not get much sleep if you’re staying overnight in a haunted hotel.

Messy Hotel Bed With In Room Dining Tray

You will find a plethora of fine options in the area that offer accommodation. And this section will share a few of our favorites.

You can head over to nearby Hickok’s Hotel & Casino if you’re looking to keep the foot on the throttle regarding the historical theme. Hickok’s offers outstanding room rates, a pizza parlor, and they also boast a little over 100 casino games.

Gold Country Inn is another solid option. As with Hickok’s, they don’t boast the largest casino floor. So, it’s best to play there if you’re lodging there for an extended stay. However, they offer affordable options that range between an economic $50 to $129 if you’re in the market for luxury.

If you’re looking for perhaps the most economic option in town, head over to the Super 8 Motel, which also houses Lucky 8 Casino. They offer 47 rooms and four suites ranging in price from $79 to $135. And while it seems a little higher, they also feature room service, an indoor pool, and a hot tub.

Plus, you’ll find around 70 slot machines at Lucky 8 Casino, featuring traditional and video slots, video poker, video blackjack, and progressives.

Iron Horse Inn offers perhaps the most comfortable accommodations in town. As with Blue Oyster Bay Bar and Casino, you’ll only find about 20 actual casino games. However, they offer a few rooms and suites ranging from a cheap $48 to $129 if you’re looking to stay the night in a suite.

The Deadwood Station Bunkhouse provides an old-school setting. You’ll find limited slots and bingo games there, too, along with their primary draw that is the bunkhouse. They feature reasonable prices along with stunning views of the surrounding Black Hills.

Historic Bullock Hotel is another fine option. There, you’ll discover classic slot machines where the coins still clink when you win. However, perhaps no other area accommodation entwines tradition with innovation. If that’s you, book a stay at the Historic Bullock.

Above are just a few of many awesome accommodation options in the area. However, if you’re looking to curb your casino craving, you’ll find more than what you’re looking for at these stellar options.

Attractions Nearby

Now that you have some casino-based attractions and accommodations near Oyster Bay Bar and Casino, we’ll dedicate this last section to a few hot attractions in the area.

If you’re into Deadwood’s history as an Old West town, head over to the Adams House, which isn’t far from the Adams Museum. The latter boasts an exciting collection of artifacts from Deadwood’s Wild West days.

If you’d rather educate yourself on Deadwood’s days as a Gold Rush town, take a trip over to the Broken Boot Gold Mine. Here, you’ll see firsthand on what life was like down in the mines during the 1870s.

Plus, you can head over to the Days of ‘76 Museum for an even greater look into Deadwood’s past as a gold mining town.

Scenic View of Mount Rushmore

For a stunning overlook of the Black Hills and forests that surround Deadwood, hike up to the Mount Roosevelt Monument. It’s a pleasant hike, and it’s more than worth venturing to for a panoramic view of the landscape.

And if any of you who are fans of Kevin Costner, you must check out the Story of the Bison. Here, you’ll gain epic insight on the history of the North American Bison and what led to their status as an endangered species.

Of course, make sure you head over to Mount Moriah Cemetery if you’re looking for an interactive history lesson. Here, you’ll discover a few names from the Old West.

Our Final Thoughts on Oyster Bay Gaming

As you can see, Oyster Bay Gaming isn’t the top casino destination in Deadwood, and chances are, you’re playing on the casino floor while you wait for a seat in the restaurant or if you’re taking a tour of the old hotel.

However, given the place’s status as a national icon thanks to its history and prominence on national television, it’s still one of the finest tourist attractions in Deadwood and will remain so for years to come.

Have you been to Oyster Bay Bar and Casino? If so, tell us what you thought of the venue and let us know about all of your adventures in Deadwood, South Dakota. We can’t wait to read your stories in the comments.